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6 Types of Logos to Grow Brand Awareness

by Usman CB
6 Types of Logos to Grow Brand Awareness

Logos are undoubtedly one of the most significant elements of brands, organizations, institutes, and every kind of online business. In most cases, they represent the brands’ values and their business domains. Therefore, many experts consider logos as the face of the brands. You would have seen that from SMEs to large corporations, every company builds logos and uses them at every marketing and advertising platform.

However, designing a great logo is a bit complicated as it involves many things, including choosing suitable icons, shapes, colors, typography, and, most importantly, logotypes. This article will only talk about different logotypes. Let’s start!

Logo Types to Grow Brand Awareness

Multiple logotypes can help business owners grow and leave a powerful impression on viewers. Here they are!

1- Wordmark Logos

This type of logo only consists of fonts. They don’t include any shapes and icons. This logotype is common worldwide; many big companies have designed wordmark logos for their promotions. For example, Google, Coca-Cola, Nescafe, and Visa have relied on this type for their benefits.

With the right font size, style, and typography, anyone can create simple but memorable wordmark logos for brand recognition. Moreover, with the help of wordmark logos, companies can stay in everyone’s name for longer.

Pros of Wordmark Logos

  • Wordmark logos offer both elegance and style.
  • These logos also provide responsiveness, so you can use them on every platform you want.
  • It also helps people remember the company name.

2- Lettermark Logos

Lettermark logos are also universal in many industries and business domains. These logos only consist of the initials of the company names. This kind of logo is also beneficial for rebranding purposes. Companies whose names consist of multiple words can utilize this logotype and let people remember their names.

For example, you may not know the full name of IBM or CNN. You only know about their initials; it’s all because of their logos. Their names are difficult to remember, so they relied on this logotype. Few people know about International Business Machines, but almost everyone knows about IBM. That’s how you can utilize this logotype and make your name and logo easy to remember.

Pros of Lettermark Logos

  • These logos are more memorable and elaborative than many others.
  • Lettermarks are easy to remember due to their simplicity.
  • They offer more convenience and uniqueness.
  • They are also more scalable.

3- Mascot Logos

Logos with some animated or illustrated characters are called mascot logos. For example, KFC, Pringles, and Wendy’s have mascot logos. Mascot logos are very effective when it comes to brand awareness. In addition, these logos sometimes offer a fun element and evoke some emotions that are quite helpful in attracting more people.

Although designing these logos is quite tricky, they balance the effort with the advantages, as they also represent brand values and build a deeper connection with the targeted audience.

Pros of Mascot Logos

  • Display brand values and personality.
  • Attract more people by evoking their certain emotions.
  • These logos are easily recognizable.
  • Shows a friendly nature and aspect of the brand.

4- Abstract Logos

Abstract logos are widely used and preferred around the world. Businesses of every nature and domain, from small to large corporations, use abstract logos as they are simple yet effective. They convey a brand message simply and artistically. Many companies, including Pepsi and Adidas, have used this logo.

Pros of Abstract Logos

  • Abstract logos are more artistic in nature.
  • These logos can give life to your brand.
  • They tell a wider audience about your brand values and message.

These logos only consist of pictures. These pictures could be of anything like birds, fruits, or any particular object. Don’t know what these logos look like? Check Apple or Twitter’s logo. They are the perfect examples of pictorial logos. They are easier to remember. If you successfully choose an ideal picture and show some creativity, you can easily create a remarkable logo for your brand using only a simple image and artistic skills.

Pros of Pictorial Logos

  • Pictorial logos can easily be adjusted on multiple platforms.
  • If designed perfectly, this kind of logo can help people remember your brand whenever they watch a specific object.
  • They can also perfectly represent your brand values.

6- Combination Logos

The abovementioned logotypes usually consist of one particular element. But in the combination logos, you can merge two or more components to achieve your design. For example, you can combine wordmarks or letter marks with pictures and mascots to leave a strong message.

Pros of Combination Logos

  • Combination logos are more responsive.
  • These logos offer more versatility.
  • These logos are more attractive and elaborative.

How to Design Perfect Logos for Your Brand?

It doesn’t matter which logotype you select for your brand; you need some artistic skills or creativity to give life to your thoughts and efficiently convey your message through  your logo design. Furthermore, you also need to learn design skills. But don’t worry; an online logo maker is a great solution if you don’t want to learn graphic design. You can use any reliable logo maker and create your logo design online easily and quickly. The logo creator provides a wide range of logo designs, out of which you can select the one that can perfectly represent your brand. After choosing the template, you can customize it for uniqueness and mold it according to your brand values.

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