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Eng101 Midterm Current Paper Virtual University

by Usman CB
Eng101 Midterm Current Paper

Today, we are going to offer you best of the best Eng101 Midterm Current Paper! No doubt there are many students who are looking for the Virtual University Midterm Current Papers for their preparation in Fall 2021.

By looking their need, we decided to offer you all Eng101 Midterm Current Paper By Concepts Builder.

Eng101 Midterm Current Paper

ENG 101           Today Paper


Aik 5 number ka paragraph tha uska main idea likhna tha?

Paragraph tha usme kch words missing thy jinki form di Gai then unki correct forms likhni then?

Number ka question tha usme forms di Gai then 2 sentences me un forms ko correct kr ke likhna tha?

Aik 2 number ka question tha usme word ” Facilitate” ka poocha Gia tha ye Skim hai ya Scan?

3 number ka question tha usme Computer ke topic pe 3 statements di Gai then unka true false btana tha?

Question tha usme ye poocha Gia tha kh Dictionary kon c general information di hoti hain?


Baki 20 number ke 20 MCQ’s thy.

Kch words ke meaning btany thy.

Kch words ki verb forms correct krni then.

Kch handouts se definitions ai hoin then.

Kch words ki noun forms likhin then.

Kch prepositions di Gai then.

Aur kch general MCQ’s thy handouts se.

Today eng 101.                                            

Why is it important to understand the writers point of view.? 5 marks.

Tell whether the sentences are

1. Compound

2. Complex

3. Compound complex

5 marks.

Fill in the blank with appropriate word.





Grammatical MCQS (same as quizzes)

Correct forms of verb

Correct spellings

True false from comprehension


Sentence correction


MCQ’s new thy past paper Sy nhi thy.

Grammer or synonyms.

Long main:

 main idea

True / false from handouts.

Short main:

What is connectives .

What is Metaphorical language. With example.

Ak objective tha k big pc ko kia bolty han isky ye option thy

IT park

Software houses

Or is tra k do options thy ma na tuka he lgya k software houses bolty han

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