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VU All Subject Midterm Paper Spring 2022

by Usman CB
VU All Subject Midterm Paper Fall 2021

VU All Subject Midterm Paper Fall 2021, Are you Virtual university students? Yes, good. Hopefully, you are also looking for VU All Subject Midterm Paper Spring 2022? Because many students are preparing their self for the exams but they also needed papers and some imperative questions that are the exact part of exams or current paper Spring 2022.

Today, we are going to offer you best and accurate acquired questions for your all subjects. That will really help you in getting VU All Subject Midterm Paper Spring 2022. So, Let’s start to make this journey overwhelming.

VU All Subject Midterm Paper Spring 2022


Mcqs easy thy past sy bhi thy and kuch book sy


3marksFALCON_A mein 2 ALU instruction  btani thi

FALCON A ki instruction k bary mein briefly btana tha

5 marksCISC features list btani thi

5marksException program and hardware exception mein diff btana tha

SPEC ka question tha

3 question 5 marks and 2 question 3 marks 18 mcqs…..


1:why Kashmir is a bone of contention between Pakistan and India ( 5 marks)

2: Write three points of khilaft moment (5)

3: Write down contribution of sir syed ahmad khan ( 3)

4: write down three points of Lahore resolution (3)

Fall 2021


1). How to improve ATM machine software and easy for end user?

2) Name the applications that use function of windows in windows

3) Take opinion from stakeholders about design of product?

4) What is HCI according to CMA?

Total 5 subjective thy aik yaad ni

18 mcqs thy

Aik mcqs tha Kay


2) Organizational memory Kay related tha mcqs

Paper ECO401 8:30 Am

Discuss the importance of Elastic in firm’s decision making ?

Differentiate between total utilities & marginal utilities?

Calculate the equilibrium price & equilibrium quantity

Qs = 100 – 10s

Qd =

Derive the equation Budget line briefly?

1. Table were given of derived satisfaction units from three choices and asked is Mr. Ali will take this decision or not on the basis of satisfaction units (3 marks)

2. When the optimal combination of factors of production obtain. (3 marks)

3. Explain sunk cost with example (5 marks)

4. Calculate the point elasticity. (5 marks)

Today Sta301midterm

All mcqs from past ppr and questions form practice questions

1. Arthematic mean uses?

2.mean deviation for ungroup data data was given?

3. Coefficient of variations?

4. First two moment?

5.P(A/B) and P(B/A)? Values was given


Today  my  paper Cs411

Mostly mcq in waqar file and highlighted handouts

Write xaml code to create a button in a canvas with attributes left=0 right =0left =0 bottom =0

different between event consumer and event procetuer

2  Question coding di gai thi uski output btanai thi

1 question list of options di gai thi jismasy computer program and time intrupt finde karna tha.

Bio 201 Timing 8:30

Importance of Dna


Cellular Membrane difference between meiosis and mitosis

Difference between Active transport and Passive Transport


Difference between Primary key and alternative key 2 points?

Which tool can be use after analyzing a problem to develop a diagram?

If organization is using file server how you can agree a higher management to use a DBMS brief with 5 points.

Falcon A mn 3 question thy or immediate register ka 1 question or n bits ka 1 question tha paper easy tha.

CS 101

Paper 8:30 AM

18 Mcqs from Handouts. 2 to 3 are from past papers.

5 Questions

1- The Ballpoint which is a stationary thing is of 20 rupees. Write the output in code in XML

2- A Novel written by M.Ali “first novel of Ali” write output in Code XML.

3- these are search by Google. Write their output

 PSL cricket @twitter


* for tat

4- You have 2 Ethernet bus network and one WiFi network You have to send message through WiFi network to Ethernet network. Write steps.

5- Change decimal value 25 into Binary notation.

Name pupular web browsers ?

Name some things use embodded operating system

Long question

Explain Flow of pecket from source to distanation .



Aik 5 number ka paragraph tha uska main idea likhna tha?

Aik 5 number ka paragraph tha usme kch words missing thy jinki form di Gai then unki correct forms likhni then?

Aik 2 number ka question tha usme forms di Gai then 2 sentences me un forms ko correct kr ke likhna tha?

Aik 2 number ka question tha usme word ” Facilitate” ka poocha Gia tha ye Skim hai ya Scan?

Aik 3 number ka question tha usme Computer ke topic pe 3 statements di Gai then unka true false btana tha?

Aik 3 number ka question tha usme ye poocha Gia tha kh Dictionary kon c general information di hoti hain?


Baki 20 number ke 20 MCQ’s thy.

Kch words ke meaning btany thy.

Kch words ki verb forms correct krni then.

Kch handouts se definitions ai hoin then.

Kch words ki noun forms likhin then.

Kch prepositions di Gai then.

Aur kch general MCQ’s thy handouts se.

Today my eng101 Paper:

MCQ’s all of grammar,synonym,antonym, 1 speeling, 1prefix

Short Questions:

1- Antonyms of buy & dangerous.

2- Underline main idea on a given paragraph.

3- Name 3 dictionaries of. Regular consultation.


1- Indicate False & True from given statements (paragraph was not given, statements based on concept of finding main topic)

2- difference between skimming and scanning

Isl201 today 8:30

Always ask Allah SWT even any small and ordinary thing??? Describe hadith in this regard???? 3 marks

Reaction of Abu bakr siddique on implention of Zakat???? 3 marks

Feature of executive authority ???5 marks

Describe holy prophet dislikes entering house without permission??? 5 marks???

SOC101 Current Paper (10-01-2022)

16Mcqs conceptual+definition

1. difference between deviance and crime

2. Cumulative and verifiable characteristic of scientific statement

3.any example of same status ascribed and achieved in different situations

4.social control explanation

5.any three diverse nature of society by comte

6.illegitimate opportunity provides more chances of crime or not.

SOC101 Mid Term Paper

Q1: What do you think of hierarchy of offices in bureaucratic characteristicsx

Q2: Do you believe that women get the different treatment in justice system? Explain logically

Q3: Is social conflict due to the reason that resources are exploited by rich?

Q4: Both rule breaker and rule maker is influence by social power. Do you agree?

Q5: Define imperialism ..

Q6: yad nh xD

Soc101  10-01-22

total 22 questions 16 mcqs 6 questions

Mcqs  were easy and some of them repeated from last quizes.


Qno 1 : write three factors of primary group.

Q no 2: Scenario was given, if there is high rate of failures (in graduation)  then from which sources you will find the reasons of it?

Q no 3: Given scenario,  if you hired to collect knowledge of population so from which sources you will get it?

Q no 4 : describe self-image theory.

Q no 5: Given scenario,  if there an person who is mildly (half)  mentally ill,  but people call him insane (pagal) and treat him differently,  are you agreed with this behavior?

Q no 6 : Forgot it.

MTH104 (midterm)

Q1: write the set c={-4,-3,-2,_1,0,1,2,3,4} in descriptive and set builder form.

Q2: let {2,3,4,5} consider the relation R and S on P defined R={ is ma much numbers thy jo yad nai mjy } , P={also some numbers} find the composition of relation S  o R.

Q3: prove that a subset of denumberable set is finite or denumberable.

Q4: find the interval satisfy the inequality

-3<= -3x <=9

Q5: by usind mathematical induction prove +2,+4,+6,…..+2n=n(n+1)

Q6: let A ={4,6,8,10} be set and R={ some values}  be relation on set A , Determine transitive closure of R.


18 mcqs

Mcqs… Past paper sy aye thy

3 ques.. 3 no k thy

2 ques.. 5 no k thy

*Thee and thou wala ques.

*10th century me English ki imps.

*Middle English periods me frequently french kn used krtay thy?

Or do ques yaad nh arhay.


Adjustment dosorder tha


Aur ye tha k cognitive prospective kaisy relate krta bipolar 1 aur 2 say

Aik tha unconditional positive regard na dein to kia hota hai…

Today 404 ppr

16 mcqs thy r 6 questions

1.Formal assessment tha

2.Genetic factors of schizophrenia n psychotic disorder

3. Beck’s cognitive theory

4. Reason of reversal moral treatment

5 statement thi disorder find karna tha

6. OCD n related disorder.

Eng 501 total question 26

21 mcqs tha

5 question tha

2 long

3 short

Long ma aik note on origin of language

Or aik tha 4 points lekhna tha k  english language  ma kasa changes aik

Jo 3 short tha un ma aik tha in Hindu’s point of view what is origin of language

Aik tha how changes occure in language

Or tesra bht ajeeb Tha vo ni yad …


Urbanization rise

Linguistic Barrier

Commercial can educate people and motivate

L.A TIMES printing benefits.

Psy512 midterm paper

All mcqs handout me se the files me se 3 ,4 aye the

 *1* : Content analysis

 *2* : define Hormones

*3*: Types of experiment

 *4* : Humanistic approach

 *5* : Touching


L mein structure of chromosomes and branches of biology only names at least 15


Define viriods

Define the term tissues

Define genetic material

How transport take place in plants?


Mcqs or true false hi thy saary easy!!

Compound&complex sentence

Letter memorandum or inquiry letter ka difference

Correctness & courtesy related mcqs

Mgt 610:


All Mcqz are easy some from recent quizzes and mostly from handouts.

One from oligopolistic competition.

Two mcqs from mixed economy.

Many mcqs about jhon locke  ( must prepare these lectures)


Qno 1: briefly discussed free market (3mrks)

Qno2:briefly discussed  capitalist justice (3mrks)

Qno: 3 kant’s categorical imperative (5 mrks)

Today mgt 501 paper

Objective 29 marks

Ak organization goals KY bary m tha

Ak glass ceiling ky Bry m

Aur ak components of organization ky Bry m tha. Statement dyi hoye batana tha Kon sa component h


3 marks ky 2 questions

Ak tha stakeholders

5 num KY 2 questions

HR manager KY bary m btna tha.

*Midterm exams Jan, 2022*


Total questions= 23

Objectives= 18 all from handouts/ past files

2 questions of 3 mrks

3 questions of 5 marks

Q- name only two dimensions of memory

Q- pre-listening activities (2-3 lines only)

Q- notion of misunderstanding in psycholinguistics orientation (2 -3 lines only)

Q- name any 5 logical inferences in text comprehension

Q- two level of parse in syntactic processing

*Best of luck*

Today paper

Eng 515

1.What is importance of vacabulary in English ?

2.what is Grammer knowledge  describe in 2/3 lines?

3.write five convention of English ?

4. Define teacher role in native speaker according to slivia verner?

5.write 5 reading comparehension .baqi paper buhat easy Aya Huwa tha objective bilkul b mushkil ni thy.

Eng 518

 Time 10:30

Types of hypothesis

Characteristics of rich paradigm

Characteristics of reflective thinking

Sub categories of inferential statistics

Characteristics of what questions ?

Eng 523

Discourse analysis concern

Language forms deal with ?

Function of discourse marker

Types of written discourse

Ak pta n or knsa question tha Bhool gya.

Discourse and context

Discourse and choice of the language

Discourse and recism

Discourse analysis major concern

Types of forms.

Eng 507

 Time 2:30

 Some Mcqs from files

1. Vowel  and one example short and long vowel ‘3

2. Kuch form thi on simple form ma likna tha 3

3.what type of language syllabus length (long or less)  2

4. List five generative  phonology  by chomsky and Halle

5. Differentiate between  falling and rising of diphthongs


Total 32 questions

Mcqs all from handouts and conceptual too 28 questions

4 subjective question

2 of 3 marks

Leader 3 characteristics any

Difference between transactional and transformational leader

2 of 5 marks

Money as a motivator

One conceptual answer was charismatic leader according to .

CS604 My exam today

Most of the MCQs were conceptional,

3 5 marks question & 2 questions were 3 marks

One of the 5 mark question were scenario and need to identify whether it is trap, signal or interrupt

And other question was differentiate between response time and turnover time

That’s all I remember.

Mgt411 today paper

28 mcqs numerical waly aik do e thy baki last chpters mai se zaida thy na zaida mushkil thy na asaan

Short question aik zero coupon bond wala tha

Or aik stored value card wala

Baki long taxable income yeild ka kuch find krna tha mushkil e tha or aik long question double interest rate se related tha.

MCD403  paper 10:30

1.Define Long shot

2.Describe the producer

3.Describe history of pop music in Pakistan

4.Types of music

5.what is dialogue

6.Describe philosophical aesthetics of music

7.The importance of robotic camera mounts with description of its responsibilities.


3 programs thy

Aik if else wala

Aik structure sy

Aik recursive function

Aik translator wala theory question tha.

Today Sta301midterm

All mcqs from past ppr and questions form practice questions

1. Arthematic mean uses?

2.mean deviation for ungroup data data was given?

3. Coefficient of variations?

4. First two moment?

5.P(A/B) and P(B/A)? Values was given.

Final Words:

According to our research, we found these some important information for you people related to VU All Subject Midterm Paper Spring 2022. Read your required data and if you have any current Paper then please visit the comment box and submit your comment as soon as possible.

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