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What are the Benefits of Handwritten Notes for Students?

by Usman CB
What are Benefits of Handwritten Notes for Students

What are the Benefits of Handwritten Notes for Students? Whether you are in college, school or even in university. Everyone wants to get full marks in the final result. The first and foremost tip that I always recommend to my students is handwritten notes. Because these Handwritten Notes not only helps us in making essentials for our final term while also help for our later life.

Obviously, you are thinking that how these notes helps us. You are right according to your own perception because you consider that in the modern world there are thousand ways to make notes but why handwritten notes?

You have put a unique and sensible question. But must remember that when I will write some imperative benefits of Handwritten notes for students than you will forget the benefits of this modern technology in contrast if Handwritten Notes.

Without wasting your precious time, we are going to jump your exact answer if your ultimate question, What are the Benefits of Handwritten Notes for Students?

Top 7 Benefits of Handwritten Notes For Students

These below mentioned are not Top 7 Benefits of Handwritten Notes For Students. While you can say that these are key Secrets of Handwritten Notes.

Handwritten Notes Improve Retaining Ability

One of the best secret of Handwritten Notes, according to my experience and perception is improving retaining ability. When you write something, it create a best and accurate picture in your mind.

What does this picture mean? Have you ever listened about mind map? Mind map is your ability to sketch something in your mind. And only handwritten notes offer perfect remembering and retaining ability.

Enhance Your Concentration Ability By Making Handwritten Notes

Have you ever feel any distraction while using Laptop or Mobile? Yes! It’s true that notification and noise of the modern tech offer distraction for us. But when you make handwritten notes then you feel easy and relax in making these notes.

One of the best thing for handwritten notes is you need proper attention and focus on making notes. Otherwise you will not be able to get these properly. That’s why If you want to enhance your concentration towards study then prepare and make hand written notes.

Improve Vocabulary and Make Knowledgeable By Making Handwritten Notes

When you will read something, it can provide some important information to you. But when you write something, it increase your knowledge. When you have knowledge then you are valuable students. Many students who don’t read every time who don’t study whole year but able to get full marks. How?

If you are thinking about this question then listen it carefully! Those students who make notes retain information and knowledgeable things and tips in the mind. Which makes their mind sharp and great.

Secret to Be Creative is the Benefit of Handwritten Notes

Do you know, writing can make you a creative person? It’s not a rumour. It’s right that if anyone who want to be creative by his imagination and want to shine inner self then he must be a writer. And in the university or college life, if you are at this stage and want to be creative then handwritten notes preparing is a best opportunity to boost your creativity.

Better Writing Skills is the Benefit of Handwritten Notes

It is said that Good hand writing is a first rule of the courtesy!

I read this phrase many years ago but I think that it’s not true but at this stage, I found that it was 100% true. Because your writing is your first presentation. If you want to improve your students life then write whether you are writing notes or even anything else.

But your priority must be writing something. Because it leads to your further success of exam as well as your character.

Cause of Motivation is the Benefit of Handwritten Notes

When you make notes for yourself then you became motivated person. Because it boost your mind and create Confidence. When you get Confidence from somewhere, it means that you are getting motivation.

That’s why I warmly focus on making handwritten notes. When you will prepare notes by hand than you will get better mind engagement and attention. So, make notes be motivated.

Helps in Getting Good Marks is the Benefit of Handwritten Notes

Whenever my colleagues ask me, how you always get good marks? I told them the secret if making by handwritten notes. Because these notes benefits me in improving my efficiency and better my skills.

While taking lecture or reading book or even watching recorded lectures, I always make these notes because these helped me in final and midterm exams. And Mostly I Attain good marks, just because of these notes.


At the end, I will again advice you to make your handwritten notes from the start of the year or semester. Whether you are in the university class, college or even at home but make your handwritten notes properly.


After reading this precious guide, you will be able to answer the question of What are the Benefits of Handwritten Notes for Students? That’s why share with your friends to make them aware about this.

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