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Issues that You can Face While Merging PDF Files Manually

by Usman CB
Merging PDF Files Manually

Disadvantages of Manually Combining PDF Documents, Do you want to manage the storage in your device and keep the files organized? Are you looking to merge the PDF files present in the device?

The solution to this problem is to merge the PDF files. This will not only lead to saving space but also manage the documents in a better way.

Multiple methods can be applied to compile the PDF documents, i.e. by using the online tool, or software or manually merging the files. But the worst one among these is to compile the files manually. And the best way to join the PDF documents is to go for a PDF merger tool.

In this blog, we will tell you the major drawbacks of merging PDF files manually. Also, we will talk about the benefits that you can get by using the online PDF merger tool.

Drawbacks of Merging PDF Files Manually

Why you will go for the old method if you have a new one? In the presence of online tools, you don’t need to go for manual merging. But if you are still willing to merge the files manually instead of using the online tool, you need to know the disadvantages of that.

Here we are going to talk about the major minuses that you may experience because of merging the files manually.

Waste of time

While you start merging the files manually, you will have to spend a lot of time selecting every single document. This element may reduce the working speed.

First, you will change the format of the documents and keep them all in the same place. And after compiling the content, you will again convert it to PDF format. So, this is a top drawback of joining the files manually.

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Documents misplacement

You also may misplace some important files while merging them manually. Due to a bunch of files in a single folder, there are chances that you may lose any file from there that may create trouble for you.

The disorder of files position

When you compile multiple PDF files, one thing that you have to focus on is the position of the files. This will help in getting a perfect document in the end.

But when you merge the files manually, you may face the issue of changing the position of the documents.

Chances of losing the data

There are also high chances that you may lose some important lines while merging the PDF documents manually.

When you change the format of the file and mix the content, you may delete some important lines unintentionally. So, this is another issue that can be occurred because of choosing the manual merging method.

It May affect files quality

The quality of the files is an important thing that is needed to be maintained. While compiling the PDF files manually, the images in the content may lose their quality.

Does Combing PDF Files manuallygiving you Headaches? Here is the Solution.

The method you can go for merging the PDF files is by using an online tool. It is because you can get a lot of advantages here and make the working process easy.

You can use a combiner pdf tool to combine a bunch of PDF files with just one click. Let’s talk about these features in detail.


Completely secure to use

The most amazing element of using online PDF merger is that you can keep the files secure here. The tool doesn’t save the data of its users in its database nor does it share the files with any third party. Therefore, the content can be kept safe in this online tool.

Simple interface

The interface of the online PDF merging tool is quite simple. There is no such hurdle in understanding the working of this online tool. You just have to follow some simple steps while using the tool and it will lead to compiling all the files with just one click.

Merge multiple files at once

You can increase the workflow with the help of this online tool easily. The reason is that the online PDF merger allows the users to upload a bunch of files at once and compile them all with a single click.

No hidden charges

All the benefits offered by this online tool are free for the users. There is no need to pay for it before merging the files. Even you don’t have to subscribe to the tool or make an account in the PDF merger. Just upload the files here and hit the merge button.

Edit the position of files

One amazing element about the PDF merging tool is that it allows you to change the position of the documents and keep them in the required sequence. 

Quick response

The working of online PDF mergers is very quick. Even if you upload the files with a heavy size in this online tool, it will provide you with the results in a very short time. Just upload all the documents and click the merge button. The tool will join all the files in a few seconds and show a merged document on the screen.

Final Verdict

To complete a task, you can go for multiple methods. But the thing is that you have to choose the procedure that is simple and easy to use.

The same is in the case of merging PDF files as you can do it manually as well as with the help of the online tool.

But you may face many difficulties while merging the files manually. Therefore, it is important to go for an online PDF merger and compile the files there.

In this blog, we have talked about all the drawbacks of joining the PDF files manually. Also, we mentioned the best solution that you can apply to merge the files quickly. 

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