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Best Websites for CSS Exam Preparation

by Usman CB
Best Websites for CSS Exam Preparation

Are you still looking for Best Websites for CSS Exam Preparation? If your answer is Yes then congratulations because you landed at the accurate page. Today we are going to offer you best of the best top 10 Best Websites for CSS Exam Preparation that will really help you in passing your upcoming CSS exam.

Top 10 Best Websites for CSS Exam Preparation

Best Websites for CSS Exam Preparation, Not only this, these websites are well to prepare you for any test in Pakistan but 100% accurate for CSS Exams. So, Lets Start this journey!

CSS Mcqs

This is top Rate website in Best Websites for CSS Exam Preparation because CSSMCQs site is the best site in whole Pakistan for the cutthroat tests of CSS and PMS. Furthermore, this site is additionally awesome for any remaining tests in the country. It is a blog where they put, gather, sort out MCQs and organize different tests in different classes of MCQs asked in various section tests and tests for Jobs and Admissions.

In any case, their principal center is around the MCQs of CSS, PMS, and Other Competitive Exams. Furthermore, you can likewise contribute and submit MCQs of the new FPSC, PPSC, SPCS, KPPSC, NTS, OTS, and PTS, and so on late test tests you took.
Assuming that you are showing up in cutthroat tests, you should think about this site in your excursion. CSS MCQs has every one of the past papers MCQs of Compulsory Subjects from 2005-2022, these MCQs are in many cases rehashed in different tests in Pakistan.

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National Officers Academy (NOA)

According to my opinion best website as well as best academy for CSS preparation is National Officers Academy (NOA). The National Officers Academy is the biggest confidential foundation for the planning of the CSS test, arranged in Lahore.

The staff here is capable and they utilize the strategy for process preparing and cutting edge innovation to provide their understudies with the best preparation of CSS test.


After National Officers Academy (NOA) the one of the best website for CSS Exam preparation is Kips CSS/PMS.

Almost certainly, kips foundation has made its extraordinary name throughout the long term and presently it is quite possibly of the most famous institute in Pakistan. Kips CSS/PMS is a foundation that is independently made for the arrangement of CSS and serious tests.

Their predetermined mandatory subjects are Current Affairs, General Science and capacity, Islamic Studies, English article, Pakistan Studies, and English General. Just the understudies with somewhere around 45% imprints in graduation and mature somewhere in the range of 21 and 28 can get admission to this foundation.

A nation’s actual resource is her informed and mentally prepared youth. Theirs is the job of the heroes in her general turn of events.

The case with Pakistan is as well. Her success and brilliant future additionally relies upon her quintessential youth. We need to ensure that the young people of Pakistan be instructed thus sustained that they arise as trustworthy tribunes who are completely fit for guaranteeing a brilliant tomorrow to their country.

International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS)

Energetically suggested site for CSS wannabes. This site gives detail data in regards to financial turn of events, military and international circumstances of various locales. These locales incorporate, the United States, Russia, Sub-Saharan Africa, Europe, Middle East, South Asia and Asia-Pacific.

For a considerable length of time, the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) has assisted with molding the essential plan for legislatures, organizations, the media and specialists across the world.

We acquire our income from the offer of our data sets and distributions, have country support for gatherings, corporate sponsorship, research work, consultancy, and gifts from private people and establishments.


Like the CSSMCQs site, PMSMCQs is the best site in Pakistan for the cutthroat tests PMS. Moreover, this site is generally excellent for CSS as well as any remaining tests in the country. We conclude this site in the Best Websites for CSS Exam Preparation due to it’s better performance in the previous some years.

It is a blog where they put, gather, sort out MCQs, and orchestrate different tests in different classes of their discretionary subjects.
PMSMCQs is Pakistan’s biggest MCQs site for FPSC, PCS, PMS and CSS Past Paper Test Competitive Exams of all regions i.e Punjab, Balochistan, Sindh and KPK.

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E-International Relations

One of the main site for CSS wannabes that has parcel of assets on governmental issues and global relations. The site was sent off in Nov 2007. It has multiple million perusers/clients each year.

E-International Relations is the world’s driving global relations site with day to day distributions of novel substance focused on scholastics, general interest perusers, and understudies. The site contacts a crowd of people of more than 5 million special perusers. As well as keeping up with the site, we distribute open access books.

Their Main Goal is;

1) To be the leading open access scholarly publisher in our field, making reputable expert content free to view for all.
2) To provide the best source of freely available materials for students of Politics and International Relations.

Khan Academy

It is an understand site for learning. They offers courses for science and designing, registering, expressions and humanities and financial matters and money. It is totally free upheld by giver offices.

Khan Academy offers practice works out, educational recordings, and a customized learning dashboard that engage students to learn at their own speed in and beyond the homeroom.

Masters Institute for CSS

This website for CSS preparing is known as a result of countless understudies who have made up to regulatory positions. It is said that the Master’s establishment is the representation of valued training.

This CSS focus, holding a very serious job in the training market, has drawn a wide regulatory public to it. The staff has insight in preparing and a sound arranging process by which the understudies are educated.

World Times Institute

At the WTI, their main goal is to give CSS and other cutthroat tests applicants with extensive, quality direction on all potential viewpoints so the understudies can coordinate all their diligent effort in the correct heading to join common organization.

The information and direction furnished by the WTI group with the shrewd review assist the understudies with accomplishing their fantasies. The group of WTI comprises of profoundly prepared staff of previous civil servants, CSPs, senior college officials, veteran coaches, and eminent instructors upheld by an expert supervisory crew.

Society of Higher Education & Industrial Research

This website also comes in the top Best Websites for CSS Exam Preparation, This site contains huge number of most recent MCQS of general information, current undertakings, regular science, software engineering, English, Arithmetic/Mathematics and numerous other science, expressions and business subjects. It will assist you with planning and practice your insight base.

SHEIR is a stage to give learning potential open doors and cutting edge instructive answers for understudies, educators, and guardians in a cooperative way. SHEIR likewise gives Industrial Partnership program (SIP) to assist industry with further developing their business climate efficiency and seriousness through the better utilization of information, abilities and innovation in association with scholastics.


According to our research and experience, we enlisted top 10 Best Websites for CSS Exam Preparation. If you are going to appear or eager to appear in CSS exam then must prepare yourself from these websites to Pass this Exam in Ist attempt and to attain good marks. Also Share this guide with your friends and colleagues.

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