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4 Reasons Why Small and Medium-sized Businesses Are Investing in New Networks

by Usman CB
4 Reasons Why Small and Medium-sized Businesses Are Investing in New Networks

Why Small and Medium-sized Businesses Are Investing in New Networks? Many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMBs) are facing growing challenges: they are pressured to provide strong digital tools to provide world-class customer service, enhance hybrid workforce productivity, and deliver 2 compelling experiences to the company. The following are Basis. At the same time, SMBs should keep an eye on the bottom line: maximize profitability and maintain data security with LAN IT teams.

A recent survey of US small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) technology and business leaders 1 shows that business ambitions are a good fit for network technology during these challenging times. Research from Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) company, found that the small business and technology leader in XNUMX considers a network upgrade as important or important to achieving its business objectives.

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Top 4 Reasons, Why Small and Medium-sized Businesses Are Investing in New Networks?

Small and medium-sized business executives report that the top benefits of the new network include:

Big data Security

6-XNUMX% of IT and business managers surveyed by Aruba describe improved security as the benefit of modern networks.

Threats are more common and complex than ever before, meaning that the customer and business data of the service is never compromised. With the development of ransomware counting strategies, an exposed server or an unknown attack vector pose a significant risk.

  • A security crackdown can slow or stop your customer’s ability to make a purchase on your site, contact customer service, or get an order update. Even a small security issue can damage your reputation with customer or company data.
  • Security problems, which can take hours or days to resolve, also affect productivity and revenue. And as your business grows, the potential risk also increases with more data, devices, applications, and people on your network.
  • A sophisticated network controls who can access which data and what applications to focus on to protect critical business functions.
  • You can also run automated network diagnostics to identify XNUMX / XNUMX issues or even suspicious activity, meaning threats can be prevented before they affect your business. The Aruba survey also found that third respondents say a better network would help comply.

“A better network can automatically enhance the security of our business system, and that’s a huge benefit.”

IT Manager, Oregon-based computer software company (XNUMX + Employee)

Support for Company Development

 To succeed on a fast, connected planet, your business needs a network that grows. Today’s respondents say that a better network will support business growth.

  • The retarded network slows down development, whether it’s the customer experiencing the inexpensive while visiting the site or waiting for an employee to respond to the network as they collaborate, create new products, or Help the customer.
  • Why Small and Medium-sized Businesses Are Investing in New Network? Because access to data, applications, and documents on your network drives your business productivity, scalability is essential to your development projects.
  • Business leaders know: Forty percent say a network upgrade will improve access to essential applications. A better network can also make it easier to add devices and sites to the network with more access and coverage needed.
  • “The biggest business benefit of my company’s network is the product of our employees and service customers.”
  • Director of the Nevada-based construction industry company (more than a hundred employees)

Improved user Experience

The competition for service customers is fierce. A good experience for current service customers, whether it’s ordering online, problem solving, or high-speed Wi-Fi, is key to building loyalty. And potential service customers will rank your business on the first contact and, based on their experience, will determine whether you want to acquire or compete, or recommend to a friend.

Approximately XNUMX ٪ SME executives say a better network can help enhance the user experience. As expectations and priorities change, your business may need to offer new products or services, or update it in a way that it sells and supports service customers. Forty percent of respondents say that a good network can improve business competitiveness and make it easier for organizations to implement new functions.

“One of the most important benefits of the new network is the speed in delivering the services needed to service customers.”

Georgia-based construction company manager (more than five hundred employees)


Reduce Costs Keeping Costs Down Supports

Competition and growth, freeing up resources to seize opportunities and focus on business priorities. A third of business and technology leaders in the Aruba survey describe cost reduction as a benefit of a new network. With today’s competitive hiring environment, especially for IT talent, a network that supports your business with a lightweight IT team is an important cost-control strategy.

  • By redefining resource priorities, you can reduce network operating costs while improving IT staff productivity. According to an Aruba survey, one of the top issues facing today’s business leaders is support and ability for progressive IT networks and the search and maintenance of IT and network personnel.
  • A better network can mechanize routine tasks and make it easier to monitor, maintain, and update networks.
  • “The biggest business benefit of our corporate network is reducing our IT burden and increasing our productivity.”
  • Director of Kentucky-based retail company (more than XNUMX employees)

Bottom line For Small And medium Sized Businesses

When we strated to talk about, Why Small Businesses and Medium-sized Businesses Are Investing in New Networks? Then we look at the reasons and consider that Companies must work with potential plans to stay competitive using every single free tool. While you can help employee collaboration, provide a great user experience, and keep your network free and fast, your business objectives are accessible.

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