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Introduction to Sociology SOC101 Solved Assignment No 1 2021

by Usman CB
Introduction to Sociology SOC101 Solved Assignment No 1 2021

Are you searching for Introduction to Sociology SOC101 Solved Assignment No 1 2021? Then You have reached at the right page. I will explain each and everything in a unique way. But it’s point to remember that Plagiarism assignment always get Zero marks.

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Lesson 8

Due Date: 09-12-2021 Total Marks: 20

Assignment Objective

Upon completion of this assignment, the students will be able to understand the various problems of bureaucracy.


Tahir is a government official who has been working in the same organization for over 15 years. At first, he was very content with his job but later he started to experience a few problems that started to bother him. While discussing the problems with his brother he said that the routine tasks are so strict that it feels like we are all doing the same tasks over and over and the worst part is that they are just assigned particular tasks. They do not know the whole picture. Furthermore, people working in the same organizations are unique and have their own problems and capabilities, judging all of them on the same criteria is extremely wrong. He also says that some rules focus on organizational growth so much that hinders personal and professional growth. One of the organizational goals is to promote research culture in the organization. The organizational policies require employees to fully immerse themselves in work during work hours that leaves no time for personal growth like publications etc. Resultantly many employees are dissatisfied with their jobs. Moreover, he shared with his brother that last year when he wanted to buy the car, he thought about taking a loan from an organization. But the procedure for applying it was so tough and long that he lost motivation halfway and dropped the idea of buying a car. Lastly, he said that with time organization’s rules and regulations have made the yearly evaluation criteria so strict that employees are only worried about their performance and job security. It pains Tahir to see that the overall organizational performance and goals is greatly undermined.

Question 1:

You have studied four problems of bureaucracy i.e. bureaucratic alienation, bureaucratic ritualism, bureaucratic inefficiency (red-tapism), and bureaucratic inertia. Keeping in mind the four problems of bureaucracy, in the given table, first define each problem in your own words in the context of the given scenario and then justify each problem from the given scenario.

ProblemsDefinition of ProblemJustification
Bureaucratic AlienationPerceived in terms of roles, rules, and functions rather than as individuals, many workers begin to feel more like objects than people.In the given Situation, Tahir is Government official and in the state of Bureaucratic Alienation. Because, Bureaucratic Alienation, a feeling of powerlessness and normlessness. He is also saying that  same tasks over and over doing offer feelings of Alien. We can see that this situation meets with the saying of Max Weber. According to the Glossary of Social Sciences, Alienation refers to a phenomenon in which individuals feel as if they have no power or control over the social institutions that they themselves have helped create 
Bureaucratic RitualismBureaucratic ritualism is an excessive focus on rules and regulations to the point of undermining an organizations goals. In the given scanrio Tahir is also facing Bureaucratic Ritualism. We know that When there  is an excessive focus on rules and regulations to the point of undermining an organizations goals then this situation exists. And here organization is just focusing on cultural and ritulism not on the workers oint of view.
Bureaucratic Inefficiency (Red tapism)Red tape is excessive regulation or rigid conformity to formal rules that is considered redundant and hinders or prevents action or decision-making. Moreover, Tahir is facing Red tape issue on the way of getting loan.When Tahir decided to apply for loan then Bureaucratic Inefficiency (Red tapism) situation exist because  Red tape: The tedious preoccupation with organizational routine and procedures. Rule is a rule.
Bureaucratic InertiaBureaucratic inertia refers to the tendency of the bureaucratic organizations to perpetuate themWhen Tahir said to his brother that they also have their own rules and regulations of annual assessment and companies will never stop then this situation exists.

Marking scheme:

  • 2 marks for definition of bureaucratic problem: 2*4 (8) 3 marks for justification: 3*4 (12)

Final Word For Introduction to Sociology SOC101 Solved Assignment No 1 2021

No doubt this is a very easy assignment of Introduction to Sociology SOC101 Solved Assignment No 1 2021 for all Introduction to Sociology SOC101 students. That’s why follow the given instruction to get full marks.

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