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How To Convert Word To Pdf On The Phone For Free?

by Usman CB
How To Convert Word To Pdf On The Phone For Free

The common question is how to convert Word to PDF on the phone for free. Microsoft’s Word, Excel, and PowerPoint applications are available for iOS and Android mobile devices. They quickly became the top downloaded applications on Google Play and the Apple App Store. Naturally, the Office smartphone applications are less feature-rich than their desktop sibling. However, the program’s most popular features have been transferred to the mobile version from the desktop version.

For instance, we may use Word on a computer to export Word documents as PDFs. Your office papers may be shared and transferred more quickly and easily if you convert Word documents to PDF.

With Word for iOS, you can accomplish the same task. See this instruction if you want to convert Word files to PDFs on an iPhone.

Today, we’ll show you how to convert Word to PDF on an Android phone or tablet so you can send your document as a PDF file for convenient sharing, reading, and transfer.

What is a Word Document?

A Word document is a document with pages organized and formatted to contain text, graphics, and other data types.

Word documents come in various formats, including novels, essays, and news pieces. The present web’s power may be used to turn your emails and other documents into Word documents.

To convert a file, open it in a web browser like Firefox, go to the “document” menu, and choose that option. You may save the converted File as an a.doc or.PDF File when it has finished the conversion process.

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How to convert Word to PDF on an Android phone?

If not already done, you must first download Word for Android. How To Convert Word To Pdf On The Phone For Free? You may get it from the Google Play shop or another independent Android market. Make sure Word is updated if you already have it installed on your phone; otherwise, you might not be able to access the Word to PDF conversion tool.

  • Open Word on an Android tablet or phone.
  • Available Word and the File you want to convert. In the top right corner of the Word app, select More.
  • If you select Print from the menu up top, a new Print screen will open, as seen in the picture below.
  • Thanks to Microsoft Word, you may print a Word document with a wireless printer. We’re going to convert a Word document to a PDF in this demonstration, so we hit Select a printer to reveal more options, choose Save as PDF, and go on to the next step.
  • Once you’ve chosen Save as PDF, the Word app will provide you choices to modify your PDF file, including the print size, color, orientation, and more.
  • After selecting the Save as PDF option, you must wait for Word to use a Microsoft online service to convert this Word file to a PDF.

How can I change a PDF to Word?

As of the first part of this article, we demonstrated how to export Word documents as PDFs on an Android device. When converting Word to PDF, you may use more hardware, software, and operating systems to distribute, open, and display PDF files. Won’t be able to change the documents, though.

Can a PDF file be converted to a Word document? Additionally, you may convert PDF to Word on a PC or Mac using these two straightforward methods. The Word app for Android or iOS devices or the Office Word software on a PC will allow you to reopen and edit the document.

How to change scanned PDF files into Word documents that can be edited ?

How To Convert Word To Pdf On The Phone For Free? You can convert most PDF files into Word documents using the abovementioned process. But you can’t convert scanned PDF files into Word using this procedure for nothing. There is a unique approach to doing it. The steps are below.

  1. On your Mac or Windows computer, download and install Microsoft Word.
  2. When you upload the scanned PDF file, your PC should be running Microsoft Word. You’ll see that MS Word creates a document from the File automatically. Once the document has loaded, you may rapidly edit it.
  3. After finishing the edit, you may As a Word file on your computer, save the document.
  4. A different approach includes converting scanned PDF files into Word documents using Google Docs. Go to drive.google.com on your PC to accomplish that. Make sure your Google account is active and logged in.
  5. Click New, choose File Upload, choose the scanned PDF from your computer’s storage, and then click Open. Your upload will now start.
  6. When the upload is finished, click Recent and choose the File you just uploaded. To open this File, you will need Google Docs. Connect the File> click the vertical three-dot icon next to the delete option > pick Open with > Google Docs.
  7. Select File > Download > Microsoft Word once the File has loaded in Google Docs. The paper will now download to your computer as a Word document. After then, you may change it by opening it again.

Utilizing the steps listed above, you may now convert your PDF file to Word with ease.

Save The File on Your Phone

How To Convert Word To Pdf On The Phone For Free? You should seriously think about taking the leap and saving those old emails on your smartphone if you’re serious about having them converted. It’s crucial to recycle your old emails into email-ready formats so that any future visitors may quickly explore and retrieve your chats.

  • When you’re done converting your old emails, you can soon burn them to a cloud-based storage provider and go on with your regular business as if they had never been received.
  • Access your previous emails on your phone by going to your account settings and choosing “convert” from the drop-down menu.
  • How To Convert Word To Pdf On The Phone For Free? You should see the “convert” page and information on creating an account with your preferred email provider. After that, pick “new email” under “email” in the “search” menu. Select the “drop-down” menu and “Leone” as the search term from there.
  • Due to email providers’ support for various message formats, including secure email accounts, you’ll discover that the findings are more than fair and balanced.
  • You may select “copy” to send the new email message type to your recipient and “paste” to insert the email into another document source, such as a spreadsheet or website.

Frequently; Mostly Asked Questions Answers

How do I make a document a PDF?

Open Acrobat and select “Tools” > “Create PDF“. Choose whether you want to make a PDF from a single file, several files, a scan, or another form of File. Depending on the file type, click “Create” or “Next.” To convert to PDF and save to your preferred place, follow the on-screen directions.

What’s the difference between PDF and PDF A?

The Portable Document Format (PDF)/A is an ISO-standardized variation of PDF designed for use, especially in the long-term archiving and preservation of electronic materials. Contrary to PDF, PDF/A restricts features like encryption and font linking (as opposed to font embedding). That is inappropriate for long-term preservation.

How do I scan with my phone camera?

Swiping up from the bottom of your screen will bring up the camera app. Alternatively, you may type “Camera” into the search box on your home screen by tapping on it. Next, use your Android device to scan the QR code by pointing it at it. Ensure the QR code is visible in the viewfinder from all four corners.

Can I use my phone to scan a document?

If you have an Android smartphone, you should scan documents with the Google Drive application. By selecting the “+” icon in the lower right corner of the home screen, you may rapidly check documents on Google Drive. The menu scrolls from the bottom; choose “Scan” from there.

Where are scanned documents saved on Android?

Drive offers an out-of-sight option for scanning documents with your smartphone’s camera and storing them as PDF files in your cloud storage. You may locate it by launching the Drive app, hitting the blue “+” symbol in the bottom-right corner, and then choosing “Scan.”


As we mentioned in this article How To Convert Word To Pdf On The Phone For Free, many people have the problem of how to convert Word files to PDFs on their phones. Microsoft has introduced a Microsoft World app for Android and iOS, which has become popular very quickly; now, you can easily convert your world file to PDF.

The article describes the complete method of using this app on mobile and iOS. Could you read it carefully? I hope this clears up your problem of “how to convert Word files to PDF on the phone for free.”

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