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All Subjects VU Handouts 2022 Download By Concepts Builder

by Zain Ali
Waqar Sidhu Vu Solved Past Papers

VU Handouts 2022 Download By Concepts Builder, Are you Still looking for Vu Handouts? If you are in the search of latest 2022 prepared all final and midterm handouts then you landed at the right page. Because at this platform, you can easily get ConceptsBuilder, handouts for virtual university of Pakistan. Not only this, we are also offering VU subjects Notes.

ConceptsBuilder is a such platform that is recently organized for you people to offer you best of the best. But at this page you will get all subjects or courses handouts. After a huge research, these handouts are designed to help you people in a such way that will help you to get more than 75% marks Insha’Allah.

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Vu handouts 2022 are included at this page?

In the chronological order or you can say that alphabetical order, From A to Z means that Accounting to Zoology. You can get all subjects, courses and codes handouts to obtain good marks in the final term. All subjects are given below that we will offer you handouts for that;

Courses List At VU (Virtual university of Pakistan) :

Here is the list of all courses that conduct or running at virtual university of Pakistan.

  1. Accounting, Banking And Finance
  2. Bioinformatics
  3. Biotechnology
  4. Computer Science And Information Technology
  5. Economics
  6. English & Education
  7. Human Distribution
  8. Law
  9. Management
  10. Marketing
  11. Mas Communication
  12. Mathematics
  13. Molecular Biology
  14. Physics
  15. Power system
  16. Probability And Statistics
  17. Psychology
  18. Sociology
  19. Zoology

Download Waqar Sidhu Vu Solved handouts By CONCEPTS BUILDER

These handouts not only include final terms data, while this whole data is collected from all sources. In those sources, Virtual university all grand quizzes, final terms objective, subjective as well as other data is available.

But our research was based on that after studying these notes students must be able to pas their exam easily as well as must get good marks in final term.

Let’s jump toward the desired Download Button!

Accounting, Banking And Finance VU handouts:

Subject CodeTitleDownload Button
ACC311Fundamental of AccountingDownload Now
ACC501Busines FinanceDownload Now

Bioinformatics VU handouts 2022:

Subject CodeTitleDownload Button
BIF401Bioinformatics IDownload Now
BIF402Ethical & Legal Isue in BioinformaticsDownload Now
BIF601Bioinformatic Computing IDownload Now
BIF602Bioinformatic Computing 11Download Now
BIF731Advanced BioinformaticsDownload Now
BIF732Advanced Computing ApproachesDownload Now
BIF733Bioinformatics I (Esentials of Genome Informatics)Download Now
BIO201Cell BiologyDownload Now
BIO202Biochemistry-IDownload Now
BIO203Methods in Molecular BiologyDownload Now
BIO204Principles of Biochemical EngineeringDownload Now
BIO301Esentials of GeneticsDownload Now
BIO302Molecular BiologyDownload Now
BIO303Biochemistry IIDownload Now
BIO401BiostatisticsDownload Now
BIO502GenomicsDownload Now
BIO731Advanced Molecular BiologyDownload Now
BIO732Gene Manipulation and Genetic EngineeringDownload Now
BIO733Applied BiostatisticsDownload Now
BIO734Advances in Cell BiologyDownload Now
BNK601Banking Laws & PracticesDownload Now
BNK603Consumer BankingDownload Now
BNK610Islamic Banking PracticesDownload Now
BNK611Economics Ideology in IslamDownload Now
BNK612Financial Jurisprudence in IslamDownload Now
BNK613Islamic Ethics in BusinesDownload Now
BT101Ecology, Biodiversity & Evolution-IDownload Now
BT102MicrobiologyDownload Now

Biotechnology VU handouts:

Subject CodeTitleDownload Button
BT301Introduction to BiotechnologyDownload Now
BT302ImmunologyDownload Now
BT404Food BiotechnologyDownload Now
BT406Research Methodology & Skill EnhancementDownload Now
BT501Health BiotechnologyDownload Now
BT503Environment BiotechnologyDownload Now
BT504Genomics and ProteomicsDownload Now
BT603Fermentation TechnologyDownload Now
BT605Biosafety & BioethicsDownload Now
BT731Modern Biotechnology: Principles & ApplicationsDownload Now
BT732Genetics & GenomicsDownload Now
BT733Bioethics, Biosecurity and BiosafetyDownload Now
BT734Research Methods in BiotechnologyDownload Now
BT735Advances in Fermentation TechnologyDownload Now
CHE301Analytical Chemistry & InstrumentationDownload Now

Computer Science And Information Technology VU handouts:

Subject CodeTitleDownload Button
CS101Introduction to ComputingDownload Now
CS201Introduction to ProgrammingDownload Now
CS202Fundamentals of Front End DevelopmentDownload Now
CS205Information SecurityDownload Now
CS206Introduction to Network Design & AnalysisDownload Now
CS301Data StructuresDownload Now
CS302Digital Logic DesignDownload Now
CS304Object Oriented ProgrammingDownload Now
CS311Introduction to Web Services DevelopmentDownload Now
CS312Database Modeling and DesignDownload Now
CS315Network SecurityDownload Now
CS401Computer Architecture and Asembly Language ProgrammingDownload Now
CS402Theory of AutomataDownload Now
CS403Database Management SystemsDownload Now
CS405Database Programming using Oracle 11gDownload Now
CS407Routing and SwitchingDownload Now
CS408Human Computer InteractionDownload Now
CS410Visual ProgrammingDownload Now
CS411Visual ProgrammingDownload Now
CS432Network Modeling and SimulationDownload Now
CS435Cloud ComputingDownload Now
CS501Advance Computer ArchitectureDownload Now
CS502Fundamentals of AlgorithmsDownload Now
CS504Software Engineering – IDownload Now
CS506Web Design and DevelopmentDownload Now
CS507Information SystemsDownload Now
CS508Modern Programming LanguagesDownload Now
CS601Data CommunicationDownload Now
CS602Computer GraphicsDownload Now
CS603Software Architecture and DesignDownload Now
CS604Operating SystemsDownload Now
CS605Software EngineeringIIDownload Now
CS606Compiler ConstructionDownload Now
CS607Artificial IntelligenceDownload Now
CS609System ProgrammingDownload Now
CS610Computer NetworkDownload Now
CS611Software Quality EngineeringDownload Now
CS614Data WarehousingDownload Now
CS615Software Podelling roject ManagementDownload Now
CS620Mand SimulationDownload Now
CS701Theory of ComputationDownload Now
CS702Advanced Algorithms Analysis and DesignDownload Now
CS703Advanced Operating SystemsDownload Now
CS704Advanced Computer Architecture-IIDownload Now
CS706Software Quality AsuranceDownload Now
CS707Network SecurityDownload Now
CS708Software Requirement EngineeringDownload Now
CS709Formal Methods for Software EngineeringDownload Now
CS710Mobile and Pervasive ComputingDownload Now
CS711Software DesignDownload Now
CS712Distributed DBMSDownload Now
CS713Object Oriented DBMSDownload Now
CS716Advanced Computer NetworksDownload Now
CS718Wireles NetworksDownload Now
CS721Network Performance EvaluationDownload Now
CS723Probability and Stochastic ProcesesDownload Now
CS724Software Proces ImprovementDownload Now
CS725Data MiningDownload Now
CS726Information Retrieval TechniquesDownload Now
IT430E-CommerceDownload Now

Economics VU handouts:

Subject CodeTitleDownload Button
ECO401EconomicsDownload Now
ECO402MicroeconomicsDownload Now
ECO403MacroeconomicsDownload Now
ECO404Managerial EconomicsDownload Now
ECO501Development EconomicsDownload Now
ECO601Busines EconometricsDownload Now
ECO603International EconomicsDownload Now
ECO606Mathematical Economics IDownload Now
ECO615Poverty and Income DistributionDownload Now

English & Education VU handouts:

Subject CodeTitleDownload Button
ENG001Elementary EnglishDownload Now
ENG101English ComprehensionDownload Now
ENG201Busines and Technical English WritingDownload Now
ENG301Busines CommunicationDownload Now 
ENG501History of English LanguageDownload Now
ENG502Introduction to LinguisticsDownload Now
ENG503Introduction to English Language TeachingDownload Now
ENG504Second Language AcquisitionDownload Now
ENG505Language Learning TheoriesDownload Now
ENG506World EnglishesDownload Now
ENG507Phonetics and PhonologyDownload Now
ENG508Semantics and PragmaticsDownload Now
ENG509Morphology and SyntaxDownload Now
ENG510SociolinguisticsDownload Now
ENG511PsycholinguisticsDownload Now
ENG512BilingualismDownload Now
ENG513Language Teaching MethodsDownload Now
ENG515Teaching of Reading and Writing SkillsDownload Now
ENG516Teaching Busines CommunicationDownload Now
ENG518Research Methodology in ELTDownload Now
ENG519Curriculum DesignDownload Now

Human Distribution VU handouts:

Subject CodeTitleDownload Button
EDU101Foundations of EducationDownload Now
EDU201Learning TheoriesDownload Now
EDU301General Methods of TeachingDownload Now
EDU303Child DevelopmentDownload Now
EDU304Introduction to Guidance and CounselingDownload Now
EDU305Clasroom ManagementDownload Now
EDU401Contemporary Isues and Trends in EducationDownload Now
EDU402Curriculum DevelopmentDownload Now
EDU403Art, Crafts and CalligraphyDownload Now
EDU404Clasroom Testing and AsesmentDownload Now
EDU405Clasroom AsesmentDownload Now
EDU406Critical Thinking and reflective PracticeDownload Now
EDU410Teaching of Literacy SkillsDownload Now
EDU411Teaching of UrduDownload Now
EDU430ICT in EducationDownload Now
EDU431Test Development & EvaluationDownload Now
EDU501School, Community and TeacherDownload Now
EDU505Education Development in PakistanDownload Now
EDU510Teaching of MathematicsDownload Now
EDU512Teaching of Islamic StudiesDownload Now
EDU515Teaching of GeographyDownload Now
EDU516Teaching of EnglishDownload Now
EDU601Philosophy of EducationDownload Now
EDU602Educational Leadership and ManagementDownload Now
EDU603Educational Governance Policy and PracticeDownload Now
EDU604Comparative EducationDownload Now
EDU654Addresing problems of learning through technology and pedagogyDownload Now
EDU705Writing for ResearchDownload Now
EDU712Quantitative Research Methods in EducationDownload Now
ETH202Ethics (for Non-Muslims)Download Now
GSC101General ScienceDownload Now
GSC201Teaching of General ScienceDownload Now
ISL201Islamic StudiesDownload Now
PAK301Pakistan StudiesDownload Now
PAK302Pakistan StudiesDownload Now
URD101UrduDownload Now

Law VU handouts:

Subject CodeTitleDownload Button
MGT611Busines & Labor LawDownload Now
MGT612Corporate LawDownload Now
PSC401Public International LawDownload Now

Management VU handouts:

Subject CodeTitleDownload Button
HRM613Performance ManagementDownload Now
HRM617Training and DevelopmentDownload Now
HRM624Conflict ManagementDownload Now
HRM626Recruitment and selectionDownload Now
HRM627Human Resource DevelopmentDownload Now
HRM713Performance ManagementDownload Now
MGMT611Human Relations (alt. code=HRM611)Download Now
MGMT614Supply Chain ManagementDownload Now
MGMT615Transportation & Logistics ManagementDownload Now
MGMT617Production Planning and Inventory ControlDownload Now
MGMT622Management SkillsDownload Now
MGMT623Leadership & Team Management – MGMT623 (alt. code=HRM623)Download Now
MGMT625Change ManagementDownload Now
MGMT627Project ManagementDownload Now
MGMT628Organizational Development (alt. code=HRM628)Download Now
MGMT629Crisis ManagementDownload Now
MGMT630Knowledge ManagementDownload Now
MGMT631Enterprise Resource PlanningDownload Now
MGMT715Advanced Transportation & Logistics ManagementDownload Now
MGMT727Project ManagementDownload Now
MGT101Financial AccountingDownload Now
MGT111Introduction to Public AdministrationDownload Now
MGT211Introduction To BusinesDownload Now
MGT501Human Resource ManagementDownload Now
MGT502Organizational BehaviourDownload Now
MGT503Principles of ManagementDownload Now
MGT504Organization Theory & DesignDownload Now
MGT510Total Quality Management (alt. code=MGMT510)Download Now
MGT513Public Administration in PakistanDownload Now
MGT520International BusinesDownload Now
MGT522Introduction to Public PolicyDownload Now
MGT601SME ManagementDownload Now
MGT602EntrepreneurshipDownload Now
MGT603Strategic ManagementDownload Now
MGT610Busines EthicsDownload Now
MGT613Production / Operations ManagementDownload Now
MGT621Administrative Law and AccountabilityDownload Now
MGT703Strategic ManagementDownload Now
PAD603Governance, Democracy and SocietyDownload Now
PSC201International RelationsDownload Now

Marketing VU handouts:

Subject CodeTitleDownload Button
MGT301Principles of MarketingDownload Now
MKT501Marketing ManagementDownload Now
MKT529Export MarketingDownload Now
MKT530Consumer BehaviourDownload Now
MKT603Strategic Marketing ManagementDownload Now
MKT610Customer Relationship ManagementDownload Now
MKT611Marketing ResearchDownload Now
MKT621Advertising & PromotionDownload Now
MKT624Brand ManagementDownload Now
MKT625Services MarketingDownload Now
MKT626Retail ManagementDownload Now
MKT627Sales ManagementDownload Now
MKT630International MarketingDownload Now

Mas Communication VU all handouts:

Subject CodeTitleDownload Button
MCD401Camera basics, principles and practicesDownload Now
MCD402Lighting for TV ProductionDownload Now
MCD403Music ProductionDownload Now
MCD404Audio-Visual EditingDownload Now
MCD501TV DirectionDownload Now
MCD502Script WritingDownload Now
MCD503TV News and Current AffairsDownload Now
MCD504Acting and PerformanceDownload Now
MCM101Introduction to Mas CommunicationDownload Now
MCM301Communication skillsDownload Now
MCM304Mas Media in PakistanDownload Now
MCM310Journalistic WritingDownload Now
MCM311Reporting and Sub-EditingDownload Now
MCM401Fundamentals of Public RelationsDownload Now
MCM404Globalization of MediaDownload Now
MCM411Introduction to BroadcastingDownload Now
MCM501Advertising for Print and Electronic MediaDownload Now
MCM511Theories of CommunicationDownload Now
MCM514Feature & Column WritingDownload Now
MCM515Radio News Reporting & ProductionDownload Now
MCM516TV News Reporting & ProductionDownload Now
MCM604International CommunicationDownload Now
MCM610Mas Communication Law & EthicsDownload Now

Mathematics VU Final term handouts 2022:

Subject CodeTitleDownload Button
MTH001Elementary MathematicsDownload Now
MTH100General MathematicsDownload Now
MTH101Calculus And Analytical GeometryDownload Now
MTH102Basic Algebra and TrigonometryDownload Now
MTH201Multivariable CalculusDownload Now
MTH202Discrete MathematicsDownload Now
MTH301Calculus IIDownload Now
MTH302Busines Mathematics & StatisticsDownload Now
MTH303Mathematical MethodsDownload Now
MTH401Differential EquationsDownload Now
MTH501Linear AlgebraDownload Now
MTH601Operations ResearchDownload Now
MTH603Numerical AnalysisDownload Now
MTH621Real Analysis IDownload Now
MTH622Vectors and Clasical MechanicsDownload Now
MTH631Real Analysis IIDownload Now
MTH632Complex Analysis and Differential GeometryDownload Now
MTH633Group TheoryDownload Now
MTH634TopologyDownload Now
MTH641Functional AnalysisDownload Now
MTH701Advanced Differential EquationsDownload Now
MTH706Advanced Linear AlgebraDownload Now
MTH7123Advanced Fluid DynamicsDownload Now
MTH718Topics in Numerical MethodsDownload Now
MTH721Commutative AlgebraDownload Now
STA100General Mathematics and BiostatisticsDownload Now

Molecular Biology Solved VU handouts:

Subject CodeTitleDownload Button
BIO731Advanced Molecular BiologyDownload Now
BT733Bioethics, Biosecurity and BiosafetyDownload Now

Physics VU solved handouts:

Subject CodeTitleDownload Button
PHY101PhysicsDownload Now
PHY301Circuit TheoryDownload Now

Power System Waqar Sidhu Vu Solved handouts :

Subject CodeTitleDownload Button
SEC001Power System Planning and Analysis (Basic)Download Now

Probability & Statistics Waqar Sidhu Vu Solved handouts :

Subject CodeTitleDownload Button
STA301Statistics and ProbabilityDownload Now
STA621Time Series AnalysisDownload Now
STA630Research MethodsDownload Now
STA631Inferential StatisticsDownload Now
STA632Sampling TechniquesDownload Now
STA642Probability DistributionsDownload Now
STA643Experimental DesignsDownload Now
STA644Non-Parametric StatisticsDownload Now
STA730Advance Research MethodsDownload Now

Psychology VU handouts:

Subject CodeTitleDownload Button
PSY101Introduction to PsychologyDownload Now
PSY401Clinical PsychologyDownload Now
PSY403Social PsychologyDownload Now
PSY404Abnormal PsychologyDownload Now
PSY405Personality PsychologyDownload Now
PSY406Educational PsychologyDownload Now
PSY407Sport PsychologyDownload Now
PSY408Health PsychologyDownload Now
PSY409Positive PsychologyDownload Now
PSY502History & Systems of PsychologyDownload Now
PSY504Cognitive PsychologyDownload Now
PSY510Organizational PsychologyDownload Now
PSY511Environmental PsychologyDownload Now
PSY512Gender Isues in PsychologyDownload Now
PSY513Forensic PsychologyDownload Now
PSY514Consumer PsychologyDownload Now
PSY610Neurological Bases of BehaviorDownload Now
PSY631Psychological Testing & MeasurementsDownload Now
PSY632Theory & Practice of CounselingDownload Now

Sociology VU handouts 2022:

Subject CodeTitleDownload Button
SOC101Introduction to SociologyDownload Now
SOC301Introduction to Social WorkDownload Now
SOC302Sociological TheoriesDownload Now
SOC401Cultural AnthropologyDownload Now
SOC402Sociological PerspectivesDownload Now
SOC403Gender StudiesDownload Now
SOC601Social Policy and GovernanceDownload Now
SOC603Sociology of DevelopmentDownload Now

Zoology VU handouts:

Subject CodeTitleDownload Button
BIO733Applied Bio statisticsDownload Now
ZOO301Animal Form & Function-IDownload Now
ZOO502Animal Physiology and BehaviorDownload Now
ZOO503Zoo-geography and PaleontologyDownload Now
ZOO504WildlifeDownload Now
ZOO505Cell and Molecular BiologyDownload Now


Hope so you will feel Confident after reading these VU handouts 2022 as well as these Vu Solved handouts will help you for final term exams. But if you will read VU Subjects Notes then You will understand these easily more easily.

Finally, If you think that these were a precious VU assistance then share with your friends and colleagues. Moreover, you can also give us feedback to do more for you people. We will help you 24/7 OK.

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