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New Largest Comet Ever Discovered By Astronomers in 2022

by Usman CB
New largest comet ever discovered

Have you ever listened the name of Bernardinelli-Bernstein? Hopefully No, Because, It is the New largest comet ever discovered By Astronomers. As, Astronomers used Hubble telescope and confirm the largest comet nucleus that is also known as C/2014 UN271.

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C/2014 UN271 is a such comet nucleus that has an estimated diameter of approximately 80 miles. That’s bigger than Rhode Island and about 50 times bigger than the heart of most comets.

Moreover, some Astronomers admitted that Its nucleus is seen to weigh 500 trillion tons, about 100,000 times greater than most of the other comets.

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After, a well confirmed research and well deep observation, they also said that no doubt it is New largest comet ever discovered while in future it will pass by our sun in the next decade.

As above mentioned that the comet is 100 thousands times more massive than average ones, and it’ll be obviously on our doorstep in 2031. Due to this feature, some called it as bigger and blacker than coal.

David Jewitt, a Great Professor of planetary science and astronomy at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) offered some of the precious words regarding New largest comet ever discovered By Astronomers. They said that we have always listened and spotted out about this comet. But Now it is confirmed after looking by NASA Hubble telescope.

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Man-To Hui, of the Macau University of Science and Technology also added some of the best pieces regarding New largest comet nucleus. They said that comet is at that time is less than two billion miles from the position of Sun, that is falling nearly perpendicular to the plane of our Solar System. But in future it will effect more and more.

As Hubble telescope offered that it is quite big, right? But It is also true that it is theoretically speaking. However, the Oort Cloud is thus far away and so tough to detect, it is essentially a massive hypothetical mystery, despite the fact that astronomers remember it to be certainly considered one among the most important systems in our Solar System.

At this point, though, some thing that is appears out of this enigmatic mass, gravitationally lured closer to the Sun from the remoteness of the cosmic hinterlands.

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It was all about new largest comet ever discovered in 2022 while The previous record is comet C/2002 VQ94, with a nucleus that is estimated to be 60 miles. It was confirmed or you can say discovered in 2002 by the Lincoln Near-Earth Asteroid Research (LINEAR) project.

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