Samsung Galaxy S23 exclusive just leaked

Samsung Galaxy S23 exclusive just leaked — and this could be dead

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra release date

The Galaxy S23 telephones will be delivered on February 24, 2023 assuming Samsung's past send-offs are any sign. Samsung pulled the S21 and S22 .

Processor for Samsung Galaxy S23 

Qualcomm will likely be the sole processor supplier for Samsung Galaxy S23 (vs. 70% shipment proportion for S22)

Chip For Samsung Galaxy S23

the chip compares unfavorably to the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 which, due to the TSMC''s design rule

Economic recession affects For Samsung Galaxy S23

The economic recession affects the high-end market less, so the market share gain will significantly benefit Qualcomm and TSMC

The Samsung Galaxy S series has consistently utilized Qualcomm contributes America, with the organization holding its own Exynos-fueled elective for RoW markets, overwhelmingly Europe and Asia.

Display For Samsung Galaxy S23

Phones in the Samsung Galaxy S23 series will apparently not be fitted with under-display camera technology according to an alleged supply

Samsung Galaxy S23 to get a massive camera upgrade Leak

The Galaxy S23 series' 12MP selfie camera's position under the showcase or inside a poke hole is obscure right now.

In a follow up(opens in new tab), he then put the boot into Samsung’s own chipmaking operation, stating that the 4nm Exynos 2300 won’t be adopted because “it can’t compete with SM8550 in all aspects”.