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How to Speak English Confidently Just in 30 Days?

by Usman CB
How to Speak English Confidently Just in 30 Days

How to Speak English Confidently Just in 30 Days? Do you know the importance of English language? According to the 2021 survey, 1,348 million people are speaking English in the whole world. One more thing is that most of the countries have English as their official language. If you are the part of those people who are unable to read and speak English Confidently then stay with us. Because this guide is going to be a precious ocean for you. We are going to discuss all about How to Speak English Confidently Just in 30 Days?

Here are some important tips and tricks that will surely help you to learn English and speak English in just 30 days.

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Tips to Speak English Confidently Just in 30 Days

It’s very easy for me that I can start by explaining speaking exercises and giving harder tips. But it’s not suitable for you. That’s why in the schedule of 30 days, first we will discuss some tips and then we proceed on the speaking exercises.

Step By Step English Learning and Speaking Guide

10 Words To Strengthen Vocabulary

It’s a great medicine for those who are eager to learn and speak English very well. Start from remembering some words on daily basis. Purchase a dictionary, if you have mobile phone then download Oxford dictionary. It will help you to offer some words on daily basis that you can learnt.

When you have reached at the step of getting 10 simple words on daily basis. These will definitely help you in the later stages.

Phrases Reading

If you are following the plan and remembering words on daily basis then you also need to look at the simple phrases. You must have to consider that in which environment you are living and what are the phrases that are spoken on daily basis? If you have found those phrases then start speaking those simple phrases.

For example

  • Hi! Dear?
  • How are you?
  • What’s going on?
  • Nice to meet you!

If you are remembering 10 words to strong your vocabulary. Moreover also speaking simple phrases to answer your question confidently that was How to Speak English Confidently Just in 30 Days? Then you are doing well. Next step is to Learn new from the surrounding.

Learn New and Think in English

This step is going to make you a genius. Because if you have ability to learn new from your surrounding and also able to think about it then you are doing well. If you are working in any industry, company or anywhere, you have to watch the new things and just think that items and things in the English. This ability of thinking in English will help you to finish hesitation from you people.

Practice to Speak

This tip help me to learnt English personally because when I started remembering words and phrases then Decided to speak. I discussed with my friend that we should have to speak English. He was also in the learning process. But we have decided to speak English. No problem what we are going to speak but we will speak in English.

We started using remembered words and phrases into our daily routine of speaking. And I personally recommend this practice and you also have listened that practice makes everyone’s perfect. That’s why it’s good for you, if you use speaking and practicing of words on daily basis.

What to do After 10 Days?

If you have learnt many words and able to understand something then you must have to follow some rules that are the key’s in English language.

Structure Your Words

Do you know the importance of grammar in the English? It’s good if you are able to speak and write without grammatical mistakes. That’s why you must have to follow the SVO formula in your mind. What is SVO?

  • Subject
  • Verb
  • Object

This simple sentence structure will help you to speak easily as well as help your listeners to understand easily.

Use your Own Way Of Speaking

Obviously, you are thinking about this heading! What does it mean?

It means that in the start use your own and natural way of speaking. If you start speaking and stuck in some words and sentences you can use gestures of hands and body to explain your feelings and thoughts. You can use pointing out some things and explaining your point of view.

If you have reached at the stage, you can speak little bit then it’s time to jump towards the Some speaking, listening and watching exercises.

Exercises To Strengthen English Speaking

No doubt there are thousands of ways that can help you to make your English speaking better. But some are the important tips that will 100% help you.

Find Out Your Interest

Before starting the speaking and listening exercises, you must have to find you interest. What do you like?

  • Reading Article
  • Watching YouTube Video
  • Speak To Native
  • Listening Voices Of Different Motivational Speakers

Here, This choice is up to you because your interest is at the first priority to learn and speak English. If you are interested in watching YouTube videos then watch movies or videos with English subtitle. Moreover, if you are interested in reading articles and novels then start reading today.

Speaking Exercises For You

The most important answer to your question of How to Speak English Confidently is speaking exercises. These exercises will mot only improve your English but will also help you to speak confidently.

Watch Tutorials

Most of the English tutorials have simple and accurate speaking style. If you’re interested in watching YouTube then it’s good for you to watch tutorial on daily basis and speak those words that discussed in the tutorial.

Listen To English Speakers

Most people like to listen motivational videos, if you also one of them then speak those inspirational sentences and listen carefully. This will also help you to answer your questions of How to Speak English in 30 Days?


According to my experience, One most important point I want to tell you . If you think that without reading articles, without watching English videos, English speaking is possible then you are wrong. Because until unless you will not be able to answer your question How to Speak English Confidently Just in 30 Days? It’s possible in the situation when you are following the above mentioned steps accurately.

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