SMS Service about Omicron Launched in Jan 2022

SMS Service about Omicron Launched

SMS Service about Omicron Launched, Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training on Friday launched an SMS service campaign for students, teachers and parents crosswise the country to increase awareness against Omicron virus.

Who Launched SMS Service about Omicron Launched?

According to the Federal Education Ministry, the campaign has been launched on the instructions of Minister for Federal Education, and Professional Training, Culture and National Heritage Shafqat Mahmood.

What will be Few Steps of SMS Service about Omicron Launched?

In the first phase of SMS awareness campaign, the Federal Ministry of Education in cooperation with a telecommunication company, will assure the nativity of its awareness message to 12 million subscribers.

The SMS awareness campaign is being launched from Islamabad while in the second phase, the range of the campaign will be expanded across the country in collaboration with other telecommunication companies.

Brief  of SMS Service about Omicron Launched

Federal Education Ministry in its awareness subject matter to students, teachers and parents would inform them about the rapidly spreading new variant of coronavirus Omicron. 

During the awareness campaign, the teachers, students and parents would also be guided about the Omicron as well as the implementation of Covid-19 SOPs including periodic hand washing, use of masks, keep social distance and avoiding crowds would be ensured. 

Conclusion of SMS Service about Omicron Launched

The ministry has also constituent the vaccination mandatory for children aged 12 years or above. The purpose of this SMS Service about Omicron Launched campaign of federal education ministry is to keep students, teachers and parents aware about the Omicron as well as to continue the educational activities in these difficult times.

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