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Pakistan Studies is one of the few heritage subjects for O-level and IGCSE qualifications governed by Cambridge International Examinations. The syllabus covers Pakistan’s history, cultural heritage, national identity, geography, economy, and environment, as well as the challenges and opportunities faced by the country.

PAK301 Midterm Quiz


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PAK301 Midterm Quiz

PAK301 Midterm Quiz 04-06-22

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When did Chaudhry Rehmat Ali write "Now or Never"?

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From which university Chaudhry Rehmat Ali got his higher education?

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Who is said to be the pioneer of Two Nation Theory?Quaid-e-Azam

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When did Indian Patriotic Association was set up?

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In which year Hindi-Urdu controversy was started?

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In which city All India Muslim League was founded?

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When did the Muslim community observe "Day of Deliverance"?

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When was the First BPC Report presented to the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan?

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North Western areas are Muslim majority areas. We will not only keep these majorities but will turn them into a Muslim state. Muslims should get rid of Indianism. It is better for Muslims and Islam. Who said this?

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Who is said to be the pioneer of Two Nation Theory?

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Whose treatment was very brutal with the Moplas which caused Mopla Revolt?

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