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My First Day at University, Memorable Day

by Usman CB
My First Day at University

My first day at university was filled with so many different emotions, from nervousness to excitement and everything in between. I had been away from home for a few years, but I would always go back to my parents’ house during the holidays.

Now that I was going to be living away from home, it hit me like a ton of bricks, and I was both petrified and thrilled to live on my own while studying at the same time.

Read on to find out more about what my first day at University was like.

My Own Words for My First Day at University 

Slightly Walking through Campus

The moment I stepped onto my college campus, all of my high school anxieties came rushing back. It was only 9 in the morning and already it was hot out. The trees were lined up like soldiers on either side of a long, narrow path that cut through thick grass.

The leaves fluttered and danced as though in a rush to get to someplace important; it felt like everyone on campus had somewhere to be, except me.

  • As I walked further into campus, I started thinking about how much more responsibility being a college student would mean for me – for once in my life, there would be no one else to blame if something went wrong.
  • Thinking these, Suddenly decided to Finding my residence hall, As I was wandering around campus looking for my residence hall, I felt as if everyone was staring at me and I could feel my face turning red. As I went down another hallway filled with people passing by me, everyone looked just like me but more confident.
  • It seemed as if everyone knew where they were going except for me; I didn’t even know which building to enter in order to find my room. After walking into a few buildings, I finally found it!
  • The number on my door matched that of what was on my paper so I walked in and saw two strangers sitting on their beds talking about something.
  • They stopped talking when they saw me walk in and gave me a weird look. One of them asked if I had any questions about anything and then said that she would be leaving soon because she had class soon. Finally they left the class and I was alone but I decided to go out.

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My First Day at University Meeting New People

I met a lot of new people during my first day. Most of them were helpful and kind. I enjoyed having lunch with them as it was a great opportunity to learn more about what they do here, who their friends are, etc. I was looking forward to meeting more people soon and making friends here!

My First Day at University PDF

The introduction of my first day at university has always been a memorable one. From as early as I can remember, I have never really had any interest in going to university, or even attending college for that matter.

  • Not once did it ever occur to me that I would ever attend university for an extended period of time; let alone decide to go there for four years, with no plans to complete any other form of education or training whatsoever.
  • Having said that, nothing compares with your very first day at university and probably nowhere else in life will you experience quite as many emotions and thoughts all within such a short period of time.
  • When it comes down to it, though, thinking back on my very first day was by far one of the best days that I have ever experienced.

First Day in University Called

First day in university called Fresher week and also called the arrival of freedom. Usually, people don’t feel like freshmen after two years in college.

Yet, if you started as a freshman, you can say that you were new there for just one year. And here is why: The moment I stepped into that university campus my life changed dramatically.

Everything around me was new and unfamiliar for me except for my roomie with whom I stayed on previous semester.

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Golden Words for My First Day at University Paragraph

I remember my freshman year of college like it was yesterday, but looking back now I really realize how fast time flew by.

Now that I’m an upperclassman and have been through four years of dorm life and other experiences, I’ve grown so much as a person that it almost seems like it couldn’t possibly be me looking back on all of these events.

I woke up with a gasp. I didn’t know where I was for a moment and then, my memory flooded back to me. Oh yeah! This was it! I had woken up in my dorm room and was ready to begin classes that morning.

My First Day at University Quotes

My First Day at University Quotes are given below;

  • Every moment is a fresh beginning.
  • A university is just a group of buildings gathered around a library.
  • I just want to go to university and have fun – I want to be an ordinary student. I’m only going to university. It’s not like I’m getting married – though that’s what it feels like sometimes.
  • In the university they don’t tell you that the greater part of the law is learning to tolerate fools.
  • I’ve always loved the first day of school better than the last day of school. Firsts are best because they are beginnings.


At the end of this small but mind blowing post of My first day at University, I just want to say that University is a such stage that can make you as well as can break you. But Most memorable days of your life are university days.

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