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Visit an Amish Schoolhouse

by Usman CB
Visit an Amish Schoolhouse

Whether you are Amish Schoolhouse a family vacation or just looking to visit a local Amish community, you will find that a visit to an Amish Schoolhouse is a wonderful experience. Not only will you see how the Amish live, but you will be able to experience the daily rituals that are common to this way of life.

Farming is a way of life for the Amish

Visit an Amish Schoolhouse, During the early days of the Amish movement, agriculture was a core part of the lifestyle. However, as the Amish population increased and farmland became more scarce, some Amish migrated to cheaper farmland.

  • Today, farming is still a significant part of the Amish lifestyle. The Amish believe that the Bible mandates self-sufficiency and hard work. They also believe that practical knowledge is what makes farming fruitful. Farming also teaches values of responsibility and frugality.
  • For instance, a recent study found that rotational grazing practices doubled pasture yields. Additionally, a rotational grazing approach helped to reduce soil erosion. Besides preserving the environment, the Amish community also benefitted from the practices. Within two years, seventeen out of eighteen Amish farmers had adopted rotational grazing practices.
  • While Amish have a history of success, they also have their problems. They have not always cooperated with governmental agencies. In addition, their approach to education does not align with the majority of society.
  • One way of engaging the Amish community is through the Ohio State University Extension (OSUE). Since 1998, OSUE professionals have visited more than 200 Amish homes and helped them with small business, livestock production, and water quality education. They also helped the Amish deal with other problems.
  • Another effective approach is to organize educational meetings. This works best when the group is small, allowing each person to have enough time to ask questions.

Forgiveness rituals in the Amish community

During the course of their history, the Amish community has demonstrated extreme forgiveness. This is not surprising. The Amish worldview is based on a religious tradition that predisposes them to forgive before they are victimized. The Amish believe that God smiles on acts of grace and that vengeance is left to God.

  • After the Nickel Mines school shooting in 2007, a group of Amish residents in Pennsylvania chose to forgive the gunman. This gesture prompted many global news stories. Many religious leaders and writers criticized the Amish community for their response.
  • After the Nickel Mines shooting, the West Nickel Mines Amish community decided not to seek revenge against the shooter. It is one of many examples of forgiveness in the Amish community.
  • The community forgave the gunman despite the fact that he had shot five of the girls. The gunman was a non-Amish local resident. The community decided to donate money to the killer’s widow and children.
  • The decision to forgive wasn’t easy. The families of the victims said that forgiveness is a long process. The decision to forgive can take months or even years. The Amish community’s response to the Nickel Mines shooting was not the easiest decision, but the world has been impacted by the forgiveness that the Amish community showed.

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Forgiving the gunman

During the one year anniversary of the Amish Schoolhouse shooting in Nickel Mines, Pennsylvania, Amish and non-Amish alike are reflecting on the events. The Amish have embraced the family of the killer and have shown special compassion for his children.

For the first time since the shooting, the mother of the gunman forgave her son. She has also forged new relationships with the community’s Amish neighbors.

The Amish have a history of responding to wrongdoing in this way. Their religious ancestors prayed for God’s forgiveness while on the cross. They believe that forgiveness wipes away the feelings of hate and revenge. They also believe that acts of grace from the Lord make him smile.

In the case of the Nickel Mines shooting, the gunman killed five girls and injured five others. The shooter then killed himself. The community forgave the shooter and donated $4 million to his family.

The community has also been very forgiving to Terri Roberts, the shooter’s mother. Terri is writing a memoir. She has spoken to a number of audiences and shares her message of hope with those who have suffered a trauma. She also cares for the most seriously injured survivor.

Amy Jo Johnson, author of the book “Forgiven,” has also offered counsel to the families of the killers in Ohio. She has also written a journal that includes entries about her experience with forgiveness.

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