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Can I Connect Redmi Earbuds 2c to Oppo A5s?

by Usman CB
Can I Connect Redmi Earbuds 2c to Oppo A5s

Can I Connect Redmi Earbuds 2c to Oppo A5s? Make a smart decision to stay at home, when you’re on lockdown without buy REDMI earbuds 2con Google and command a VR voice activated bedroom and close door with the touch of your fingers. It’s one feature of REDMI earbuds 2c that stands out from the rest because they’re so simple to pair. Add the aptx-support and use Google Home to control them.

We’re working on a full review of the REDMI earbuds 2c but for now it’s a quick idea and check out their product description:

  1. Stream quality – 10.25 (DR) so it’s good.
  2. Band size – 25mm
  3. Installing/uninstalling apps – Frone, Google Home Devices App, OrderDot, arty @ shop

Complete Details Can I Connect Redmi Earbuds 2c to Oppo A5s?

When trying to pair my own set of REDMI earbuds, I started the installation with Frone app first. That’s a good thing because Frone app informs you that REDMI wireless earbuds 2c will work perfectly well when paired with tethered Home devices.

  • That means if you’re housebound but considering buying a pair of REDMI earbuds 2c then you’ll have to go with a different app for pairing because REDMI’s tethered speakers sound perfect.
  • The next thing I needed to do was to install an app that should play quick notifications on my smartphone. I downloaded the google home settings to Android and followed that with an aptX-on setting. That’s where your bud Bluetooth should start working after the pairing is completed.
  • After the pairing was complete, I opened the Google Home settings app on my phone and looked for the available devices that I would pair my REDMI earbuds to. I found the aptX option that the Google Home Devices app has built in and follow that by clicking on the All Items button on the app.
  • That’s it. I just loaded the aptX configuration, made sure that Bluetooth was registered with my device then searched for the Bluetooth profile I wanted to pair my earbuds to. It appeared the firmware was up-to-date and done just fine.
  • When I put my earbuds to sleep or to enjoy content, they automatically update from the headset to the earbuds. It’s neat, no wires no mess then I understand that Can I Connect Redmi Earbuds 2c to Oppo A5s or not!

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What I did After Power Off My Redmi Earbuds?

When I do power off my REDMI earbuds, I open the aptX configuration and then open the tab I want to pair the buds to. After a couple of quick touches on the link created when I became available, the Google Home system appears in the list of currently active devices.

The Google Home might seem like it’s a little hard to catch a tiny hint of communication but the skill is surprisingly easy.

Best Control Method For these Earbuds?

Can turn on your Google Home to control REDMI listening by using your other hands free and even on limited communication devices. There’s no obvious connection required unless you’re using a smart doorbell with the Google Home already. It’s that easy to just say “Hey Google, switch my house to voice-controlled mode”. Then use your voice to turn the lights on, turn on the air conditioning, turn up the TV, or go to sleep with just your phone and your earbuds.

  • Now, I’ve been using smartphones pretty much my whole life so imagine how the experience on my smartphone will be on my REDMI earbuds. I’ve been told it won’t be an issue but for some people it will.
  • Your phone will seem like a little program in the cloud if you are hooked into many different devices at once. That sounds like it could be a problem. There are ways to disable Google Home’s connection to your BRAVIA TV screen so you can just avoid having Google Home turn on your TV screen when you are watching things.
  • As far as Apple’s AirPlay with REDMI headphones, just use your iDevice but an Android device on the redMI buds. This works even with smartphones.

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