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How Much Should I Charge as a Freelance Tele Caller? Top 3 Ways

by Usman CB
How much should I charge as a Freelance Tele Caller

It’s undeniable that in the previous 5 years Freelancing Field has gain a great name in the whole world. But still some freelancers are asking question, How much should I charge as a Freelance Tele caller? If Freelancing field achieved a name then why people are stuck at this question?

As we know that, working as a tele callers is an art but getting how much money in this art is difficult. Because this act need a telephonic contact to the client or customers to sale the leads.

But this sailing can be difficult some time because of rigid behavior of clients. That’s why Freelance Tele caller has query and questions about How much should I charge as a Freelance Tele caller?

But it is not a tricky because you have different options to get charge of this act. There are many tricks that you can apply to get your payment. But how will you reach at those tricks?

It’s very easy if you will stay with us in this guide we will definitely highlight you.

What to consider Before Charging as Freelance Tele caller?

Role and Responsibilities Of Tele caller

No doubt, different owners need tele caller to work from home but they have their own rules and regulations. That’s why when you have to charge for this act, ask your manager or owner for telling your responsibility. In general these are the some given Responsibilities; Attending calls is the main responsibility

  • Highlighting the new messages to sales groups
  • Getting indulged into the calls as well as answer those incoming calls
  • Presentation of Advices to the caller
  • Operation of electronic equipment, dialling system control is also included
  • Maintaining the quality services by following the company given guidance
  • Getting and updating of clients details

But keep one thing in mind owner may add some other responsibilities but you must have to highlight extra charges for those.

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Skills For a Freelance Tele caller

As we have discuss that different owners need different skilled and required tele caller, but some main skills must have are given below;

  • Best and Efficient in the communication skills
  • Verbal and Non verbal communication skills
  • Telephone skills
  • Resolving all type of issue skills
  • Addressing all the complaints easily
  • Data entry and updating skills

What are the options for Freelance Tele caller to charge Money?

When as a freelance Tele caller, if you get a project then you have different options to charge. If the given manager or owner of the company is asking for above mentioned skills and requirements. Then you have options to charge in three different styles.

  1. First of all, you must have to charge for each Hours servicing
  2. If you think that hourly rate will not suit the requirements then deal for daily basis
  3. One of the best option for most of the freelance Tele caller is fixed rate

If you think that any one of the above mentioned option is good then you can charge.

What is Hourly vs Fixed rate for Freelance Tele caller?

As a freelance Tele caller, it’s important to understand this. Because freelancing field game is only depending on these two words for payment.

Hourly Rates

When you will select the hourly rate, it means that you will work for one hour and manager will pay you for only one hour. But in the whole day you can work for 6 7 8 or more hours. Keep in mind it depends upon you. In the start, if you are working as a Freelance Tele caller then you can charge 15 to 20$ for per hour. But when you will get better experience then it must be increased to 50 or 100 dollars.

Fixed Rates

It means that when you are asked to work as a freelance Tele caller then you will have to complete one project. It may be for 10 days or 30 days but you must have to complete it to get your payment. Some time, it may be very goof for Freelancers.

How much should I charge as a Freelance Tele caller Top 3 ways?

Understanding how to charge your client may be difficult for you. But I can say that if you are following these three ways then no one can beat you in getting accurate money.

Offer Your Own Plan

First of all, you should look for the job requirements, what are the doings while the job. If you are able to understand these requirements and you know that how easy or difficult these are. Then you must have to plan your own offer or money.

Because you will get better results to make your own plan. When you will look for the time, rules, and client requirements then you will charge accurately.

Visit Freelance Website

As we know that trend is a best thing. You must have to visit top rated freelance websites like Fiverr, up work and Freelancer. You must have to visit different projects and see that how much money Freelance Tele caller are getting for their services.

Use Online tools

Do you know, there are many online tools which offer best results for how to charge to your clients? If you are getting issue and asking, How much should I charge as a Freelance Tele caller? Then online suggestions tools is the best option.

There are many online tools like Linkedln salary, Bonasi as well as Glassdoor. You can use these to get better suggestion to charge payment for your services.

Tips to Become a Best Freelance Tele caller

No doubt as a freelance Tele caller, you know a lot about your job. But some important tips are precious gift for you. If you take care of these tips then you can earn a lot as well as catch the interest of your manager.

  • Always stay with a pleasure mood
  • When you speak, your words must give a beautiful smile
  • Be a confident freelance Tele caller
  • Put courtesy while communicating
  • Listen to the client and it’s words keenly

Final Words

These were the precious words that I highlighted for you people. As a Freelancer, I put main points and experienced things in from of you. Hope so, after reading this guide you have understood answer of your question that was How much should I charge as a Freelance Tele caller? Now you can charge as other professional freelance Tele caller charge to their clients.

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