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How to Earn Money From Josh App – A Detailed Guide

by Usman CB
How to Earn Money From Josh App

How to Earn Money From Josh App? There are many ways to earn money from the Josh App in which Earning Per Video Downloaded, Earning Per Article and By Promotion are at the top of the list. Many of us think that making money from a mobile app is only possible with big companies like Uber, PayTM, Flipkart, and so on. But this isn’t true. 

Because you can also earn by knowing all about How to earn money from Josh app? Anyone can make money from an app with the right steps and strategies. If you are one of those people who want to earn money from Josh App then you should follow this detailed guide which will help you to earn real money and get your name on the list of highest earners on Josh App.

What is Josh App?

Now that you’ve made your app, how to earn money from the Jthe osh app? In general, there are two ways to monetize a morbid of cookies at home plus another set of cookies from some party store – hence double dipping. While I haven’t personally used these services, they seem like they could be helpful in certain situations.

However, keep in mind that using mediation networks may result in fewer impressions due to competition between advertisers who want to work with specific mediation networks’ offerings.

Features of Josh App

Create your own account and start making money straight away! Simply sign up with a username, password and email address. Also, by signing up you get access to all of our features! You can use these to earn extra cash on top of what you make from referrals!

  • You can see how much you’ve earned in your ‘Earnings’ tab on your dashboard.
  • There are many ways to earn: Invite friends: Inviting friends is one of the best ways to earn more cash!
  • For every friend that signs up using your unique referral link, we will give you $1 when they purchase their first item on Josh App.

How Does Josh App Work?

Any member of your social network can send you a request for money, which triggers a push notification. If you feel comfortable with it, you can then choose to respond yes or no and provide an explanation (e.g., I have car trouble and need money for repairs.).

  • The person requesting money has 48 hours to accept your decision; if they don’t, their request expires and they must submit another one.
  • You won’t be notified again once a request expires; those who haven’t yet accepted will just have to keep trying.
  • To prevent abuse, you can only receive up to 10 requests per day from people in your social network.

How to Download the Josh app?

To get a better understanding of How to Earn Money From Josh App? You also need to know, how to download the josh app. Downloading the Josh app is quite simple and easy, as you only need a computer and internet connection.

  • Just search for the Josh app on any search engine of your choice and download it by clicking on any of its results or links.
  • After you have downloaded it, simply open it to access its services. You can also check out their website for further details about how to use their app.
  • How to make money from Josh app: There are several ways in which you can earn money using the Josh app.
  • These include placing advertisements on your phone screen, making referrals, and completing surveys among others.

How To Create Account On Josh App?

You can download the Joshua app from the Google play store or the IOS app store. If you are using android just go to the google play store and search for the josh app, once you locate it, click on install. Once you install and open the josh app there is a button called to register.

  • Click on that button and follow the instructions given. Registration is simple and takes only a few minutes so no need to worry about any complex steps. When you have successfully registered, tap on login and enter your username and password.
  • Now your account has been created. Congratulations! Now start playing games available in Joshua app by clicking on the earn money tab at top of the page. By playing games you will get coins which will be added to your balance after 24 hours of game completion.
  •  You can withdraw coins anytime through a Paytm wallet or bank transfer (need to deposit a minimum of Rs 500). So now whenever you want to withdraw money, just tap the withdrawal option in the menu bar at top of the page and select the Paytm or bank transfer option accordingly.

How to Use Josh App?

Take a few minutes and learn about how to use the josh app as well as how to earn money from Josh App. It’s important for you as an influencer or supporter of our brand, for you to know how we work.

  • Some of our most successful members have spent time learning about us before they participated in any campaigns with us.
  • You should take some time to do that too! If you are participating in a campaign with us, then it is more than likely there is a landing page detailing information on it.

How Much Money do I Get from Using the Josh app? 

The amount of money that you get from using the Josh app depends on many factors including how long you have been using it, what type of adverts are displayed on your phone screen at any given time, and other factors such as location etcetera.

Best Ways to make money from the Josh app

Of course, there are many ways to make money from the Josh app. While these methods work well in my experience, they may not work well for you but if you learn and follow the How to earn money from Josh app then it can also work for you.

  1. Be sure to test them and find out which ones work best for you! Here are some of my favorite ways to earn money It’s a little bit more time-consuming than other methods, but it’s easy and free! And if you do it right, people will keep giving you their opinions.
  2. It doesn’t take much effort on your part once you get started—just create a profile on Survey Junkie, then complete surveys as they come in.
  3. It takes me about an hour or two each week to earn $10 or so (and I don’t even have that much time available).
  4.  I’ve earned over $500 doing surveys with Survey Junkie since starting just a few months ago! Survey Junkie pays cash via PayPal, which is great because it’s one of my favorite places to spend my cash anyway.
  5. How to earn money from Josh app_ Here are three simple ways for you to start making money from home Start writing reviews. Write tutorials and guides related to your field of expertise or interest. Create videos demonstrating how something works or explaining some topic.
  6. Post these videos on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc… Use images in place of text wherever possible as it makes your content load faster (people will not stick around if they see too many pop-ups) Try out a few different methods to see what works best for you.

Earn Money With Josh App By Promotion

How to earn money by Josh app_By promoting your app through different mediums, you can generate new users who will download your app. First, start with all of your personal contacts. Email them, call them—do whatever it takes to let them know about your app and how they can use it. Then move on to acquaintances that fit into a specific profile (e.g., people with kids between 5 and 10 years old or fans of a specific TV show).

The next step is figuring out what services or goods you can offer in exchange for downloading/using your app. If all else fails, mention that there are in-app purchases and what those items cost so users have a better idea of where their money is going once they download.


How to earn money from Josh app_ most important advantage of online surveys is convenience. You can earn money from home, at your own pace, by answering questions and sharing your opinions.

  • This flexibility helps you control how much money you make and when you make it. Many survey sites only pay monthly, which means you have plenty of time to learn without pressure if it’s right for you.
  • This perk also gives users with full-time jobs a chance to earn extra income or use it as a side gig. Some survey companies also offer cashback on purchases from select partners or clubs that help connect members with special discounts and freebies for products they want anyway.
  • Another major benefit of online surveys is anonymity. While some types require registration, many are completely anonymous. In fact, some sites allow you to sign up using just an email address so that they don’t even know who you are!
  • Since these businesses don’t know who their customers are, they’re more likely to respond honestly because there’s no risk in their doing so.
  • That said, not all survey panels provide equal opportunities for everyone—some may limit entry based on demographics like age or gender.


Let’s say you create a game, but after 3 months no one is downloading your app. What do you do? And what if you spent countless hours programming, designing, and testing it? Well, there are ways around that.

  • You can sell your game or app to a bigger company like Niantic Labs (creator of Pokémon Go) or Apple which will be able to market it better than you and get more people downloading it. Plus they’ll help with any bug fixes.
  • Disadvantages? You don’t always get what you want when negotiating a sale with a big company and there’s no guarantee that anyone will buy your idea in the future – could be worth nothing in a year!
  • So make sure you have a backup plan for all those long nights developing an app that never gets off the ground.

Earning Per Article

USD 15 per 1500 words. You will be paid on a per-article basis via PayPal for your efforts. You must work with an editor before publishing.

  • The editor will fix grammatical mistakes, provide punctuation, as well as make sure that it’s original if you have plagiarized anything they will let you know immediately for you to fix it before publishing.
  • All blogs must be unique; we check all our blogs manually by humans, so no spamming or copy/pasting is allowed! The better quality of your content, the more likely you are to earn money with us.
  • Please note that English is not my first language, I am from Russia but can speak English fluently and try my best to correct all mistakes made during the translation process.
  • Once again, If you find any mistakes please tell me right away and I will correct them right away as soon as possible.

Earning Per Video Downloaded

To make money from Josh App or to get knowledge and concept of How to earn money from Josh app, you have to download it and watch videos. Let’s say there are three versions of Android, i.e., Lollipop, Marshmallow, and Nougat available for you for downloading.

  • Now if you download a video then that means you will have downloaded Lollipop (not Marshmallow or Nougat).
  • The price paid for each video is based on several viewers clicking on your video & watching all of its duration. You can earn $0.25 per video downloaded by 1000 people. If more than 1000 people click on your video then you can earn more than $0.25 per video downloaded.
  • You need to view at least 10 videos in a day to get paid otherwise no payment will be made for that day even if you have clicked over 1000 times because the minimum threshold limit is 10 views in a day only.
  • You need to maintain a minimum threshold limit every day else no payment will be made after reaching the minimum threshold limit once (payment will be stopped automatically).
  • The minimum threshold limit varies with days of the week as well as with time zones across countries where Josh App has subscribers/viewers.

How I do Run an ad on Josh App?

I am using the AdMob platform. I have created a view of the banner, on any ad request from that banner I am earning from it. Before creating an ad account, you have to go through certain prerequisites:

  • If you’re planning on running ads in apps, you’ll need a Google Play Developer account and your app must be published in the Google Play store. It’s free to publish apps on Google Play, but there are fees associated with creating a developer account.
  • You will also need an AdSense account if you want to run text or image ads. There is no fee for creating an AdSense account. The process is pretty simple; if you already have a Gmail address then sign up for one here.
  • After setting up your AdSense account you can link it with your developer account by going into settings under the My Apps & Sites tab within your developer console.

Follow Up Email Templates

How to earn money from Josh app_ follow up email templates The only thing worse than not sending a follow-up email is sending one that reads like it was sent by an amateur. To ensure that your emails are at least decent, check out.

  • The templates provide everything you need to properly structure your message and hit on all of your main points without sounding generic. If you want an even better understanding of what does and doesn’t work in follow-up emails, head over to and read through some of their most successful examples.
  •  The ones worth emulating will be right there in front of you. You might also find some helpful tips from these bloggers: or. They both share detailed insights into how they do things, so you can start putting together your own formula for success.
  • [Example: ] Dear [name], Thank you for visiting my website [url]. I hope you enjoyed learning more about me and my skillset. Please let me know if I can answer any questions or help with anything else moving forward. Sincerely, Your Name Here

How Much Money Earn From Josh App?

Many people ask me how much money I am earning from the Josh app. Well, I guess it’s time for me to be honest and clear about it. Yes, some apps help you earn even $500 per day but most of them are fake.

  • I will help you to make at least $100 from the Josh app in a week. Though if you work hard enough with your social media accounts then you can make more than $500 in a week.
  • Let’s see what things you need to do for making a good amount of money from the Josh app. First thing first, join my team on Facebook by clicking here and liking my page. Then share my post on all your social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • Share as many posts as you can because when we share our content multiple times on different platforms then it increases our chance of getting traffic or leads.

Who is the brand ambassador of the Josh app?

When a business invests in a brand ambassador, they are essentially paying for that person to promote their product or service.

The return on investment is related mostly to how much of a celebrity and/or expert their brand ambassador is.

If you’re familiar with social media, celebrities like Gary Vaynerchuk, John Chow, and Marie Forleo have all been hired individuals can sell products or services because of their notoriety and target audience’s willingness to buy what they say.

In essence, it’s an advertising cost that doesn’t necessarily involve a big upfront payment; instead, these influencers get paid based on their performance.

 With Josh app: As far as I know, there aren’t any brand ambassadors for the Josh app yet. This means there are plenty of opportunities to be one!

Is josh’s app skill good?

The game is like any other app where you get points for your performance, however, those points translate into real money once you reach a certain amount of score. The reason why it’s good is that it lets people see that they can make money with their skills.

  • How to earn money on the josh app_ There are many different games on the josh app, meaning there is a variety of ways to earn big money! Within just a few days I was able to make around $100. This isn’t too bad for an app that just recently came out.
  • If you want more information about the josh app feel free to ask me in the comments! Thanks for reading! J I’m curious how much money can be made from playing?
  • It seems kind of interesting. – Antwan Parnell How do you actually cash out and transfer your balance?
  • It says the money goes directly to a bank account but does it go through iTunes or something else? – Christian Zamora Can you play anywhere?
  • I’ve heard that some countries aren’t supported by JoshApp (like Canada). Is there any way to check if my country has access before downloading or am I screwed either way?

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Josh’s app work?

Step-by-step instructions to Use Josh App. The application opens to language choices, where you can choose the language of your inclination. By and by, the Josh application upholds just Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and English. When you select the language, the application opens to the landing page, where you can see the brief recordings.

Does Josh’s app give money?

Advancement is the most effective way to bring in cash from Josh App. You can bring in great cash by Promoting the brand. If you have many preferences and numerous devotees to your video, the brand will reach you and request that you advance your item. You can then bring in cash by Promoting the brand.

How do I advertise on the josh app?

You ought to add the media to your Bag and select the time groups there. 2. Select the promotion type that suits your spending plan, imaginative, and objective. Josh TV offers video promotions, scrollers, Aston Bands, and Brand combinations for publicizing.

How do I get verified on the Josh app?

Through the ‘About’ page of the Josh video application, you can arrive at the client support segment. You should simply send a mail explaining your issue with a check and the help group will survey your profile and furnish the blue tick post with the interaction.

Which country made the josh app?

Indian, Josh Talks is an Indian media stage settled in Gurugram, Haryana which hosts content in 9 dialects. 

Is Josh’s app secure?

Josh’s cloud is based on a solid, undertaking grade stage that routinely performs reviews and keeps up with PCI, HIPAA, ISO, and SOC consistence.

How can I contact Josh to talk?

What is the best short video app in India?

7 Best Short Video Apps In India You Must Try In 2022
WOOHOO-Live and Short Video App. WOOHOO is a brief video application that is turning a ton of heads in the space of online entertainment applications in the country. …
1. Moj.
2. Josh.
3. Chingari.
4. MX TakaTak Short Video App.
5. Zili Short Video App for India.
6. Roposo.
7. Mitron.

What is Josh’s video?

Josh is ‘Made in India’ for makers of Bharat. Watch the most recent recordings of your #1 makers, record and transfer your own recordings, partake for no particular reason difficulties, and become a star! The stand-by is finished. Go along with us now.

When was josh’s app launched?

Josh turned into a hit not long after its send-off in September 2020, crossing 50 million downloads and one billion video plays in 45 days. Dailyhunt Co-organizer Umang Bedi told YourStory in a previous connection, “We arrived at 23 million day-to-day dynamic clients in merely 45 days of our beta send-off.

Final Thoughts

How to earn money from Josh app? The key to earning money with the Josh app is building a community around it. You can do so by creating resources, blogging, video tutorials, and more. Each method has its own set of benefits and downfalls; but either way, start making your name known in your niche now because it’ll be that much easier later on when you have more followers.

Written By Tayyaba

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