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7 Principles Of A Logo That Catches

by Usman CB
7 Principles Of A Logo That Catches

7 Principles Of A Logo That Catches “What makes your logo look more powerful, classic, or, on the contrary, light and modern? And most importantly, what aspects will allow it to stay rooted in people’s memory for a long time? According to the survey conducted by Siegel+Gale, a memorable logo increases the likelihood of attracting consumer attention to the company by thirteen percent. Additionally, it generates interest, arouses the desire to learn more, and, of course, helps stand out among competitors.

7 Principles Of A Logo That Catches

In short, the simpler and clearer the logo, the easier it is to remember. Just take a look at logos like Nike, Apple, Pepsi, and Target, and you’ll understand what we mean. Below, we’ll examine in more detail the most prominent design features found during this research.

  1. Strength: Monumental or bold fonts with clear and strict geometry give the logo an impression of internal strength.
  2. Tradition: Serif fonts used in the logo and its design give it a sense of conservatism, making it appear more traditional. For example, you can consider using a font like Antiqua, often used for academic texts.
  3. Care and Warmth: Organic color schemes, often in green tones, and the depiction of floral motifs such as branches, leaves, and the like, intuitively convey a sense of care. This care extends not only to nature but also to the customers themselves.
  4. Modernity: If the brand aims to stay up-to-date and appear modern, using illustrations and graphic primitives in the logo instead of ordinary words would be the best choice.
  5. Respectability: Once again, we return to the mentioned serif fonts and the use of geometric shapes. A traditional approach to creating a logo also inspires respect for the brand.
  6. Fun and Friendliness: Incorporating illustrations almost doubles the chance that the logo, and consequently the brand, will be associated with something joyful, light, and friendly.
  7. Reliability and Accessibility: Strict, stable forms, consistently maintained in one style, give the logo exactly this feeling.”

Please note that some of the concepts in the translation may be subjective to some extent, and the effectiveness of a logo depends on various factors and individual perceptions.

Excellent Examples

Excellent examples include the logos of Nike, Sony, MTŠ”, BMW, FedEx, Lego, Nestle, KFC, Starbucks, Canon, Lacoste, and others. All the mentioned logos have a strong composition achieved through linearity and the use of 1-2 colors.

Similarly, renowned automobile companies also demonstrate great logo design. Notice that they do not use the shape of a car in their logos. When they started, design trends dictated that logos should reflect the history and evolution of the company.

Following a similar path are companies like Apple, Microsoft, and others closely related to technology. In their logos, they express and establish an emotional connection with their consumers.

Logo changes also impact brands and companies from various business sectors. For instance, the American company PepsiCo has undergone several logo changes, accumulating a significant history of logo evolution.

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The simplicity and clever use of negative space in these logos contribute to their memorable quality. For example, FedEx’s hidden arrow, which symbolizes movement and speed, and the hidden bear in the Toblerone logo, representing the origin of the product, are remarkable examples of how subtle design elements can add depth and meaning to a logo.

Moreover, modern logo design trends emphasize minimalism, clean lines, and abstract representations, which help logos to transcend language barriers and appeal to a global audience. These features enable logos to become visual symbols that convey the essence of a brand’s values and mission at a glance. Stand out from the crowd with a professionally designed logo from the Turbologo generator.

In today’s digital age, where logos are constantly displayed across various platforms and devices, scalability and adaptability have become crucial. A logo should look equally impressive on a tiny mobile screen or a large billboard, maintaining its recognizability and impact.


Ultimately, the success of a logo lies in its ability to form a strong connection with consumers, evoke positive emotions, and foster loyalty to the brand. As businesses continue to evolve, so too will their logos, reflecting their growth, innovation, and commitment to staying relevant in a rapidly changing world.

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