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Importance of Veterinary Degree in Academic Institutes of Pakistan

by Usman CB
Importance of Veterinary Degree in Academic Institutes of Pakistan

Livestock is a substantial part of the agricultural sector in our country, accounting for more than 36% of agricultural GDP, 10% of national GDP, and 12.47 percent of export revenues. The fact that practically every family in rural regions and every fifty families in urban areas are involved in livestock and poultry industry demonstrates the importance of livestock in both rural and urban economies. This industry needs technical and institutional assistance.

Purposeful veterinary and animal husbandry education is thus critical for the continued growth of this significant economic sector. Well-planned education and research initiatives are required at this time to provide technical and professional assistance to livestock and poultry productivity.

Veterinary science became a field in the 18th century, when a slew of specialized institutions sprung up all throughout Europe. Since then, it has grown into a complicated and advanced discipline that needs a lengthy and hard period of study to become a competent practitioner.

According to Ilmibook experts veterinary science, like human medicine, is competitive and difficult, but also well appreciated; it offers social prestige, great employment and pay prospects, and, of course, the joy of improving the quality of life for animals.

A brief Introduction

Veterinary science is a discipline concerning about the diagnosis, treatment and cure of various diseases and illnesses in animals. It involves taking special care of animals and their health as well as livestock breeding using scientific methods. The holders of DVM (Doctor of Veterinary Medicine) degree are known as Veterinarians.

DVM is a five-year degree that widely covers the anatomy, physiology and other aspects of animals with the treatment and cure of many diseases found to be occur in animals.

In this article you are about to know importance of veterinary degree program in institutes of Pakistan.  

Why it is Important to have Veterinary Education?

In Pakistan, veterinary doctors are the only educated personalities that can treat animals, protect them and save their lives. They work just for the sake of animals to treat them well. They understand well about the rights, needs, protection, treatment and prevention of these tongueless creatures.

Many researches are being done on animals by students. That research studies are helping people in understanding and practicing veterinary services.

Veterinary as Career Choice for Students

Our country has a lot of fisheries and aquaculture potential. However, the industry is still in its infancy. Currently, the area produces 15.5 kg/ha, with the potential to increase to 100 kg/ha. In Pakistan, the majority of the population raises livestock and poultry using traditional methods. There is no need for milk or eggs because of this approach.

The poultry industry, on the other hand, is performing well, providing 1.3 percent of national GDP. The quick survey reveals that DVM has a bright future in Pakistan. To increase production, trained veterinarians are essential for effective cattle, fisheries, and poultry operations.

FSc Pre Medical students are motivated to MBBS and related subjects. However, some students pursue DVM. As a result, only a small proportion of experts have trouble finding work. For Veterinary graduates, there are many job opportunities such as, Vet researcher, teaching, Pet clinic, Vet officer and Commissioned officer. Taking it as a career will open many broad angles of this field.

Final Thoughts

Selecting veterinary as a student is a part of your interest. If you are having special love and care for animals and if you think you can serve them better by learning more, you must have to go for studying veterinary. So that you can pursue it as a professional career. Most of the students go for this just as an option, as they are not getting merit for other medical fields. But remember! The care and treatment of animals is also much important as of humans. Many renowned institutes of Pakistan are offering this subject.

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