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How Educational Technology is Proving Helpful in Distance Learning?

by Usman CB
How Educational Technology is Proving Helpful in Distance Learning

How Educational technology is proving helpful in distance learning? No doubt, World Bank working on the education of system of the whole world. Also, they are using educational technologies to boost the electronic learning in the Globe.

But in the recent year technology has step forward fast in the field of distance education system. Not only this, after stepping in the field of distance learning technology offer new communication technologies as well as e-learning system which ensure the quality of overall program. Finally we can say that educational technology is proving helpful in the distance learning.

We also know that Distance Learning is not only helpful for education system of some institutes while it is also beneficial for other companies and organisations.

But again question arises that what are the factors or outcomes which proves that Educational technology is playing key role.

Before getting a complete proof of educational technologies in the way if distance learning. Clear that what is educational technologies? Educational technologies are such tools, methods, sources as well as terms which are specifically used for teaching and learning purposes.

How Educational How Educational Technology is Proving Helpful in Distance Learning?

There are many examples and realities which shows that distance learning success is only possible via educational technology. No doubt, Learning Management System tool and other sources are best examples but Some of them are given below;

  • Lager Educational seminar conduct on the base of educational technologies like some hardware or software applications.
  • One of the best Educational technology in the distance learning is oral and verbal communication via synchronous and asynchronous ways by using some LMS.
  • When we talk about the meetings and conferences for e-learning or distance learning courses these are only available via educational technologies like telephone, Radio, artificial satellite etc.
  • Moreover when We get indulged in the distance learning then some sources like audio, video and print sources comes in the form of educational Technologies. These sources answers your questions of How Educational technology is proving helpful in distance learning?

Which are best educational Technologies will help Distance Learning in 2022?

As we know that in the previous years there were many printed and Flipped system of education that helps education in a unique way. But in the present time, there are some Technologies that offering best proving services to the online or distance learning education.

Not only this, these educational technologies in the way of distance learning completely flop the face to face traditional education. But again you will think that what are those technologies?

  • Artificial intelligence Sources
  • Desktops
  • Fastest growing internet
  • Laptop video conferencing
  • Zoom technology

These were at the general level when we talk about, what are the best educational technologies which are proving helpful for distance learning as well as will offer best benefits. Those new technologies are ;

  • Big Data
  • Machine Learning
  • Internet of thins
  • Cloud Computing of Education
  • Virtual Reality in The education system

How Educational technology help Students in Distance Learning?

Educational technologies helps Different students from different perspectives but it also enables student to explore something new from some different ways. But question is that how educational technology is important for students? Because;

  • Best and easy way to Learn
  • Boost your learning
  • Enhanced the better relationship
  • Man become social
  • Make Responsible
  • Cost Friendly
  • Freedom from all perspective
  • According to my point of view, one if the best advantage is Flexibility. When, where and how, you want will be available for you.

It is all and just because of Educational technologies.

Final Words

The above discussion revealed that educational technology is always ready to bring revolution in the era of Distance Learning. But in the present time, this helpful source is really active and passive. Hope so, after reading this guide, you will be clear about, How Educational technology is proving helpful in distance learning? Because these

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