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How to Earn Money Daily Online without investment? Top 6 – Picks

by Usman CB
how to earn money daily online without investment

Do you have empty pocket? Are you worry and Still searching for how to earn money daily online without investment? Most of the pages are full of fake techniques and tricks to earn money online without hard work. But this page need your investment and this investment is Only and Only Time!

If you visited this page with same perceptive of earning money without hard work then this guide is not for you. But if you are eager to earn money by putting some efforts then this guide is special for you.

In this piece of script, we will highlight you top 6 ways that will surely help you for your question. How to earn money daily online without investment?

Let’s start!

Top 6 Ways to Earn Money Daily Online Investment

I know approximately 17 Ways For Students to Make Money While Studying but I don’t want to confuse you. That’s why here i will explain Top 6 Ways to Earn Money Daily Online Investment.

  • Freelancer Platform
  • Pakistan Forex Forum
  • How To discuss
  • Amazon Affiliate
  • Ibotsshopping
  • Mcxwork

These are the such platform that will offer you as you will put your efforts. I am not saying that these will give you 50 dollars daily or more but surely can say that you can earn as you want. And believe me people are earning more than 50 dollars from these platforms including me.

Now, Starting the some introduction and key points related to each and every online earning platform without investment of money.

Freelancer Platform to Earn Money Online

At this platform, you just need to make an account and bid on the project! It means it is a services selling as well as buying platform, most of the people need work on daily basis and they post different projects. You just need to bid or message on this text to get the current project.

What Services you can Offer on Freelancer Platform?

At this platform, you can offer a lot of services but some important one best from those are given below;

  • Freelance Writer
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Copyright
  • Web Designing
  • Data Entry
  • Graphic designer
  • Virtual assistant
  • Photo and Video Editing

Why I enlisted writing at the top? Because, I am also working on this platform from previous some months as a writer and I earned from this platform also! The withdrawal proof is given below.

If you also want to work on this platform just click on the Freelancer.

Pakistan Forex Forum Best Earning Platform

This is a platform for those who have just android mobile and speaking ability. Because at this platform, you are just asked to chat or speak on different topics. You just need to work for one days, after that you will learn each and every thing easily.

Note: You can work on this platform as you chat in Urdu language or English as well.

What Services you have to Offer on this online Earning Platform?

At this platform, there are many sections to chat or discuss on those topics but three are the top of the list. On these three sections, I have worked and withdrawal proof is also given below. What are these three sections?

  • Aam Forex Ki Guftgu
  • Forex encyclopedia
  • Products Aur Khudmat

I already worked at these three sections to earn money daily online without investment. That’s why highlighted this platform for you people to get benefit.

Earn Money From How to Discuss Platform

It is a top rated and most famous website that need two type of people and in return, they give money as a wages. You just need to have some writing capabilities and you can work as a writer.

If you know about SEO work then it’s double opportunity to earn more. Just watch the video below to earn more from this platform.

Amazon Affiliate

Hope so , you have listened the word virtual assistant. At this Amazon platform, you just need to make an affiliate account to Earn Money Daily Online without investment. But how you can earn and what services, will offer you to get money?

It’s a valuable question and you need to forward your affiliate link on the Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and WhatsApp groups. Whenever any one visitor will click at this link and will purchase any item or product. You will get your commission from that link.

I personally recommend this job because most Of the people use Facebook, Instagram and many other social platforms. But if they will share link to engage more people to get commission then this act can be a great opportunity to earn money daily online without investment

Earn Money Without Investment From Mcxwork Platform

If you are not a writer, even Don’t interested in any graphic or web work. Then this platform is specifically designed for you. Because, this platform didn’t need any qualification, nor need any special skill. But just need to invest 20 to 30 minutes daily.

At this platform, when you will create your account automatically 300 Pakistani rupees will add to your account. And You need to do 05 task on daily basis and these task need just 20 minutes.

After completion of the account, you will click at the task section and visit to 04 task in a chronological order or in a sequence.

  • TikTok
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • YouTube

Just click on these and one more click on the process button. Automatically 30 rupee’s will added to your account on daily basis. If you think that what i will work for just 30 rupee’s you are wrong. Because, they not only offer thirty rupees while after first withdrawal of 1200 they offer double on daily basis.

One more task at this platform is share your invitation link of this online Earning Platform to make a team. When anyone member or individual will join this platform from your link you will get 30 rupee’s in your account. Withdrawal is done via jazz crash as well as easy paisa.

Ibotshopping Application

This is a shopping website that is well known to purchase different products. But recently they advertise an opportunity for those people who are eager to, how to earn money daily online without investment?

 You just need to make an account by watching below video as well as need to complete. Your task on this platform is same like Mcxwork Platform but they offer withdrawal at just 500 rupees.


According to my knowledge and experience, I enlisted these top 6 platform that can offer you best answer of your question. That was how to earn money daily online without investment? Hope so after reading this article and watching these video, you will be able to do this work and earn money on daily basis.

Don’t focus on the money, how much money is giving this platform. But you just need to stay consistent. Still you have any question, ConceptsBuilder is always ready to answer your question. Just do hard work to earn money online.

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