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LifeCoin vs Sweatcoin

by Usman CB
LifeCoin vs Sweatcoin

LifeCoin vs Sweatcoin, which should you pick? Both companies give you monetary rewards for taking steps on your fitness journey but are very different in how they go about it. This article will tell you all you need to know about each company, including the pros and cons of each so that you can decide which one works best for you!

What are Sweatcoins?

Sweatcoins are a new type of currency that you can earn by performing fitness activities. One Sweatcoin is earned for every minute of exercise, whether it’s going for a run or hitting your elliptical at the gym.

Once they are earned, they can be redeemed on apps and sites like Apple Music, Flipkart, and Starbucks.

  • Using Sweatcoins is as easy as joining a fitness program and getting moving. Simply download an app like Strava to track your progress, find a workout that matches your fitness level, and set a time goal.
  • If you are working out for at least 10 minutes you will earn one sweat coin for every minute of activity. Once you have earned all that you can on a day, you can cash them in anytime by logging into your account to make sure they don’t get lost!
  • The main benefit of Sweatcoins is that they can be used for anything. Whether you want to get new music from Apple Music or stream a show on Netflix, one Sweatcoin will get you one dollar at those sites.
  • If you aren’t interested in buying any products, there are other ways to spend your sweat coins.
  • Once they have been earned, they can be donated to charities like Autism Speaks and World Wildlife Fund.
  • In tifeCoin vs Sweatcoin, Sweatcoins are a new type of cryptocurrency that can be earned by doing physical activity. They are a digital currency that has been designed to help people track their fitness goals and then use those coins for various purchases.
  • The most common way yarn Sweatcoins is through exercise, but they can also be earned through other activities like housework or mowing your lawn.

What is LifeCoin?

LifeCoin is a reward application that changes over yyou openairir ventures into LifeCoins and permits you to recover them for gift vouchers, and devices, from there, the sky is the limit. Download the LifeCoin application, begin strolling, start acquiring, and get compensated with redeemable gifts.

If you want to learn more about what these types of currencies mean, you should read up on Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

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LifeCoin vs Sweatcoin

When we talk about LifeCoin vs Sweatcoin then LifeCoin and Sweatcoin are two separate companies but offer products that are similar in purpose.

Main Difference Between LifeCoin Vs Sweatcoin

The main difference between LifeCoinands Sweatcoin is their target market; LifeCoin targets individual consumers while Sweatcoin targets businesses and organizations, including gyms. If you’re interested in buying LifeCoins, you can buy them directly through their website.

  • LifeCoins are earned by completing surveys and other small activities, whereas Sweatcoins can be earned by completing fitness-related activities.
  • This includes everything from joining a gym to running in a race or jogging a certain distance. Of course, LifeCoins works very differently than other tokens.
  • Sweatcoin – Second Paragraph: To earn rewards, you’ll need to download their app and link it to your bank account.
  • Both platforms offer a variety of ways to earn rewards, but if you want to invest in either LifeCoins or Sweatcoins, LifeCoin offers more flexibility.
  • You can buy them directly through their website, or trade theseveral themathem l different exchanges. To learn more about trading cryptocurrency and how you can use it to earn rewards for yourself, check out our cryptocurrency investing guide.
  • Both LifeCoins and Sweatcoins can be used to pay for purchases at a variety of different merchants. As with most cryptocurrencies, you’ll need to use an app like Coingate or Coinpaymtoer to pay for things.
  • However, both companies have plans to expand their acceptance and add more options down the line. You can learn more about how blockchain technology is changing business by checking out our guide on what is blockchain technology?

All About Lifecoin

If you really want to look at the Coin vs Sweatcoin then it’s important to understand the important things about LifeCoin as well as sweatcoin.


LifeCoin is a cryptocurrency that pays you for your everyday actions, such as walking and cycling. Think of it as a cryptocurrency version of Fitbit. To earn Lifecoins all you need to do is walk! Just by carrying your phone in your pocket or around your neck while walking and logging into our app, you can get started earning coins.

1 Lifecoin = 1 penny!

We are currently only available on Android but we hope to be back with an IOS app very soon.

  1. LifeCoin is a free app available to download on both iOS and Android. We are currently only available on Android but we hope to be back with an IOS app very soon.
  2. After installing, please remember to verify your account by making deposit forrr you to get started earning coins! All new users start off with $2 in their LifeCoin wallet as well as 500 daily coins from our Welcome Bonus, which will last you up until September 5th!
  3. Once you’ve installed and verified your account, all you need to do is log in daily using our app.
  4. Every day that you check-in, we will reward you with 500 coins. Remember to record these coins as they are important for calculating your LifeCoin pay-out at the end of each month.
  5. You can earn more coins by completing coin-specific challenges, such as walking a certain distance or doing several push ups.
  6. We are a new company that was born out of a personal mission to become more active and healthy. We want everyone to benefit from LifeCoin as much as we have! It’s easy, all you need to do is log in using our app every day and your coins will start adding up in no time.

LifeCoin Cryptocurrency

The LifeCoins cryptocurrency will be named LIFE and will use Ethereum’s ERC20 protocol. It can only be created by converting electricity into LifeCoins in an exchange called an Electricity Exchange (EEX).

The EEX will allow electricity users to trade a kilowatt-hour of electricity for 1 LifeCoin (1 LIFE = 1 kWh) or users can pay any rate they want over the spot price of a kWh.

LifeCoin vs Sweatcoin, The LifeCoin Ecosystem will be made up of three different components: The LifeCoins cryptocurrency, trading system(s), and a marketplace for energy services.

  • Users can trade their LifeCoins for other cryptocurrencies on exchanges that list LIFE or use them to pay for electricity in participating areas.
  • They will also be able to spend them online or brick-and-mortar merchants in participating communities who accept LIFE as payment.
  • The LifeCoin cryptocurrency is a token based on blockchain technology. It is used to represent electricity and allows electricity users to trade it with each other.
  • Users will be able to buy electricity from one another with LIFE, pay any rate they want over spothe t price for electricity or simply trade their LIFEs with each other in exchange for goods and services of equal value. What can you do with LifeCoins?

By using an ERC20 standard, your Ethereum wallet can store LIFE cryptocurrency and any other token that uses these protocols. Your wallet will be able to send and receive LIFEs just like you would ETH or any other ERC20 token. You can also use your LifeCoins in all of the same ways as ETH, even though it is a token for electricity rather than money.

LifeCoin Android

Both apps are available for both Android and iOS, though LifeCoin is only available for iOS. Both companies have said that they plan to add new features, so you’ll likely see more features added in future updates.

So which should you choose in LifeCoin vs Sweatcoin? And what do you need to know before downloading either of these applications? Let’s take a look.

  • So, you can earn LifeCoin by walking. Or, you can use your Android device to find crypto coins in real-life locations. What’s best for you?
  • LifeCoin is an all-new way to earn cryptocurrency, and it comes from a business that has been in operation since 2010.
  • If you’re interested in earning crypto by walking or finding crypto coins at real-world locations, you may want to download LifeCoin on your Android phone.
  • And, if you’re looking for a way to make money by using your phone and getting rewards for it, LifeCoin might be a good option.
  • It is available on Android and iOS devices in over 90 countries, but there is no word yet on when or if it will be available in other countries. For now, it’s only available in Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Ireland, and Germany.

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LifeCoin App Hack

The LifeCoin app allows users to earn digital tokens while doing simple tasks such as taking a selfie, doing their laundry, going to work, riding public transport, and more.

  • The key difference between the LifeCoin app hack and other cryptocurrency reward apps like LifeCoin vs Sweatcoin is that LifeCoin’s rewards can be redeemed at participating retailers and service providers.
  • These inclfast-foodfood chains, leisure activities, entertainment outlets etc. There are zero fees when making redemption transactions.
  • The LifeCoin app aims to reward users while making a positive contribution to society. For example, it encourages environmentally-friendly behavior such as taking public transport, walking or cycling instead of driving or riding a scooter, etc.
  • It also rewards people for exercising and eating healthier foods. Unlike most other cryptocurrency reward apps out there, LifeCoins can be redeemed at participating retailers and service providers within its network for a variety of things including food and drink in restaurants, entertainment tickets, movie theater gift cards, and much more.
  • There are also referral rewards for users. You can earn an additional 40% of LIFE on top of your own rewards when referring your friends to use the Lifecoin app hack.
  • Additionally, you’ll be rewarded 10% in LifeCoins if you invite someone who successfully registers and completes their KYC verification. Both types of referral bonuses will be paid out after five years as a lump sum payment.

Is Lifecoin App Safe?

Is LifeCoin App Safe in LifeCoin vs Sweatcoin? You can’t put a price on your health, but that hasn’t stopped companies from doing just that. Many apps are popping up claiming to offer incentives for tracking or improving your physical activity, but is LifeCoin safe?

Read on to learn more about LifeCoin. What is LifeCoin? LifeCoin is an app that rewards you with virtual currency—called LifeCoins—for being physically active.

  • LifeCoins can be used to buy goods, services, and other goodies in an online marketplace. Is LifeCoin a scam? What is LifeCoin’s business model? Who created Lifecoin?
  • These are all valid questions that deserve answers before you download any app. Fortunately, we’re here to give you all of that information plus a full review of LifeCoin so you can make your own decision about whether or not it’s right for you.
  • What are LifeCoins worth? Why should I use LifeCoins? What does it mean if someone offers you a discount for using LifeCoins?
  • What happens if I lose my phone or upgrade to a new one? If any of these questions have crossed your mind, continue reading. We’ll also answer your burning question: is Lifecoin safe and trustworthy?
  • When you look at LifeCoin in its entirety, it’s a service that rewards people for living healthy lifestyles. It allows users to sell their virtual currency for cash or use their LifeCoins to buy products and services from within the app. While there are some minor concerns about hacking, overall Lifecoin is safe.

Lifecoin – Rewards For Walking

LifeCoins are earned by walking. Simply put, your steps are converted into coins and stored in a digital wallet. The initial 25-minute goal is easy to achieve and can be boosted with bonuses for longer walks.

The average adult walks about 4,000 steps a day (around 2 miles), so it’s not an enormous amount of effort required to unlock rewards.

  • The company also hopes to recruit users who are fitness enthusiasts and convert their physical activities into LifeCoins, which is made possible through an app. At launch, all steps will be converted into coins, even though a balance of just 1 LifeCoin would earn someone $1 worth of rewards (the equivalent of walking 1 mile).
  • The hope is that people get motivated to go out for walks more often in order to earn extra coins.
  • LifeCoins can be used to buy things like music, movies, e-books and in-game items at a higher rate of 300 coins per dollar.
  • That means if you walk for 20 minutes, you can earn $0.15 worth of rewards which you can then convert into LifeCoins. You’ll also receive discounts on physical goods purchased online if you pay with LifeCoins.
  • So far, Lifecoin’s rewards seem fairly small in comparison to other rewards coins. However, if you take into account that it takes less effort to earn LifeCoins, it might be a better option for users who aren’t fitness buffs.
  • Another advantage is that you don’t have to keep track of your steps or manually upload data; it all happens automatically within their mobile app.

Lifecoin Not Working

Lifecoin is a crypto currency that can be earned by walking, jogging, hiking or cycling. The amount of Lifecoins varies depending on which action you choose.

  • However, from our personal experience (and many others too), we found that it doesn’t work like they claim and is not at all worth getting involved with.
  • Therefore, if you want to start earning money online or through cryptocurrency, you should look into something else.
  •  It is always important to look at other people’s experiences before you sign up with any company or start working on anything.
  • There are countless complaints online that all say exactly the same thing: Lifecoin doesn’t work and it definitely isn’t worth your time and effort to join their program, or to try and make money from it.

All About Sweatcoin

To get better knowledge about LifeCoin vs Sweatcoin must look at the Sweatcoin. Sweatcoin is an allowed to-introduce cell phone application accessible on Android, Windows, and iOS. The application tracks the progression you require in a day, very much like some other track-venturing application you can introduce.

Sweatcoin interfaces with your Google Fit, Apple Fit, or comparative default wellness application, so it can log your everyday advances.

  • You can utilize the application while strolling or running outside, or while utilizing a treadmill, so it’s reasonable for any event.
  • However, this steady following of your means implies that your battery can deplete a ton speedier than it would without the application.
  • This can be an issue when you’re away from home and don’t have a convenient charger, so it’s valuable as a primary concern.

Is Sweatcoin Worth Anything?

So, the Sweatcoin application isn’t a trick, and what you procure has esteem. However, one Sweatcoin is not even close as important as one US dollar. Presently, one Sweatcoin is worth around $0.05, however this number is dependent upon future developments. We can utilize the application’s commercial center to comprehend how precisely you can manage your Sweatcoin.

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Sweatcoin Is Legitimate or Not?

To put it plainly, Sweatcoin isn’t a trick, and you can truly get items for nothing, or at a markdown, by having your means followed. Notwithstanding, the application actually has its restrictions as far as what you can purchase and where, so it will frustrate you on the off chance that you’re searching for genuine money.

On the off chance that you’re an enthusiastic walker or sprinter, or need to urge yourself to get going, Sweatcoin is an incredible choice for you. In any case, observe its ongoing deficiencies to try not to be let down.

Ough this number is dependent upon future developments. We can utilize the application’s commercial center to comprehend how precisely you can manage your Sweatcoin.

Most Important About Lifecoin Vs Sweatcoin

However, if you are still interested in joining a similar company, and believe that a company like Lifecoin could work for you, then there are many other options out there.

  • One of them is called Sweatcoin, which focuses on rewarding users for engaging in physical activity instead of just walking or cycling.
  • The idea is pretty much identical to Lifecoin but as you’ll see below, it is actually somewhat different.
  • The biggest difference between LifeCoin vs Sweatcoin is that while they both reward you for doing physical activity, with Lifecoin you get paid in a cryptocurrency called Lifecoins. These can then be exchanged for cash (or to buy other things).
  • With Sweatcoins, you are rewarded with coins that can then be redeemed for products on their website. In essence, it’s a slightly different way of working.

Coin Walking App

Coin is an app that allows you to trade walking for coins. It is designed with a pedometer so that it calculates how many steps you have taken and converts them into coins which can be used on other mobile apps.

  • You can also log onto their website and convert your coins to coupons or merchandise in return. Coin Walking App is now available on Apple’s app store and Google Play Store!
  • LifeCoin is another app that converts your steps into cryptocurrency. By using their service, you can either invest or make payments in cryptocurrency. This allows you to convert your steps into funds and use them as you please!
  • Their coin, Lifecoin, isn’t as well-known as others on our list, but it’s gaining traction slowly. If you want to earn cryptocurrency for free by walking, try out LifeCoin today!
  • The third app that uses cryptocurrency is My Walking Wallet. Like Coin, you can earn their coin by taking steps. The amount of their currency you earn varies based on your steps, however—you can receive up to 1000 coins in one day!
  • The app is entirely free to use, which makes it a great choice for those that don’t want to spend any money on cryptocurrency.
  • However, keep in mind that you can only earn 1000 coins per day—meaning that you may need several days to reach your goal. If you like My Walking Wallet and would like to learn more about it, check out our


The crypto-currency economy is booming. New coins are coming out everyday, and they’re not all created equal. Which one will work best for you in LifeCoin vs Sweatcoin? Read on to find out! If you’re not interested in crypto-currencies but want to understand them better, check out our overview of cryptocurrencies here. We compare 4 popular coins: LifeCoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin Cash and let you know what sets them apart from each other.

Frequently Askd Questions

Is there an app higher than Sweatcoin?

WinWalk. WinWalk is a unfastened pedometer app for Android it is one of the most comparable apps to Sweatcoin there is. With WinWalk, you start earning cash after you download the app and allow it display your interest

Is LifeCoin real money?

It is a lot just like every other to every other app called SweatCoin. And yes, LifeCoin is certainly a authentic app considering the fact that it’ll honestly praise you for on foot.

Is LifeCoin a good app?

Nice app, desires updating;
The app itself is quite pleasant, as some distance as the objects they offer you after you reach a certain quantity of lifecoins. I’ve seen a pair human beings complaining approximately the time it takes to accrue those lifecoins, but you have to understand, you are actually simply strolling.

How many steps is LifeCoin?

One thousand out of doors steps, LifeCoins are converted out of your outside steps. The conversion charge is one thousand outside steps to 1 LifeCoin with a small 5% fee charge to preserve our corporation going for walks!

Is there an app that can pay you to walk?

FitPotato. The FitPotato app lets in you to venture friends and other customers with the purpose of being profitable for steps. There are weekly prize companies available, and also you should entire 3-step classes within 7 days to win. You can choose whether or not your consultation is walking, going for walks, or on foot your canine.

How do you switch LifeCoin?

Any LifeCoin person can ship and receive LifeCoins to and from other users. To switch LifeCoins, visit the Wallet tab and select Transfer. From there, you may be able to search and discover customers to whichis you want to send LifeCoins. Please note that once you successfully send LifeCoins to another consumer, you can not cross back.

Are Sweatcoin rewards real?

Sweatcoin Rating, Sweatcoin is a legit mobile app that lets you earn really via ont or going for walks. In terms of income potential, its miles virtually are no longer the greatest app however you may be able to earn while not having to do whatever is unique.

What is Runtopia?

Runtopia is a GPS-primarily based going for walks app, which permits you to song & examine your own runs on any occasion, in addition to taking walks a to step counter that converts steps into forex gadgets called SPC cash.

What is the Lympo app?

At its center, Lympo is a health app to help you reap your fitness goals by using assisting you to live encouraged thru the rewards it offers. It is certainly an authentic app considering it’s going to certainly reward you for running on the earning possibilities it gives.

What is bitcoin used for?

Litecoin’s primary consciousness is to act as a medium for transacting payments without a bank or other third-party middleman. Litecoin changed into designed for use for cheaper transactions, and to be greater green for normal use. In contrast, bitcoin can regularly be used as a shop of price for lengthy-time period purposes.


Well, I hope you enjoy this guide LifeCoin vs Sweatcoin! I have over 40+ upvotes from users all around Reddit, including Entrepreneur and Marketing. Thank you for taking time of your day to read my guides. Happy writing!

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