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Eng101 Assignment No 2 Solution 2022 100% Perfect

by Usman CB
Eng101 Assignment No 2 Solution 2022 100% Perfect

Are you looking for Eng101 Assignment No 2 Solution 2022 100% Perfect? If yes then look at the below given solution of Eng101 assignment 02 perfect solution 2022.

Eng101 Assignment No 2 Solution 2022 100% Perfect

Q1. Read the given paragraph carefully and identify the given statements as True or False. (2*5= 10 Marks)

Building on these definitional perspectives, and thinking about the future, we consider social media to be a technology-centric—but not entirely technological—ecosystem in which a diverse and complex set of behaviors, interactions, and exchanges involving various kinds of interconnected actors (individuals and firms, organizations, and institutions) can occur. Social media is pervasive, widely used, and culturally relevant. This definitional perspective is deliberately broad because we believe that social media has essentially become almost anything—content, information, behaviors, people, organizations, institutions—that can exist in an interconnected, networked digital environment where interactivity is possible. It has evolved from being simply an online instantiation of WOM (word of mouth) behaviors and content/information creation and sharing. It is pervasive across societies (and geographic borders) and culturally prominent at both local and global levels.

All major mobile and desktop operating systems have in-built social media integration (e.g., sharing functions built into Apple’s iOS). This has made social media pervasive and ubiquitous—and perhaps even omnipotent—and has extended the ecosystem beyond dedicated platforms.

  1. It is a misconception that social media is merely a technology centric. False
  2. Social media does play vital role in cultural building.             True
  3. Pervasive in the context of paragraph means proliferation. True
  4. Initially content development of social networking sites for creation of content only. True
  5. Omnipotent feature of social media in mobile phones indicates easy availability. True

Q2. Agreement is an important concept in English grammar and a source of many writing errors. One such important agreement is subject-verb agreement i.e. subject must agree with its verb. Keeping this in mind read the given pair of statements carefully and pick out the one that has correct subject-verb agreement in each pair.                (2*5= 10 Marks)


  1. Everybody like mangoes in summer.
  2. Everybody likes mangoes in summer.


a) Police runs after thief.

b) Police run after thief.


  1. Jury gives final verdict.
  2. Jury give final verdict.


  1. Either answer is acceptable.
  2. Either answer are acceptable.


  1. The Prime Minister, together with his wife, greets the press cordially.
  2. The Prime Minister, together with his wife, greet the press cordially.                                                                 

Hopefully, after reading this you can get good marks in the Eng101 assignment 02 perfect solution 2022.

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