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How to Do NFT Business ? What is NFT, How Does It Work?

by Usman CB
How to do NFT Business

Friends, the digital world is running on a different level today. And there are always new inventions in it. Now you must have heard a lot of names like Crypto, Bitcoin. For which the government is also bringing a bill in the Parliament. And it is in discussion everywhere. In the same way, NFT is also very much discussed nowadays. Big stars like Amitabh Bachchan, Salman Khan and other stars are also earning crores by selling their NFT collections. So, How to do NFT Business? What is NFT and how does it work? We will know about it better in this post.

The reason for NFT coming into the limelight is the sale of tokens of small videos, artwork, tweets for million dollars. When a Beedle video was sold for $6 million, Grimes’ artwork for $3.9 million, and Twitter CEO’s Autographed Tweet was sold for a token million dollars, the whole world caught sight of it. And then all the artists and big stars have started trying their luck in this. But how is this happening? how to do it. How can I do this business. Let us know in detail in this post.

How to do NFT Business – Earn Crores by Selling Digital Art

Before doing NFT business, it is very important to take complete information about it. Because before doing any business, you will collect complete information about it, only then you will be able to be successful. So let’s know about this NFT business by answering some questions about it.

What is NFT?

The full form of NFT is Non-Fungible Token. Its meaning is that something that cannot be displaced.

NFT is a token facility based on Blockchain Technology, which can never be changed. If I tell you in simple language, you can tokenize your Digital Content like Photos, Posts, Tweets, 3D Model, Audio, Music, Art. can be changed to. And can become its Lifetime Ownership.

And if anyone buys this digital content of yours, then its commission keeps coming to you for lifetime. To know this in more detail, it is very important to understand how it works.

How does NFT Work?

NFT works on Blockchain Technology. In which ledger is maintained when buying or selling currency in it. Similarly, in NFT also ledger is maintained on the purchase and sale of digital content. Let us understand in easy language.

As if you have any such thing which is absolutely unique, and that is only and only yours. That thing can be anything like photos, videos, games, social media posts, tweets, artworks, paintings, college degrees, any required documents etc. You can convert all these things into tokens through NFT. Which will mean that you will be the owner of all these things forever, and that thing will be used anywhere or will be bought or sold.

You will be known by the name of the owner of that thing. The other person can only buy or sell it, but cannot change the name of its owner. And a ledger entry of this token is done, just like bitcoin. And whenever these goods are bought or sold, the commission fixed on it will always come to its original owner. That’s why it is called Non-Fungible. That once the owner is created with the help of token, now he cannot change the lifetime.

Works like this. So if you also have a unique thing, then you want to sell any of your things online, which you think that people will like it, then you can first get its digital token issued through NFT. Is. Then your name will be entered in a ledger. Then you can easily sell that thing online. Apart from that, if someone sells that thing somewhere else, then you will get commission.

This is a very new method, which proves that the thing you have converted into token is really yours, it cannot be stolen from you.

How to do NFT Business | Buy NFT Tokens

Now it comes to the digital asset that I mentioned above, you have it. But how to buy its NFT token?

  • Many online platforms such as Open Sea, Nifty Gateway, Super Rar, Rariable and WazirxNFT have been created to buy NFT tokens. Where you can easily buy and sell NFTs with the help of Ethereum Coin or with dollars.
  • You have to sign up on all these given platforms, and then to convert into NFT tokens, some money has to be paid in the form of Crypto Currency. For which Ethereum Coin is used.

How to do NFT Business – Make NFT Tokens?

Minting:- First of all you need an artwork or digital content that you want to make NFT. With the help of Blockchain Technology, you mint that content, it means converting it into tokens. To mint you have to pay some gas free. For that you have to create a crypto exchange account.

For this, many online platforms such as Coinbase, Binance are available. Where by creating an account, you can do KYC by entering all the details of verification. Once it is verified, after that you will have to buy some Ethereum Coin, after which you will transfer it to the Crypto Wallet of your choice. Talking about Crypto Wallet, the most famous is Metamask.

Now you have to come to your NFT platform, where you want to create your content in token. You will sign up on this platform, but to join this platform, you must have an invitation link. Which you will find by searching the internet, or you can take it from a friend, who is already using NFT.

Now after doing all this, you have to pay the gas fee, which you can do from your Crypto Wallet in which you transferred by buying Ethereum. After paying the gas fee, NFT of your content will be generated.

Now the last thing you have to do is sell your NFTs. For which you will have to list your token to be sold on the NFT platform. And you can add your own price as well. Due to which no one can buy at a lower price. Whoever bids will put a price higher than what you have set.

And if no one bids higher then your NFT will be sold at the price set by you. And when sold, that token will be automatically transferred to the buyer. And if ever he wants to sell this token further, you will still be its real owner and his commission will come in your account.

How Much Money can we Earn From NFT?

You can earn Lifetime money with NFT. There cannot be any fixed amount in this. Videos, photos, tweets of people are being sold in crores. The more unique and most unique or unique your artwork or content is, the more it will cost. It depends on the ability of the buyer to think and observe.

In the same way as the painting is auctioned in the Art Gallery, then people bid, and each painting is sold for crores. The same approach is followed here, but everything is digital, and converting the content into tokens protects its ownership.

What are The Benefits of NFTs? (Benefits of NFT Tokens)

NFT is completely safe. Once a token of any of your digital content is created, it cannot be changed. It will always be registered in the name of the creator. And if someone will sell and buy, then the original creator will always get profit.

Because nowadays there are many such creators online whose content others steal and sell and earn money. And the creator doesn’t even know. Nor do they get any credit. That is why this is the easiest way to keep the content of the creators safe. And this is the best way to maintain your lifetime ownership of anything.

Cons of NFT Tokens

NFT has advantages on one side and there are many disadvantages on the other. Because this is a completely new technology. So many people are still not aware of it. Because of which many scammers or hackers steal the art or content of other artists from social media platforms and convert them into NFTs, and sell them online. Which is still very difficult to stop.

Along with this, all the payment in NFT is done in Cryptocurrency, due to which the consumption of power or electricity is done at a very large level. Due to which the earth may have to deal with the lack of energy in your time. Along with this, the problem of global warming can also increase in the environment.


As we have discussed all about How to do NFT Business ? What is NFT, How does It Work? At the end, you have understand about it. Now share with friends and read other posts also.

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