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Bio101 Assignment No 1 2021 Solution Virtual University

by Usman CB
Bio101 Assignment No 1 2021 Solution

Are you looking for Bio101 Assignment No 1 2021 Solution? If yes, then you landed at the exact page. Because today, I am going to offer you best and accurate solution of Bio101 Assignment No 1 2021 Solution to attain good and full marks.

Bio101 Assignment No 1 2021 Solution By ConceptsBuilder

Q. 1 What is Cell Theory and describe its importance? (5 marks)

Definition of Cell Theory:

The cell theory is a such type of biological theory which states that all biological organisms are composed of cells; cells are the unit of life and all life come from preexisting life. This is crucial for us understanding biology because cells form the basis of all life. 

 The cell theory is so established today that it forms one of the centralizing principles of biology.

In biology, cell theory is a scientific theory first formulated in the mid-nineteenth century, that living organisms are made up of cells, that they are the basic structural/organizational unit of all organisms, and that all cells come from pre-existing cells.

Importance of Cell Theory:

The importance of cell theory lies in the fact that it gives us an idea about the concept of cell as a basic unit of life and its activities and interactions that forms a basis of all living processes.

Cell Theory is a unifying concept that shows direct relationships between single celled organisms and all forms of life up through multicellular plants and animals. Understanding the basic structure and function of the cell explains energy acquisition, use, and storage as well as growth, healing, respiration, reproduction, and all of the other requirements of life.

Q.2  What are the differences between bacteria and viruses ( 5 marks)


Bacteria are small single-celled organisms. Bacteria are found almost everywhere on Earth and are vital to the planet’s ecosystems. Some species can live under extreme conditions of temperature and pressure. The human body is full of bacteria, and in fact is estimated to contain more bacterial cells than human cells.


Viruses are microscopic particles that exist almost everywhere on Earth. They are present in animals, plants, and other living organisms, and they can sometimes cause diseases.

Differences between bacteria and viruses

                          Bacteria                                Virus
1.Bacteria are totally living in nature.1. Viruses are present in both living and nonliving form.
2. Cell wall of bacteria is made up of lipopolysaccharide or peptidoglycan.   2. Cell wall is absent but a capsid is present in them.
3. Size of bacteria is between 900-1000nm. 3. Size of the virus is between    30-50nm.
4.They can survive without a host.  4.They cannot survive without a host.
5. Bacteria reproduce mainly by binary fission.    5. They reproduce by lytic fission and produce their similar copies.   
6. Ribosomes are present in bacteria.    6. Ribosome is absent in bacteria.
7. RNA and DNA float freely inside cytoplasm.    7. RNA and DNA are present inside the proteinous covering.
8. Antibiotics are effective for bacterial infections.  8. Antivirals are effective for viral infection.
9. Bacteria causes disease like food poisoning, ulcers, pneumonia,etc.   9. Virus causes infection like AIDS, common cold, chickenpox, etc.  
10.Most of the bacteria can reproduce without a host.  10. viruses need a host for their reproduction process.
11. bacterias are both pathogenic and parasitic in nature.    11. They are only parasitic in nature.
12. Bacterial infections are generally localised.    12. Viral infections are systemic.
13.Incubation period of bacterias is 1-2 weeks.    13. Incubation period of the virus is 20 days-2 months.
14. Example of bacterias: Vibrio cholerae, Staphylococcus, etc.    14. Example of Viruses: HIV, Rhinovirus,etc.
Bio101 Assignment No 1 2021 Complete Solution 2

Bio101 Assignment No 1 2021 Solution Virtual University

According to my knowledge and perception, I fully explain the Bio101 Assignment No 1 Fall 2021 Solution. Hopefully, after reading this assignment, you can obtain full marks.

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