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Perfect Study Timetable for Students Before Exams

by Usman CB
Perfect Study Timetable for Students

Hi, There are some questions about the perfect study timetable as a student, so you are on the good place if you have question of perfect study timetable for students. I will tell about this question here. The question of many student about the best study timetable because most of the student are not able to manage their time for study this is the main reason of failure.

As a student you should fix your time for study then you able to become a successful student. Every student should plan a good timetable for study because it is an easist and best way your learning time and saves you valuable time.

It is very important for you to have a good timetable for reading. If you plan a good timetable for reading and sleeping at night, then it will be balanced correctly. Perfect study timetable for students helps you to obtained good marks in the examination.

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Now if you also make a good timetable for study, then there will definitely be a success. But it is necessary to know how to create an easy and good timetable for reading so that you can focus on all subjects at the right time. It is important to focus on all topics. So let us know about making a timetable for reading today.

What is the Meaning of Perfect Study Timetable and Why it Necessary?

The meaning of study timetable is fix your time for study and other activity perfect study timetable for students? Is the question of many student because it is very important to have best timetable for being good student and for success.

If you study according to your timetable then you should never worried about your study. The way the question of many student for perfect study timetable for students. It is necessary for every student to do their homework at time .And for doing homework at time you need to have best timetable

  • Establish an effective study routine.
  • Prepare your study sessions appropriately.
  • Set achievable study goals.
  • Be accountable for your deadlines.
  • Maintain a work-life balance.
  • Complete your assignments on time.
  • Reduce stress and last-minute panic.

A well-constructed timetable establishes a natural rhythm and routine, which can be comforting to teachers and students. Having a plan as a learner is very important as it helps you maximize and prioritize on the things that are of urgency or importance.

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How to Make Perfect Study Timetable For Students?

Here we will discuss some steps about the perfect study timetable for Students ;

Step 1: Check Your Current Schedule

To establish perfect study timetable for Students you should check your current situation .What you do all the day. How you spend your all time. Your degree is more important to fix your timetable because some program need to more time for success just like mathematic because math’s need more time rather than other books.

What things you need to focus?

Determine how many hours a week you currently study.

Evaluate how many hours a week you currently apply to entertainment.

Do some quick math to see what you could cut from your schedule.

A lot of students tend to find they spend a lot of time on entertainment, you can start there (but still ensure to schedule in some down time!).

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Step 2: Set Your Goal

Setting an academic goal will allow you to be accountable for every action you take throughout the semester. Importantly, this will draw your attention to the effort required to achieve the goal you set for yourself.

To Set Your Academic Goal:

Write down a specific, measurable and achievable goal. For example: “I will obtain a high distinction average for Semester one”.

Complete your goal by committing to the number of hours you will dedicate to studying to achieve that goal. Now, complete your goal: “I will achieve a high distinction average for Semester one by dedicating hours of study to each subject per week.”

Step3: Need Attention

Study need your attention. If you wanna become good student and successful person in your life you should need to provide attention on your goal. So students need to focus their because your attention give you the ability of thinking and to achieve your goal.

First need comfortable place for study because distraction disturb you very badly. When you disturb you are bore from study .they way comfort is very important for study.

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Step 4: Schedule Your Classes, Study Sessions and Commitments

Now it’s time to schedule in your classes, social commitments and deadlines into your study timetable. By doing this — you will be able to see where your study sessions can fit.

  • Don’t forget to block out time for eating, and sleeping and allow provisions for travel time. This is where it is handy to be a resident at any of our conveniently located urbanest locations!
  • According to the student of the university of Rashid months the most effective way to create a study routine is to schedule your study time at the same time every day—soon enough you will build a consistent study routine.
  • Generally studying in 1-hour blocks with a ten-minute break is the most effective way. However, shorter periods of study from 20-40 minutes are great for reviewing assignments and creating notes.
  • Don’t be deterred if you find that your timetable fills up quickly with classes, social commitments, and deadlines, leaving you with only minimal time left to study. The solution is to refer back to your priority list to see if there is anything you can cut out to make room for the required time for study.
  • Alternatively, you can try to re-gig your timetable to allow more time for study, for example, scheduling blocks of time in the same locations near to each other to reduce unnecessary travel time.

Always keep your academic goal front of mind—knowing that your commitment to study will help you to achieve your goal.

Tips for Making the perfect Study Timetable for Students

  • Always keep your academic goal front of mind.
  • Remember to schedule time each week to make your weekly study timetable.
  • Keep your timetable in a place that you will see or access every day.
  • Be consistent with your study and follow your schedule.
  • Don’t overload yourself. Do remember to schedule down time to avoid burn out!

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Perfect Time of Study for Student

After looking the perfect study timetable for students, we are going to offer you Perfect time of study for student. So, lets started;

Morning time:

Perfect timetable always start from early morning. Morning is the best time for study. Waking up early is hard, be it for studying or anything else. However, not many can deny that waking up early to study is a means of assured success.

There are many benefits of studying early in the morning as it not only helps you remember better but also keeps your body healthy!

“An early – Morning walk is a blessing for the whole day “ Good time for study in early morning is

5am to 7am:

Ever since it is easy to remember. So if you keep the time from 5 am to 7 pm only for remembering then it is very suitable. At this time, those aspects of the subjects can be remembered, which is important and useful in terms of examination.

7am to 8am:

You should do some exercise, bathing, etc at this time. And take breakfast relax yourself for some time. If you are at home give some time to your parents.

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8am to 10am:

If you are at home. then you can study from 8 AM to 10 AM. If you want to divide them according to the subjects, Like one hour (8 – 9) for one subject and 9 to 10 for the second subject. Having read another subject, it remains interested in studies. Since you have done the work of remembering early, at this time if you wish, you can study for one hour before these two hours and keep the other for the revival of the previous day’s studies.

10am to 12am:

Now that you’ve been studying for four hours and you are feeling tired, then at this time, you can rest a bit. After 7 A.M. breakfast, now it is natural to get hungry now. So you can eat, otherwise, you should take some kalula, reading some newspaper and watch speeches’ etc.

12am to 2am:

This time you are studying the subjects which have remained. Those you have not included in the morning and evening timelines. You can read such topics at this time. By doing this, all the subjects will be together with preparation and balance will also be there.

2pm to 3pm:

You can relax at this time .express your prayer and take some tea, coffee, and shake .Reading some novels, watching TV etc.

3pm to 5pm:

After a day of study, the brain gets tired and bored with studies. If at this time you study topics that you are most dear to, which are of interest to you or that are already good.

Then you are interested in your studies, and in addition to the weak topics, focus on those topics too. Those whose good preparation should focus on them again, focusing only on the weak subject can weaken your strong content.

5pm to 6pm:

First express your prayer then It’s time to keep walking, evening walks, light exercise such as deep breathing, meditation, etc., which is very important for students, especially during the examinations. It will make you feel stress-free and full of rejuvenation and energy.

7pm to 9pm:

If you want this time you can again divide it into two parts. 7 to 8 reviews and 8 to 9 studies done throughout the day can be kept for review. You have to keep in mind what is remembered from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. under the rearview.

See if it really remembers us, regarding that person, re-reading and making necessary corrections. Review the studies done throughout the day. What we read all day, what we read is useful in terms of examination, there is no alternative. If left, then how to remove it. What to read the next day, etc. can be included under the review.

Sleep Time:

One of the important thing in your perfect study timetable for students is sleep time. If you can study after 9 o’clock, then go to sleep at 10 o’clock because it is necessary to take at least 7 hours of sleep to get up at 5 in the morning.


Hopefully, After reading this perfect study timetable for students, now you are able to understand the value of time. As a student timetable play a vital role in your life. By following these steps must make you study time table.

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