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Which University is Best for CSS Exam in Pakistan?

by Usman CB
Which University is Best for CSS in Pakistan?

Are you still searching for best university in Pakistan for your CSS Exam? A Great news for you is that you are now landed at the right place. Because we are going to discuss all about, Which University is Best for CSS Exam in Pakistan

No doubt, Some people have dream to pass CSS. But unfortunately majority of the people not able to found best institute for this exam. Not easy to clear CSS, No matter how you work hard for clear the CSS exam. I recommend you the best institute of Pakistan for CSS exam. Guidance is more important for clearing the CSS exam. But First Read the below given heading.

What is CSS Exam?

CSS stands for Central Superior Service. It is an exam that directs the person to get a government level job. It is conducted by Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC).

Most of the academies are present in Lahore for CSS exam preparation but some academies are also present in Islamabad and some are present in the other places of Pakistan. First we discuss about the institute for CSS in Islamabad.

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Top Best University for CSS Exam in Islamabad

AS we started our journey with topic, Which University is Best for CSS Exam in Pakistan? So, proceeding with that we are going to discuss, best university for CSS in Islamabad. Let’s started;

CSPs CSS Academy Islamabad

CSPs is one of the best academy for the preparation of CSS exam. This academy provide free material for the preparation of CSS on website. This academy post quizzes where you can take quiz and see the result and gets better day by day. This is the best institute for the preparation of CSS. The only institute offers free material for the preparation of CSS.


Plot No. 22 F, G- 10 Markaz G- 10 Islamabad capital territory.

Nova CSS Academy

When we talk about the Which University is Best for CSS Exam in Pakistan, then This is civil examination academy in Islamabad. This academy delivering inspiring postgraduate courses to the candidate’s for the competitive exams of Pakistan. NOVA CSS academy has an increasing reputation and their digital technology based education strategy. If you are thinking of embarking on the competitive exam (CSS) then you should take admission in NOVA academy this academy has great experience from 2007 . The reputation of this academy increase day by day.


Nova CSS Academy: House 308, Sawan Road, Sector G-10/1, Islam

Pace CSS Academy Islamabad

This is the best institute for CSS in Islamabad. Pace is abbreviation of Pakistan academy of comparative Exam .pace having best team for preparation of CSS. It is necessary to produce friendly atmosphere for study. So this institute having this type of atmosphere. This institute is not so expansive. This is private institute.


Markas G-10 Islamabad territory 4400.

NOA Academy Islamabad

NOA is abbreviation National Officers Academy. NOA completes the preparation of all the compulsory and optional subjects selected at the time of admission in a period of 120 days. However if any subject remains incomplete then this academy complete this subjection without any extra fee.


Islamabad Main Campus 3-D Madina Center G-10/4

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Top Best University for CSS Exam in Lahore

As we started our topic that was Which University is Best for CSS Exam in Pakistan? So, Now we will discuss the institute of Lahore. That will really help you students in getting good preparation in CSS Exam in Lahore. 

NOA Academy Lahore

This is the abbreviation of National Officer Academy. It’s not good if we don’t include this university in the topic of Which University is Best for CSS Exam in Pakistan. This is the largest CSS preparatory institute in Lahore. NOA is the best institute in Lahore for the preparation of CSS. Their lecture are present on YouTube. These are very informative lecture no need to join this academy physically. This academy having best hostel facilities for especially for girls. I recommended you this academy if you are able to get admission in Lahore.


H # 61-B Near Allah Ho Ckowk ,Shokat Khanum Road ,Block B Phase 1 Johar Town Lahore

WTI World Time institute Lahore

This is also the good institute in Lahore for the preparation of competitive exam. All the teachers and faculty member is very cooperative and helping in this institute . In this institute regular program provides from all over Pakistan. It established in 2013 . and having huge successful hope.


227 upper mall Lahore Pakistan Near the ICHHRA . ARMY MUSEM

Frequently Asked Questions

What should we study for CSS in Pakistan?

You have to have primary know-how of such medical issues. Question additionally consist of clean query from Biology, Physics and Chemistry. These are the subjects in general studied in technological know-how challenge at Matric or Intermediate level.

How much does it cost to do CSS?

For written checks rate have to be submitted to federal public provider commission: The written aggressive exam utility rate is RS-2200/- For re-checking in step with paper rate is RS-500/-

How can I prepare for CSS at home?

The following points will describe the true meaning of stuff in terms of CSS preparation.
Download FPSC Syllabus.
Download Past Papers.
Buy stationary stuff.
Buy Suggested/Recommended Books.
Have an excellent internet connection.

Can I do CSS after FSC?

Well, you could begin getting ready for the CSS examination after FSC, however you can’t seem with this qualification. What you may do is take admission to a college and whole your commencement first.

How many months are enough for CSS preparation?

Well, you can begin making ready for the CSS examination after FSC, however you can not seem with this qualified, Three months are sufficient to put together for the CSS examination designed through the FPSC syllabus when you have a strong educational history with a sturdy English language.

How many papers are there in CSS?

CSS exam has 12 papers including 6 compulsory and 6 optional papers. Each paper carries 100 marks. CSS Exam has 1200 marks in total. Optional subjects for 600 marks are to be selected from the list given by FPSC.


At the end of this article,  hopefully can say that if you read this article word to word then now you are able to answer your question of Which University is Best for CSS Exam in Pakistan? If you found best university for your better future of CSS. Now, it’s time to get registered and prepare yourself for your exams of CSS.

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