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10 Best Free Online Learning Websites For All Students in 2022

by Usman CB
Free Online Learning Websites For All Students

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare it for today. Such an inspiring quote states the importance of continuously educating ourselves and discovering the infinite ocean of widespread disciplines available. So we offer to you “The top 10 Free Online Learning Websites For All Students,” and you can use them to become a newly updated version of yourself. 

10 Free Online Learning Websites For All Students

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Free Online Learning Websites For All Students

Google Digital Garage

This learning website provides data and tech skills, digital marketing, career development-related courses, which are free. Also, these courses have been approved by industry experts, leading entrepreneurs, and highly successful employers.

The three main benefits of learning with this website are –

You Choose Your Skill:

This website gives you the freedom to choose your skill according to your age, interest, and benefit. 

Learn At Your Own Pace:

You can create your personalized calendar and event markups using your phone or laptop and Google calendar.

You Get The Authentic Certification:

After completing the course, you will get a certificate and prove that you have completed the course on Google digital garage, and you can add this certificate to boost up your CV or attach it to your LinkedIn resume. 

Project Gutenberg

Books are a full package of knowledge, recreation, self-growth, and wisdom. This website offers an online library of over 60,000 diligently proofread ebooks. It also has various features like finding the books by author, title, subject, language, etc.

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It also features some amazing reader-friendly categories like recently added books, most popular books, offline catalogs, bookshelves of most downloaded books, etc.

Stanford University Website

Many courses are available on the Stanford University website ranging from Health and medicine, engineering, humanities to Education in various other fields.

The courses are completely online and free, which can imbibe in you all the worldly knowledge from the best Stanford instructors and experienced course creators. 

The website provides you with flexible ways to learn new skills and study new and emerging topics.


This is a colorful learning website having a wide range of features ranging from quizzes, facts, podcasts, biographies, games, infographics, on this day events, forums, image galleries, and many more. 

The widespread knowledge on this website is also categorized into different sectors like science, technology, world history, religion, literature, entertainment, visual arts, lifestyle, Health, medicine, etc.

The knowledge that is available on this website and the widespread subjects that this website covers is literally commendable, and you cannot just get all of it in one go. 

Whatever subject interests you, you can also find more interesting facts and unknown angles of perception that this Free Online Learning Website For All Student will give you.

NASA Website

If you are a person who is fascinated by the infinite universe and the unconquerable stars, then you just cannot just miss out on the NASA website. 

This website is literally flooded with all of their information and images related to earth, other planets, new discoveries of the planetary system, NASA’s upcoming and foregoing missions related to different planets, satellites, and releasing the limitless limits of the universe. 

You can learn so much on this website and can gain knowledge in all the areas like environmental protection, wildlife, climate, and weather updates. NASA’s mission is to discover the facts about planets, stars, and satellites. 


All of us are totally aware of YouTube and the exposure that it has given to us to knowledge and self-improvement through online shared videos. 

When it comes to learning and inculcating more of any subject, most people prefer YouTube as you can search for anything and get all of it in just one video. 

In the past couple of decades, YouTube has basically brought all the world closer, just by clicking a video and spending some data, and then you are free to gain knowledge about anything, absolutely anything that you want

If you want to make the best use of YouTube and learn to its maximum value and gain knowledge, then you can find videos of leading entrepreneurs like Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, and many others who will personally help you and share their business secrets with you. 

There are also many other YouTubers who help you to get better with your lifestyle design, get more productivity, learn, discover your own hidden potentials, and get better at managing your life. 

MIT Open Courseware

 The Massachusetts Institute of Technology has designed this website. It offers video lectures by the world-class professors of MIT. It is a neatly designed website that can help you to explore more about your interests.

This Free Online Learning Websites For All Students covers various topics life;

· Business

· Energy

· Health and medicine

· Social Science

· Humanities etc.

You can also quench the thirst of your ears and brain by listening to the MIT professors on this website.

Justin Guitar

Does Education mean only learning stuff that benefits our school and college life? No. As Albert Einstein rightly says, “education is the training of the mind to think!” Learning to play various musical instruments has its own fun and enhances our mood, and strengthens our brain neurons.

The free website ‘Justin Guitar’ has over 1250 free lessons and over 600 free songs. And these are beneficial not only for a beginner but also for intermediate and advanced guitar players.

The BBC news and the USA today also featured this website. So you do have to check out this website to improve your guitar skills.


Now we all are aware of Wikipedia and the wide range of subjects and the deep, detailed, and authentic information it has been providing to us over a couple of decades. 

Here are some pros of Wikipedia that can help you to gain more knowledge

· You will get a general idea of the topic which you are trying to explore.

· Cross-reference and related links to gain much more knowledge about a particular subject.

· Neatly organized and easy-to-use pages.

· Widespread, reliable information.

Academic Earth

With their first course launched in 2009 and collaborating with world-class universities all across the globe, they have never stopped growing and spreading knowledge to all the communities and groups. 

Their motto is to provide world-class Education to all the people all across the globe.

The website offers online courses in the following streams which can help you in getting better with that particular subject and to learn more:

· Accounting 

· Business 

· Education 

· Management

· Marketing

· Psychology 

You can also check various universities like MIT and Stanford, offering 232 and 161 courses, respectively.

Bonus Website Concepts Builder

This is an online website that is included in Free Online Learning Websites For All Students and offering best services to build the basic concepts of people related to education, earning and many more. If you really want change in yourself then must join this platform.


So these were the top 10 Free Online Learning Websites For All Students in 2022. After looking these site, now your journey begins to start visiting these website to make yourself more valuable.

Which Website is Best for Online Learning?

These are below mentioned top online learning website;
Google Digital Garage
MIT Open Courseware
Stanford University Website

Which is the No 1 Online Learning app?

Duolingo is considered as the top online learning application that is offering best of the best for those who are eager to attain knowledge.

Which Education app is Best?

Duolingo and Project Gutenberg are the best educational apps for the students.

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