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How to Overcome First Year Of University Challenges?

by Usman CB
How to Overcome First Year Of University Challenges

For every student who is willing to gain higher education, university is final stage. Schools and colleges build our basic concepts and guide towards betterment of future but it’s university that grooms the personality of students in best possible way to prepare them for future assignments. But some students feel fear that’s why we are going to discuss How to Overcome first year of university challenges ?

Joining the university is like shifting from scratch to top, where you’ll find numerous types of students, people of every class. It ain’t easy for everyone to adjust there. Hence, a lot of students have been seen to withdraw from universities or they cannot perform according to their calibre.

What is the reason that many students who were topping every grade fall so easily in universities? In this article, we’ll try to enlist some major difficulties faced by students in their first year of university and explain the ways to cope up with that problems.

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Are you worried with new people around you and thinking that how to overcome first year of university challenges? Sit back and read it carefully because this article is for you. Let’s talk about such troubles and complications one by one and try to get that How to Overcome first year of university challenges?

Challenges Faced By First Year Students At University

Before starting the deep discussion about How to Overcome First Year Of University Challenges, we must have to go through the Challenges Faced By First Year Students At University. So, Let’s started!

Homesickness Challenge Can be Faced By First Year Students At University

One amongst the primary challenges you’ll face in university is missing home. although you’re American stateeting countless new people and making an attempt new things, it’s straightforward to miss your friends and family (heck, even your own bed) back home.

  • Luckily, we have a tendency to board a digital age therefore video business can facilitate bridge that gap and keep you connected along with your of us back home.
  • Personally, I found swing my very own personal bit on my residence space helped me to feel lighter and at home. connected article: ten ways in which to personalise your residence space

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Transitioning to University life Challenge

Another common obstacle is learning to adapt to the variations between university and high school. you’ll have tough classes, a lot of homework, and you’re currently to blame for managing your own time.

  • I’ve found it useful to form friends with folks in class, form study groups, and find out how to require effective notes.
  • Waterloo’ Student Success workplace offers nice resources to assist with the transition into university life and run workshops like note taking and leadership development.
  • Another tip is to introduce yourself to your professors and acquire to understand them better. They’re great resources if you’re battling category work.


Though residence groups push to combine you with folks might} get on with, we have a tendency to all know people aren’t good and there may come back a time once you face some conflict along with your friends.

  • An excellent thanks to modify potential issues before they arise is to form a roommate agreement. This helps define commitments like rent, cleaning, house rules, and different obligations.
  • If for a few reason conflict arises, don’t be afraid to contact your residence life assistant/don. They’re there to support you and may assist you solve your issues with roommates.

Time Management Challenge Also Faced By First Year Students At University

According to my experience, time managements is the top problem for students and we will mainly focus on this in the section of How to Overcome First Year Of University Challenges. If I can by skip on handiest one piece of advice, it’s to inform you the maximum crucial lifestyles talent you’ll ever study is time management.

  • This is a talent you’ll want for nearly something you do. From faculty to co-op to full-time work, being properly at dealing with a while is  crucial.
  • I determined making a completely specified Calendar or Google calendar, or maybe a bodily planner is fantastic useful at preserving me on the song.
  • I positioned the whole lot from my classes, have a look at the time, fitness center sessions, espresso dates, and the whole lot among in my calendar. It facilitates me to make my to-do lists for the day and maintains me on the pinnacle of my assignments and courses.

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Budgeting Challenge  

In the Challenges, Budgeting is also at top. Being raised with the aid of using a monetary guide way that I’ve had budgeting ingrained in my mind from a younger age.

  • And allow me inform you, it’s been a completely useful talent. You don’t want to price range the whole lot you’re ever going to spend cash on, however it’s useful to have quantities allotted to rent, groceries, and social spending.
  • This facilitates you song your cash and now no longer pass on a web purchasing bender (accept as true with me I recognize from non-public revel in that it doesn’t pass well).
  • This is likewise fantastic useful in case you begin making a living on co-op due to the fact you understand a way to efficiently shop cash for the future! The Student Success Office once more is a first rate aid and gives a budgeting fundamentals worksheet.

Best Tips for How to Overcome First Year Of University Challenges ?

As we have discussed all about Challenges Faced By First Year Students At University, Now it’s time to glanced at the Best Tips for How to Overcome First Year Of University!

1) Time Management to Overcome First Year Of University Challenges

The major difficulty that students face in first year of university is time management. University isn’t like school or college where you’re bound to go at 8am and comeback at 2pm to repeat the same routine for years. Here, you’ll be required to spend a whole day in university as you never know how they’ll manage your academic schedule.

How to Adjust Time Schedule?

Try to adjust your time according to schedule of your lectures. Make a list of your priorities that what are you bound to do at which time. Make your schedule of eating and sleeping at right time. Otherwise you’re going to face this difficulty in rest of your university period.

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2) Fee Management to Overcome First Year Of University Challenges

University has a period of 6 months per semester. Normally universities are charging 50k per semester. How can a middle class student overcome from this issue? How can he be able to pay that at time?

  1. First of all, you should score enough marks in intermediate to secure a scholarship in university. Part-time job is another solution.
  2. Many organizations are offering handsome salary packages for students who are trying to manage everything at their own. It’s better to get the job of 2-3 hour in organization where they offer work related to your field.
  3. By this, you’ll learn baisc of your degree related skills and also be able to overcome from fee related problems.

3) Academic Stress Relief to Overcome First Year Of University Challenges

Many students find it difficult to manage the quizzes, assignments and presentations at once. How to overcome from this problem? Let’s discuss!

  1. Note down the everything during lectures. Lectures are for your assistance, concentrate more on them. Noting down the important points will help you in your assignments and quizzes as you won’t have to work extra on things that are already elaborated by your professors.
  2. If you’re a student of school or college yet, make sure to clear all your concepts regarding basics of your subjects. Imagine working on your grammar when there are a lot of things more important are waiting ahead!

4) Reduce Inferiority Complex

We can see a majority of students getting obsessed by dressing or lifestyle of others. In university, you’ll meet the people of every class, upper or elite. Their lifestyle and dressing can push you into inferiority complex. In the Best Tips for How to Overcome First Year Of University How to overcome from inferiority complex is also is most important. 

How to Overcome First Year Of University Challenges to Reduce Inferiority?

You’re in university to get education, not to impress anyone. Your goal should be to as good at studies that they get impressed from your grades.

Make sure that they need  you in crisis, it shouldn’t be you who is obsessed with everything they do.

Your primary goal should be your long term planning about your future. Work on your goal that you’re not going to miss the opportunity to meet the best of your talent. Believe, they’ll be impressed with you and your personality!

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5) Social Circle to Overcome First Year Of University Challenges

Joining the university where you can’t find anyone of your friends or acquaintance, this is biggest challenge for every student to make a friends circle.

  • But you never know what kind of people you’re going to join. How to make the right decision while choosing the best for you?
  • Don’t be too quick to join anyone. Everyone you meet isn’t your friend. Give them time, and notice everything about their behavior with you and others.
  • Notice what kinda people they’re meeting with. Once you’re satisfied with them, spend time with them but avoid revealing your insecurities to anyone. This act can haunt you in the future!

6) Health Issues 

Sometimes, your first class begins at 8am and last at 6pm. Spending the whole day in university can cause health issues too.

How to Overcome Health Issues?

The only thing you can do to take care of yourself is adjusting your sleeping schedule. Remember, you’re there for study purposes. Avoid going out for extra activities and eating junk foods. Your first priority should be your health and nothing else!

7) Financial Management to Overcome First Year Of University Challenges

When joining university, most of the students are required to stay in hostels as they cannot travel everyday. Laundry, Eating, picnics and concerts. You’re bound to attend everything at your own.

Again, i’ll suggest you to work part time. This is the best way to overcome financial issues and you won’t be burden on your family too!

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8) Communication Skills to Overcome First Year Of University Challenges

Many students find it difficult to speak Infront of a class of hundreds. How to overcome from this introvert phase?

  • First of all, remember that they’re your colleagues and classmates who are sitting in front of you and they have nothing superior to you.
  • You’re the one who can ace that in the best way possible. Speak Infront of the mirror when you’re alone. Talk more, and discuss more with your professors and colleagues. Work more on your insecurities and you’ll come out Victorious!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you overcome challenges faced by first year students?

Follow this recommendation that will help you conquer the challenges.
Manage your time.
Invest in a every day planner and preserve one calendar for assignments, assessments and own circle of relatives events. Learn take a look at skills.
Ask questions and take part in elegance discussions.

How do you cope with first year of university?

Coping with the First Year of College
Get organized.
Get yourself a sturdy file box and a set of file folders, and set up a folder for each class.
Plan ahead.
Eat right.

What are Problems students face in university?

Poor self-care, insufficient sleep, and heightened pressure are many of the elements that may cause maximum of the fitness issues in college life. In addition to these, dwelling near huge numbers of humans also can pose fitness dangers via way of means of growing the probability of college students obtaining illnesses.

What are University problems and solutions?

Homesickness and Budgeting are the University problems while social activities and part time job is a suitable solution.

Why do first year students drop out of university?

Correlated to monetary issues, college students frequently drop out because of a struggle among their studies, activity, and domestic commitments. Many college students should paintings a component time activity to maintain up financially with their degree. The needs of the activity then influences their ability to decide to their studies.


How to overcome first year of university challenges is need of every student. When you’re joining university, make yourself stronger enough to cope up with everything you’ll face in future. Remember that it’s your training for future assignments. Don’t be disheartened with behaviors and difficulties. With self believe and trust in Almighty, you’ll be able to stand bold against every circumstances!

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