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How to Compress PDF Notes For Free?

by Usman CB
How to Compress PDF Notes For Free?

Yes, PDF is the most useful format around the globe and people often time consider it to add images and certain elements into it. These elements can leads to large PDF size and so it slow down the file transfers and collaboration process. But now no matter how large PDF file size you have, even students from different continents uses online PDF compressor that assists for decreasing PDF file size an optimal level.

In this informative context, we showing you the best ways for compressing PDF documents. No matter at all whether you want to compress educational PDF notes, business documents, or anything else, these ways works best for you!

Remember That!

There’s no any online and offline PDF file reducer that allow you to decrease (compress) PDF document file size at an optimal level. For optimal compression for PDF, you simply need to navigate to PDF compressor by theonlineconverter which uses three different compression modes to shrink PDF file size.

SwifDoo PDF:

SwifDoo PDF is an authorized platform that loaded with offline PDF file compressor to reduce PDF document file size. You can find that it proceed with PDF compression using three distinct degrees of picture quality.

How to Reduce PDF File Size with SwifDoo?

  • Simply download and install the SwifDoo PDF
  • From the main interface, you need to click on the Open to add PDF document file. Alternatively, you can make drag n drop your PDF which you want to compress
  • From the given Advanced tab, you need to simply make a selection for the Compress form
  • Its time to choose the Image Quality and even the output folder
  • Click on the Start button and let this PDF compressor start compressing your PDF


If you’re seeking for an online solution that lets you make PDF file compression within matter of seconds, then this web-based application perfect for you. Get there best PDF compressor and let it start reducing PDF document file size using three optimal PDF compression modes.

Although it is free way to shrink PDF size, still did its best to provide you with a high quality outcomes. Besides PDF compress, you can even compress image, lock PDF, unlock PDF, merge PDF, and encounter different other tools for free.

How to Compress PDF document Size with theonlineconverter?

  • Open PDF file compressor online from this source
  • Add the PDF into the main workstation which you want to optimize
  • Choose any one from the three given Compression level
  • Click the Compress button to commence with compression
  • Single click lets you save the Compressed PDF document file

Foxit PDF:

Foxit PDF works as free to navigate PDF compressor that takes minimal effort to optimize PDF document size. Apart from that, it mainly loaded with extensive function to provided you with different file optimizations.

No matter how large size of your PDF file is, this best PDF reducer comes with best result regarding optimal PDF compression.  

How to Reduce PDF File With Foxit PDF?

  • Start with downloading and installing Foxit PDF Editor on your device
  • Launch this program right now and just hit the File ribbon
  • Now, you have to bring the cursor on a given PDF Optimizer and click on an Advanced Optimization
  • You could easily change the settings regarding compression (If essential). Once you deal with these all, just hit the OK button to start the PDF compression process


If you aim to compress PDF document file size on macOS without any huge manual intervention, then Preview is indicated as the perfect source. Besides PDF file compression, it lets you convert, edit, and deal with certain useful functions for free of cost. Preview built-in application packed with couple of steps to shrink your PDF file size.

How to Compress PDF Document using Preview?

  • Open a PDF file which you want to reduce with Preview program
  • Click on a File option and move further by choosing Export – note: don’t choose Export as PDF option
  • Simply select the Quarts Filter and click on the Reduce File Size option which is given in the drop-down menu

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