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Unique Secrets How to Become a Good Writer?

by Usman CB
Unique Secrets How to become a Good Writer

Unique Secrets How to become a Good Writer? Most of the writer stuck at the stage when they thought whether they are good writer or not. And The question new writer or freelance writer asked is how to become a good writer? As a pro and freelance writer, I would like to say that learning to become a good writer is done at the every stage.

You got surprised When you will look at the below given secrets ? Don’t worry, I will discuss each and every thing in this blog.

Moreover, I also know you have a lot of questions in your mind but you will be clear about your every question after reading this blog that you have in your mind.

One of the best and Good new for you is that, I didn’t start my writing as a good writer. I was zero but my learning, clients and their motivation boost me to become a good writer and thanks to ALLAH.

I am a good writer but still learning as a professional writer!

The most important thing that you must remember is Good writer learn consistently with full determination. Think about it, Becoming a Good Writer is not all about reading book but you can say it’s about doing writing practice on your laptop as well as on mobile.

Put thought on the next line, One key  point to become a great writer, I am going to tell you is Write daily. Whether you write a single paragraph, no matter but it’s matter whether you write or not to become a pro writer.

In the previous 3 years, I wrote various articles and blogs related to every niche and faced different hurdles as well as experienced a lot.

Keeping these outlines in my mind, going to enlist Unique Secrets How to become a good writer? Read these secrets carefully and practice on daily basis!

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Top 11 Unique Secrets How to Become a Good Writer?

Hopefully, I am sure that these are the best secrets on the internet platform that I am going to offer you. Commit yourself to note down these tips and also promise yourself to use these tips during writing to become a good writer.

Unique Starting Paragraph

I read one article of Elna mom blogger, she mainly focused on one thing while whole the article about Purple cow. It means that no doubt thousands of blogs and articles written on daily basis.

But only such blogs get most visitors which have attractive and unique paragraph.

If you wrote attractive and different paragraph then other writers then automatically visitors will jump at your blog. By looking at the reader’s psychology and their interest, you must have to write such paragraph that compel your reader to read the next paragraph.

Purple Cow Headings

Most of the reader’s want to sketch the idea and skip at the next page. But if your blog has attractive and explicit headings then reader will look for your whole article. That’s why I included purple Cow Headings in the unique secret list to become a pro writer.

Understand Article to the Depth

Always select such niche that you like! It means that your interest matters a lot. Go to the depth of the blog because some people are in great search of such blogs that have full knowledge.

But always put sweat and attractive voice to make your reader happy and fabulous.

Keep 2 U in Mind

I would like to call this paragraph or these factors as a great secrets to become a good writer. You must have to keep two U’s in your mind. One is Useful and Other is Unique.

Why Useful? If your article have helpful stuff then your reader will always like to read your other articles as well share to other. That’s why fruitful content has great importance.

Why Unique? Again here purple Cow concept comes in mind. Because uniqueness in the owrd, phrases and even in the paragraph will boost your whole article.

Must Read This File Before Writing an Article

Organize Blog

If you think that writing paragraph and sentences will lead you to become a writer. I can confidently say that you are wrong.

Because good writer mainly focus on the blog structure. Pro writer Always organize blog by considering the readers Psyche. Because Google and reader loves such content that is full of upgrades.

Insertion of Example and Story

If you want to impress and connect your readers with your content. Then the most Important formula is to entail story and examples from daily life. Because reader prefer the examples and stories to attain the New from your experience.

Include Conclusion

Never ever write such content that have no ending because it create bad impression towards reader. Whenever your reader will be a hanging in the article. There is a zero possibility to come again on your site or blog.

That’s why mature ending compel your reader to put comments and offer feedback to motivate the writer.

And I will fully suggest that if you desire to become a pro writer or freelance writer. Then always wrote complete and full story article.

Use Different Tools

If you are Writer then you must have to know about the different tools that used while writing articles or blogs. In those tools Grammar tool and plagiarism checker comes at the top. Because these will help you to catch your mistakes in the start.  

Eliminate Readers Blocks

Most of the writer don’t consider Readers blocks because they don’t know the importance of Eliminate readers Blocks. Think about it, When you will use hard word and reader will not understand then you r reader will skip to the others articles.

That’s never use hard or complicated words while writing your article.

Use Bucket Brigade

Such words that connect your sentences. Not only this, these sentences will compel your reader to stay on your blog. Like, And the good news is, think about it, One key factor etc.

Learn Best From Everywhere

No doubt, a good learner pick where see the best. That’s why I am offering best advice, read the blogs of pro writer to get new, experienced and more valuable from others to become a good writer.

How to become a good writer for beginners?

These are the some helpful or you can say that summary points that will help beginners.

  • Make your Daily writing habit
  • Think about your niche
  • Remember your audience before writing articles
  • Stay in a single tone
  • Read book
  • Capture ideas
  • Write creative things on page
  • Watch inspiration and motivational video


I am happy and feeling proud. Becoming happy is the reason because you hopefully got a lot from this article and feeling proud. I was read these type of articles 3 years ago from seniors experience. And today, I am going to write by my own self.

At the end, I would like to say that those who are eager to become a good writer. Don’t forget this guide that is unique secrets how to become a good writer!

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