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How to Make Perfect Assignment on Mobile to Get Full Marks?

by Usman CB
How to Make Perfect Assignment on Mobile to Get Full Marks

Most of the students are not aware about, How to Make Perfect Assignment on Mobile to Get Full Marks? Are you from the community of those people?

If you are one of them, So stay consistent in this valuable journey.

I just want to start my discussion with my own words. I want to tell you, I also completed my degree from Virtual University. But I prepared as well as submitted my all assignment from my mobile phone. Not Only this, my prepared assignment from mobile were also awarded with full by full marks!

Now, you are thinking that how is it possible?

If you want to know the real secrets then stay with us to know each and everything about to make assignment from phone to get full score.

Tips to Make a Unique Assignment

First of all, consider that you are jumping from college life to university. And you are not aware about online assignment, moreover also don’t know about assignment techniques. So, follow these steps one by one to become an expert in making assignment.

Read Given Question Thoroughly

Whenever you get the question, whether it is the assignment of mathematics or literature type. First and foremost responsibility is to read question and understand it carefully.

While reading your assignment question, keep one thing in mind is that you must have to understood what you should have to do and one extra thing is understand what your teacher want?

If you can understand these two things then you can make assignment easily.

Search Out

Second step is that you mist have to search for getting data. Because you need to obtain your required data from handouts, lectures as well as from internet.

Best way to get satisfactory data for your assignment is understand your assignment topic from handouts or lectures.

While search this information from the internet. Because when you will visit different websites on internet then you will get data as well as accurate information for assignment and your test.

Write Excluded data on Note Book

When you consider that you are getting perfect data then you must have to note this data on the note book. Because it will help you to get better points for your assignment. Paste all those important lines and data that is valuable for your assignment.

Structure your Data

When you think that data is ready to make assignment. Now, you should just make a sketch of assignment in your mind and go for the final step.

What is final step? Final step is to type your assignment on mobile device to get full marks.

Which App is best to Type Assignment on Mobile ?

There are many online applications that you can install from play Store to type your assignment. But i will highlight just those which can offer you best of the best results.

  1. Office
  2. WPS

There are many already embedded apps in the mobile phone. That can help you to make assignment. But when you will install office in your mobile, it will give you perfect result.

Use Office to Make Assignment on Mobile to Get Full Marks

What? Office in the mobile phone!


It’s true, you can use office in your mobile phone. But how?

I want to entail you, Approximately 2 year, I done blogging and work on Freelancer from my mobile phone. And there was only office that was my best friend on the every step.

How to Make Perfect Assignment on Mobile to Get Full Marks?

Now it’s time to open office on your mobile phone and start your typing. Just sure that your keyboard setting is accurate or not!

Because when you will do proper settings for the auto correction, capitalization and many more. These will help you to type fast.

Grammarly App

Install grammarly app to get the accurate keyboard. Because it will help you to set your all words, sentences as well as your grammatical mistakes also.

When you start typing your assignment just make sure two things!

  1. First of all, click on the home and select the Times New Roman font style because all universities recommend and require this format.
  2. Second one is to select font size and should be 12.

When you have selected these two things, now just type each and every thing on your office page and save this page.

If you are unable to save page then what will happen?

One of the best feature that I really like in office for mobile is, it save your written data automatically.

When you have make your assignment then follow below mentioned two steps to get full marks in assignment.


According to my experience and perception, proofreading is the most important factor that can help you to get full marks. Because most of the students, just type assignment and submit to the teacher. But if you are habitual of proofreading then you can check and kick out your all mistakes from your document.

Use Plagiarism Tool

Final step for How to Make Perfect Assignment on Mobile to Get Full Marks is to use Plagiarism Tool. This tool will help you to check whether you have copied data from any other website or any other sources.

Because assignment must be 100% genuine. It means you must have to write assignment in your own words. But this tool can help you to get the internal satisfaction for the 100% result.

So, again want to highlight you must use this tool before submitting your assignment. It will help you to get full marks in your assignment.

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