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Distance Learning Success Stories in COVID-19 Pandemic Top 2 Picks

by Usman CB
Distance Learning Success Stories in COVID-19

In the last few years, technology reveals the secrets for the whole world but specially for education. As we have seen that in from 2019 to 2021, Coronavirus Pandemic ruin the world badly. No one was able to maintain face to face Interaction to get education. But only precious thing was distance learning which defeated COVID-19 Pandemic badly. But how? We are going to enlist Distance Learning Success Stories in COVID-19 Pandemic, these stories will help you to get better understanding.

Before going to some examples of successful institute or individual, we want to glance at the distance learning. Moreover, importance of distance learning in the current era. Let’s start!

What is a Distance Learning?

Distance learning in simple words is remote learning or you can also called it as online learning. Such type of learning in which no physical presence of teachers as well as students is compulsory.

Moreover, learning which done by the electronic sources is known as distance learning. From the ancient point of view, it is a Communication between two people without physical interaction. In the present time, it has many names like distance learning, e-learning, distance education and online learning.

Distance Learning Success Stories in COVID-19 Pandemic

Firstly, I decided to enlist advantages as well as some Importance of distance learning to explore you. What is it basically? But later, I thought that few Distance Learning Success Stories in COVID-19 Pandemic will reveal each and every secrets. That’s why we are going to jump at our specific topic.

Enablers Success Stories in COVID-19 Pandemic

Enablers was recently established in 2018 and they started online courses while they named these courses as distance learning courses. They were offering different course to different peoples.

But in the 2019 when COVID-19 Pandemic put their steps on the whole world, they decided to stop this poverty at that time. What they did?

They announced free courses for more than 200 countries and Presented three goals;

  1. Betterment of people lives via Distance Learning
  2. Also achievements in Commercial Results
  3. To Show the World, We are

In the 2020, when Pandemic was at its peak. Only Enablers was producing such innovators which were offering best sources of income.

With their best strategies, they provide best opportunities to make passive income. By following this strategy, many freelancer and other individuals badly beat this critical situation of Pandemic by getting passive income from digital world.

There are many enables successful person who got fame and obtain success in their life. But I want to show you the overall success of Enablers in the field of distance learning.

  1. Enablers won the fabulous award of best e commerce company of the year
  2. Fastest Growing brand Award of the year 2020

These two big achievements are just because of online learning.

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Not only this, one and most imperative Distance Learning Success Story in COVID-19 Pandemic is also discussed below;

Distance Learning Success Story of Virtual university of Pakistan

Do you know, Government of Pakistan recently awarded virtual university as best online university of Pakistan? Why this award?

This best award is just because of their performance in the COVID-19 Pandemic via distance learning. Now, after looking the best strategy and methods of virtual university, many other universities are going to switch from traditional to e-learning.

Because this is the best way to explore world and educate people in seconds. Not only this, many students get better education and now maintaining the highest posts in the world.

Importance of Distance Learning in Pandemic

Hope so, above mentioned two headings make your Concepts clear but want to show little more.  we have seen that more than 1.7 billions students give up due to this Pandemic situation. At that time, whole world understand the importance of distance learning. After this bad event, world explore the e-learning to better their education system. Look at some important advantages of distance learning;

  • Easy Access
  • Cost Friendly
  • Flexible and Accurate
  • Make Self Responsible
  • Create Confidence

Final Words For Distance Learning Success Stories in COVID-19 Pandemic

Science and technology is developing day by day. It has no query but people are also using there precious gifts to get better achievements in the world. No doubt, Education learning or distance learning is not only important for education or money. You can also get your desired achievement’s. As you can see in the above mentioned Distance Learning Success Stories in COVID-19 Pandemic. How they reached at their aim and goal in the short period of time by using best technology!

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