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Top 6 Best Platforms to Take Free Online Courses

by Usman CB
Top 6 Best Platforms to Take Free Online Courses

Best Platforms to Take Free Online Courses, Did you know now you can learn to speak Spanish, code, or get well-acquainted with Statistics without paying a cent? One of the biggest booms associated with the internet is the massive degree of information available at your easy disposal. So, you can use this to enrol in online classes and amplify your chances of landing rewarding and higher-paying jobs. You may be eight or eighty, the internet will have a course that matches your interest, and when the domain is education, the resources are umpteen. 

One of the best things is you can find several best free online courses. So, it implies that you can learn what you want without making a dime. Below, we will discuss some of the top platforms that offer this benefit. Let us discuss them one by one. 

Top 6 Best Platforms to Take Free Online Courses

These are the well Best Platforms to Take Free Online Courses. Just look at these and visit now;


Coursera is one of the best online learning website that falls in the Top 6 Best Platforms to Take Free Online Courses. It is also one of the most popular. It has collaborated with more than 190 renowned universities and companies like Stanford, Google, IBM, and the University of Pennsylvania. They offer thousands of classes and specializations for you to study online.

Beyond their typical online classes, they also provide complete degree courses, diploma sessions, and professional certification at a nominal charge. Alternatively, you can buy their Coursera Plus subscription at only $59 per month and get unlimited access to each of their offerings with a certificate. You can sign up for their free seven-day trial to test the waters.

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LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is one of the most popular online platforms wherein you can find best-in-class video classes presented to you by the top industry experts. You can use the platform to access over 15000 sessions in over seven different languages. They have free and paid options available.

With their free classes, you have an opportunity to learn from the top industry professionals without spending a buck. Such courses are suitable for beginners, experts, and intermediate learners. You can find LinkedIn classes with certification in almost every discipline – From tech to design, personal development, business, and entrepreneurship.


Udemy has the maximum number of courses available on its learning platform. They offer over 1,83,000 video classes, and more than 65000 professionals offer their lectures with them. Thus, you can find a Udemy session in almost every niche. Hence, whichever domain you wish to study, you will find an associated course on Udemy.

  • Top 6 Best Platforms to Take Free Online Courses, More than a unified platform, it is a repository or a platform that allows the students access to more than 100000 classes on every niche and topic.
  • There is a course in every domain – from music to arts, language, programming, business skills, IT, teaching, productivity, and fitness. Udemy does not follow one standard format for their classes and gives the instructors the freedom to draft their lectures as they please.
  • Broadly, every session is an amalgam of quizzes, text elements, audio-video lectures, and various activities and exercises. They also give students the flexibility to preview the classes. They can request a 100% 30-day refund if they do not enjoy the learnings.


It is another one of the renowned platforms that have over 26000 courses listed with them. You can enroll in their classes via their website or their well-designed app. Their video content is top-notch, and name-brand instructors from art, design, media, entrepreneurship, technology, and leadership offer them.

  • Skillshare distinguishes itself from the other MOOCs by providing the learners with community-based learning packed with hands-on projects. Since you have the freedom to collaborate with other learners on board, it is easier to stay motivated across the process.
  • You can find many free classes on their platform on trial, but they also have a premium subscription, which gives you access to all of their offerings.

Open Culture Online Courses

Are you unable to find your desired class online for free? Check out the offerings on Open Culture. On their platform, you can find 1000 different podcasts, videos, lectures, and more from renowned global universities. The website also has ample material, accessible solely on the private website of the universities.

It is an intuitive and an easy to navigate website. So, finding what you seek is straightforward. On Open Course, you can find top classes from Wales, Australia, England, and many other state universities across America. It is one of the most excellent resources for finding your desired online course in your preferred domain. 


edX is another one of the Top 6 Best Platforms to Take Free Online Courses for people seeking top-quality online classes, which can help them accentuate their knowledge and skill and motivate them to deliver exceptional performance. The platform has over 3000 listings designed and hosted by leading institutions, such as the University of Oxford, Harvard, the University of Tokyo, and MIT.

  • Even corporate giants like Microsoft, IBM, and Google list their offerings on edX. You can find some of their recommendations on TangoLearn. Their sessions are available in video format. Most of their classes are self-paced, but you can also find instructor-led courses with them.
  • Depending on what best matches your needs, you can make your pick. edX also has a download option. So, you can download the available resources and stream them anytime, anywhere, even on the go.
  • Since edX is a global Not for Profit Organization, most of its courses are 100% free. However, if you opt for the free classes, you will not bag a certification. Also, the platform’s lone limitation is that it does not have an authoring tool. So, you cannot edit or customize the training content. 


So, these are the top six best MOOCs online or Top 6 Best Platforms to Take Free Online Courses. It is an inclusive list, and several other platforms offer free and paid online classes. Do you know of more such platforms? Please discuss this in the comments below.

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