NVIDIA GeForce Expands 120FPS Cloud Gaming

NVIDIA has just made an announcement that GeForce Now is supporting 120fps gameplay on all Android devices after it restricted the functionality to only a few models.

It is a cloud gaming service that lets players to stream PC games from marketplaces such as Steam and the Epic Games Store amongst others to any device. It is a good way to expand the gaming experience on your PC over to a smartphone or TV. You can also just play games if your PC is not powerful enough.

NVIDIA GeForce 120fps Support To Arrive In The Coming Weeks:

The service is free by default but if you are looking for longer sessions and better quality, then you will need to shell out some money. Last year, the service picked up its RTX 3080 tier, which offers the power of the hard-to-find graphics card but through the cloud.

Though expensive, it is the best for cloud gaming due to its minimal input latency, higher resolution, and faster refresh rate.

In terms of the faster refresh rate that will boost GeForce Now for Android gamers with 120fps expanding to all Android devices with speedy refresh rates. For phones with the provision of a 120Hz refresh rate, games can be streamed at 120fps.

Official List Of All The Android Smartphones With 120fps Support:

1. Samsung Galaxy S22/          S22+/S22 Ultra 2. Samsung Galaxy      S21/S21+/S21 Ultra 3. Xiaomi Mi 10 Ultra 4. Samsung Galaxy Tab           S8/S8+/S8 Ultra 5. Samsung Galaxy Note 20        Ultra

1. Google Pixel 6 Pro 2. OnePlus 9 Pro 3. Xiaomi Mi 11 4. Samsung Galaxy Tab S7/S7+ 5. ASUS ROG 5

If you are an Apple user then we are sorry as 120fps is only available through the native Android app so iOS users are excluded for the time being and are still limited to 60fps gameplay even though the device has a 120Hz display.

Apple’s requirement that GeForce uses a web app over a native one seems to be the reason for its unavailability. In the recent weeks, NVIDIA GeForce has improved its catalog of games, it supports over 1,300 titles on the service, it has suffered some setbacks such as the God of War