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What is Progress Timeline Tab in Vulms?

by Usman CB
What is Progress Timeline Tab in Vulms

What is Progress Timeline Tab in Vulms? In the vulms, Progress timeline tab means your all subjects progress will be show in the form of events. As we know that our all subjects performance like assignment, GDB and quizzes etc. Results was separated in different sections. But on 03 November 2021, Virtual University combined all results of your Subject wise progress in a separate tab.

Do you know what is timeline and it’s Importance? If you don’t know then read on to understand the complete concept.

What is Timeline and It’s Importance?

Simply, timeline is a specific list of some events in a specific order. Timeline may be for any task whether it’s your personal, business or any other.

But when we glanced at the importance of timeline then some specific needs comes in our mind. Timelines helps us to understand our events and activities easily. Moreover, also assist in arranging the work as well as to better our overall performance.

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What is Progress Timeline?

As we have discussed about timeline but when we talk about progress time line then we only take the key factors of progress. It may be for any type of Progress whether for business purposes or for institution one.

Progress Timeline means you can check your overall and event wise progress from those arranged events. When you decide to create a progress Timeline then remember your main points and basic purpose in your mind.

What is Progress Timeline Tab in Vulms?

Now, come to the point what is Progress Timeline tab in Vulms? A new tab of Progress Timeline is added in the vulms section and it’s purpose is to make an easy access for the students. By using this tab you can see your all subjects results in a specific pattern and in only one tab.

As we know that before this there was a home tab and we used this tab to access our results of assignments, quizzes and GDB. But now there is a good decision taken by Virtual University and a new tab is added for us.

Many students have there projects and want to stay in touch with these activities easily. This is a Golden tab for all those who want to see their performance easily.

Bottom line

Hopefully, you will understand this new tab concepts. And after reading this script, you can answer to this question What is Progress Timeline Tab in Vulms to your friends and colleagues. To get updated with virtual university latest things and upcoming stay with Concepts Builder.

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