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How To Solve Paper In Board Exam? Top 8 Picks

by Usman CB
How To Solve Paper In Board Exam

How to solve paper in board exam? First and foremost thing that I prefer in exam is your handwriting. Write clearly whether you are writing questions, answer or even headings but write each and everything clearly. Get tips and tricks of Easy way to solve paper in board exam, know best tips from our experts.

How To Solve Paper In Board Exam?

Exam Tips For Students

Students are worried about class 9th, 10th and 11th, 12th exams and it is common for everyone to worry but you do not need to be afraid Conceptsbuilder will be sharing such tips and guidance from time to time which will be helpful for you.

Hope all the students have prepared very well. It is also important to take care of some small things during the exam, these small things make a big impact. You do not have to take any kind of stress, if you do not take stress then you can score better in the exam.

Top 8 Tips for How To Solve Paper In Board Exam?

The most important thing is to get out of the fear of exams. Often there is a fear in the mind of the students that there is a board exam, but there is no need to panic in any case. Come out from the fear of board exam and read and follow the tips given by experts so that you can give a good paper.

Fill the information correctly in the board copy

On March 15, the board had issued the admit cards. All the instructions are written in the admit card, you must read it once. Arrive at the center a little before time but not too early, after that after reaching the center check the room number according to your roll number.

Carry only essentials, do not carry anything that needs to be left outside the examination hall. Leaving a valuable thing out of it, the student’s attention wanders because of the thought of meeting the same thing right after the exam.

Take the exam with a calm mind. Fill the information correctly in the board copy, first write the roll number very carefully, fill all the information correctly and check once again.

Copy and Check Paper 

Look at the pages of the copy and check the paper once, whether the copy or paper is torn from somewhere. The thread is not coming out, the page is not less, the question is printed correctly in the paper, whether there is a bad printing or not, check it once after opening the paper.

Read the paper thoroughly, don’t be afraid

First of all, you have to read the paper thoroughly and then solve it is the most powerful tips for those who are eager to know about How to solve paper in board exam. If you are getting the answers in sequence, then answer the questions in a sequence or else solve the question which comes first. Solve the objective questions first and then start solving the questions with highest number of marks first. Leave the question in which you are stuck for later. Don’t waste time on that. Solve the one whose answer you know best, first. This will not cause tension in the mind.

Take whole numbers in the objective like this

Objective questions are asked from the theory of your text book. If you have studied the theory well, then you can increase the score by solving all the objective type questions. You will get full numbers in it. This will make your result good.

How to write answer in copy?

The frequently asked question from students side while doing exam preparation is how to write answer on the copy or How to solve paper in board exam? Then we suggest that write the heading of the topic in the copy in the center. When writing from the left side of the copy, it gets hidden when tying or stapling the copy. In this case his marks are affected. That’s why always write the heading in the center of the copy. Note the headings and sub headings. 

Do Time Management

The total time of the exam will be 3 hours 45 minutes. Therefore, it is necessary to come to the management to solve the paper in the stipulated time. Therefore, solve the question which you are not able to solve in the last. If time is saved, then whatever you know related to that question, definitely write in the copy. Try to attempt all the questions. After solving the paper, draw a line at the very last and write the word ‘finished’. If the pages in the copy are left blank, then draw diagonal lines with the pen.

Clear Handwriting

When ever, I talk to my students and we discussed the question How to solve paper in board exam then my first and foremost priority is clarity of the handwriting. Because, your handwriting is the first and foremost impression that can impress your checker that’s why focus on it when you start writing your paperwork.

These things will be banned in the Examination hall

Carry only the necessary material with you during the exam. No one is allowed to take any board exam. Do not keep things spread on the table. It is prohibited to carry calculator, mobile phone, pager, digital diary or any electronic device in the examination hall.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to attempt a paper?

Follow these tips;
1. First read the question paper well.
2. Use the first 15 minutes effectively.
3. Don’t worry about the tough ones.
4. Prioritise your attempt.
5. Ensure speed and accuracy.

How can I get full marks in paper?

To get better grades in your tests, take exhaustive notes in your classes so you can utilize them to review. Additionally, attempt to read up for no less than 30 minutes consistently paving the way to your tests so you retain the material. Try not to pack for your tests the prior night or you could over-burden your cerebrum and forget everythings in your tests, take careful notes in your classes so you can utilize them to review. Likewise, attempt to read up for no less than 30 minutes consistently paving the way to your tests so you remember the material. Try not to pack for your tests the prior night or you could over-burden your cerebrum and fail to remember everything.

How to attempt board paper class 9?

Write the sentence, phrase or a word with a cut marker, which a checker wants to check. And Else all with clear and with normal handwritting.

How to write answers in exam?

The tips underneath may appear glaringly evident, yet perusing them through now will assist you with recalling that them while composing your test.
1. Peruse the directions.
2. Peruse every one of the inquiries cautiously.
3. Plan the time.
4. Check the number of imprints that are accessible.

What are Rules for writing Board exam?

Significant Writing Formats For Scoring Full Marks;
1. Three Important Formats for Writing Answers in CBSE Board Exam (From CBSE Toppers’ Answer Sheets)
2. Try not to Try to Solve Questions Sequentially.
3. Compose applicable and to the point replies.
These tips will also help you in getting answer of How to solve paper in board exam!


At the end of this precious post of How To Solve Paper In Board Exam? I confidently can say that if you really follow these tips and tricks then you can get good marks and can solve exam easily.

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