Best Tools for Creating Interactive Content For Students

This list is about the Best Tools for Creating Interactive Content For Students. I hope you like this list Best Tools for Creating Interactive Content For Students. So lets begin:


Khoot! is a digital learning platform that uses quiz-like games to help students learn by engaging them in an entertaining way.


Edmodo is a free learning management system that combines social media savvy with classroom curriculum, safe communication, and assessment.


This is one of the best distance learning tools available as it can turn any PDF, MS Office or other file into a flip book in a variety of languages.


Buncee markets itself as a multimedia presentation tool that is essentially a slideshow system designed for educators, students, and administrators.


ClassDojo is a tool that teachers can use in class. As students enter the room, begin by showing a welcome activity.

flip grid

Flipgrid is a social learning platform that allows teachers to ask a question via video or voice recording, and students to respond via video or voice recording.

google classroom

Teachers can easily adjust to remote learning with Google Classroom’s wealth of easy-to-use features.

near pod

Nearpod allows all students to be in one classroom, but each student has their own personal place where the teacher can provide feedback on their answers.


Zoom Whiteboard is a new Zoom tool that allows Zoom meeting attendees to contribute in real time while they are still in the meeting.