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How Long does it take to Learn a Language?

by Usman CB
How Long does it take to Learn a Language

How Long does it take to Learn a Language? No Doubt, there is a no exact time to learn language. Because it depends on person to person as well as language to language.  But According to My knowledge and my experience, A normal person take 2 to 4 months in learning new language.

Language is used to communicate with each other by using various kinds of sound gestures and symbols. More than 6,000 different types of languages are spoken all over the world. People of different regions cost and of different communities speak different languages. It is observed that after distance after 20 kilometers changes occurs in a language.

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Scientifically Proven Best Way to Learn a Language

To learn a language means you want to communicate with those people who are bounded with that language . For good communication be must be well aware by the rules, styles, actions and pronunciation of the language you want to learn.

Learning a language means you have to practice reading, listening, writing and speaking. Before these four activities. You also have to collect a good vocabulary of that language.

Before understanding free and How Long does it take to Learn a Language? We will enlist some others ways.These are some proven ways:

  • Make new company or friends
  • Watch That Language Movie and Video
  • Use Sources
  • Teach Yourself as you can
  • Break it into pieces to more
  • Take Online Classes

How to Learn a new Language for Free?

In today’s, modern world and in the tech world there are many ways and sources to learn new language. But here we want to explore some of them, that will help you to understand easily:

  • Duolingo
  • Open Culture
  • Livemocha
  • Busuu
  • Learn a Language

Can you learn a language in 3 months?

As we have discussed that mostly people take just 2 months while other can also 3. So, we can say that if you interested in learning then you can in just three months.

Moreover when we talk about How Long does it take to Learn a Language? Then it can be comes to hours, weeks or even in months. But FSI mainly focuses on the 600 hours.

Some Words For Learning Language From MySide

To become a good speaker of any language, you must have a good collection of the word used in that language. How Long does it take to Learn a Language? To learn a language you have to make interaction with people having same language as a mother language and now it is this is possible by spending time in local markets and by traveling through local transport.

Also by visiting cultural places you learn language in a fast way. Is commonly observed that if you spend eight to 10 hours with common people’s daily. You learn a language in number of days.

The most important thing in learning a language is to spend most of the time with language experts like people’s of markets and visiting places.

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