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How to answer Tell Me About Yourself in 2022?

by Usman CB
How to answer Tell Me About Yourself in 2022

If you are expecting an interview then you must look for How to answer Tell Me About Yourself in 2022. This question is asked in every interview in a number of different forms. For example, “Go over your Resume” or “walk me through your background”.  the interviewer can also ask “Highlight something about you that is not mentioned in your CV”, but whatever it is, it is a tricky question, and the answer to such an open-ended question is always difficult as you are not sure what the interview actually wants to hear from you.  

99% of job interviews start with this question so spending some time reading this article and knowing How to answer Tell me About Yourself in 2022 will make a world of difference to your interview result.  

Why does every interviewer ask this Question?  

Tell me about yourself or tell me more about you seems very simple and harmless as everybody knows a little something about himself that he can discuss. Generally, this question is asked as a first question just to start the conversation in an easy way. As the question is open-ended it can be responded to in many different ways, and here at this point confusion is raised for the candidate because he is not sure what is the best way to respond to this answer.  

This article will help you that how can you respond effectively to this question by following a simple 10 step process and how can you avoid different common mistakes. You will get simple sentences if you are not a native English speaker. A simple illustrative introduction is also included at the end of this article.  

10 Step Process for How to answer Tell me about yourself in 2022  

We must hold the intention of the interviewer and keep them interested because answering this question well is one of the most effective things to prove that you are the best fit for this job. This question has three categories to answer in 10 steps  

1- Who You Are?  

The first key component is to deliver a confident, compelling statement about who you are professional. Here are some steps to Follow   

Step 1-Greetings  

Formal Greetings to your interviewer help to make a great first impression as you feel strong, confident, and able to set the tone of your interview. Always greet with a smile on your face and make good eye contact. Avoid saying Hey, Hi, or What’s up to the interviewer.  

Step 2- Show Appreciation  

To create a good first impression and to relax you and the interviewer a bit, always say that you appreciate your consideration. You can either say Thank you for short-listing me for the final interview or thank you for this opportunity to talk about myself.   

Step 3- Your Name  

Always introduce yourself proudly with your full name.  keep a smile on your face and speak confidently and clearly. Avoids saying myself, Mr. or Mrs. Before your name.    

2- Why you are Qualified?  

Always plan your answer that which detail to share as the interviewer doesn’t have an endless amount of time so focus on detail that inspires the interviewer. Always structure your dialogue, take time to prepare your story, and ensure a good impression that leads to a job offer. Steps to follow under this category are  

Step 4- Position and Company  

In this step, you will mention a little detail about your previous Company. Describe briefly your Job position, your work experience, Job roles in that position. What are your Responsibilities in that, awards you got and last but not least mention your impact on the company? Always sound enthusiastic, humble, modest. Always try to make it sound that you are a good team player. Tell the interviewer something not mentioned in your resume. Try to sound credible so claim the things you can prove.  

Always start with your most recent position and go backward. Remember, mention highly relevant and very important details only.  

Step 5- Qualifications  

This step is more important to discuss if you are a fresher and have no work experience. Showcase it well because for fresher just one- or two lines do not seem enough. Always add achievement-oriented mini-stories in such cases.  you can talk about training programs, courses and others.  mention the name of your institute if it really matters otherwise skip it. Highlights your academic achievements if you have distinctions.  

Step 6- Additional qualification/ Skills  

You can mention if you have some additional qualification or skill or course and that you think is very useful in your future role.  

Step 7- Describe your Qualities  

Use some adjectives to describe yourself such as  

I am easygoing, determined, passionate. Some qualities that help in your future role for example   

to be solution-oriented, team player, etc.  

Step 8- Hobbies   

Describe your leisure time activities if you think it makes a good impression and highlights the positive side of your personality.  

3- Why are you here?  

This is the time when you tell the interviewer why you apply for this job and why are you the best fit.  

Step 9- Show your Passion for the Job  

Here is the chance to express your enthusiasm for the position in one or two sentences. Always keep it simple and sweet. You can connect your future plans with the company’s goals. You can show up the research you have done on this company.  

Step 10- Closing or end up  

Now its final step, the closing moment, and the goal at this moment are to wrap up your pitch in a concise and confident way.  

End your introduction by saying “That’s all from me, Thank you.”  

Some Final Tips about How to Answer “Tell Me About Yourself” in 2022 

  • Write down your introduction prior to the interview and include your top-selling points concisely and carefully  
  • Always do good research about the company and job description because key selling points vary from company to company.  
  • Jot down and learn only key points, don’t memories the whole interview, and don’t sound like a robot. Let a little bit of spontaneous and natural. Don’t bother too much about small grammatical mistakes.   
  • Limit your introduction to about a minute.   
  • Maintain good eye contact and look confident while giving answers. Keep a smile on your face  
  • Use a storytelling mode to talk about your accomplishments   
  • You can use limited hand gestures if needed genuinely  
  • Always sound fresh, happy about everything you have done in past, and show excitement for everything you are going to do in the future  
  • You want to give a little bit of your personality and show interest in this opportunity   

Sample introduction for How to Answer “Tell Me About Yourself” in 2022  

Keeping in mind all the above steps answer to the above question will be  

Good Morning  

Thank you for shortlisting me for this interview  

My name is XYZ  

I am an HR manager at …….. company.   

I was responsible for recruitment, compensation, learning, and development.  

I have over 5 years of experience in this field and we have been able to increase our employee productivity by 15% during this period.  

I have completed my bachelor’s in a Mass media degree with a specialization in Public Relations and corporate communications.  

I am proficient in German and Spanish  

I am versatile, determined, a team player, open-minded, and enjoy working with others.  

I am a keen runner and this activity not only helps me keep fit but also helps me network with other runners in the community.  

I am a person who flourishes in a fast-paced environment.  

Currently, I am looking for an opportunity to apply my expertise along with my problem-solving skills to an innovative company like yours.  

Thank you. It’s all from me.  

Bottom Line  

An interview is a crucial step involved in job selection. Among multiple questions, a most common question is to describe yourself. How to answer tell me about yourself in 2022 involves three key points. First, introduce yourself, second, why are you Qualified, and third why you are here. By following some tips and rules, you can get a first good impression of the interviewer.

Greeting, appreciation, use of adjectives, good eye contact all impact your response to question so act wisely and genuinely. Always keep bullets of your answer in your mind for ease so that you get comfortable with what you want to say.

Always research about the job position and company you are applying for. Sound fresh, happy, and confident till the end and finish your answer with a thanks note. 

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