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How to Join Pak Army as an Officer? Details, Tips and Tricks

by Usman CB
How to Join Pak Army as an Officer

Are you curious to join Pak Army as an officer? Still don’t know, About the details of Joining Pak army. If you don’t know then you are at the right place because we are going to discuss all about Pak Army as well as How to Join Pak Army as an Officer? Details, Tips and Tricks. So, Stay connected with us to learn more and more.

Why Pakistan Army?

Joining Pakistan Army as an officer undoubtedly has always been a dream of every child growing up in every class of society. Pakistan is a country where Army is a reputable organization. The army is an integral part and savior of the nation. From getting martyred at borders to giving a helping hand in every worst circumstance, Army has always stood up. This is why every patriot would want to serve his country. Now, the question is arising that How to Join Pak Army as an Officer?

What is ISSB?

You must have heard this word somewhere if you’re willing to join Army, ISSB (Inter Service Selection Board). But what actually is ISSB? ISSB is a way of fulfilling your desires and dreams. It’s the way of letting the deserving youngsters serve their country and pay back what this country has done for us.

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How to Join Pak Army as an Officer?

There are two ways to join Pakistan Army:

• Long Course

• Short Course

Long Course

How to Join Pak Army as an Officer, Long Course can be joined after completion of intermediate, after clearing, you’ll be appointed as Second Lieutenant in Pakistan Army.

Short Course

How to Join Pak Army as an Officer, For Short courses, Cadets are required to complete their graduation. They’ll be appointed as Captain in Pakistan Army. After Clearing the tests, Cadets are trained for 2 years in Pakistan Military Academy Kakul also known as PMA, located in Abbottabad.

Eligibility Criteria to Join Pak Army as an Officer

Patriotism has no limits but of course, ISSB has some limitations. You need to qualify and fulfill the requirements to join Pakistan Army. Here are details of what you are needed to do to join the Pakistan Army as a Gentle Cadet.


F.Sc/FA/ICOM/DAE/ICS with a minimum of 60 Marks for Students from Punjab, Sindh, and 55% for Domicile holders of Gilgit Baltistan, FATA, and Balochistan.

Age Limit:

The age limit to apply for Long Course is 22 Years. 3 Months of relaxation are given in specific circumstances. But you need to note that your age shouldn’t be more than 22 years when there’s joining of Pakistan Military Academy. Mostly, Cadets who cleared all the hurdles can join PMA in May of every year.

How to Apply to Join Pak Army as an Officer?

There are two methods to apply for ISSB described below:

1) Online

2) By Hand

You can apply online for ISSB by filling out the form given on the website of the Pakistan Army https://joinpakarmy.gov.pk/

The Second method for applying is to visit your nearest Army Selection and Recruitment Center commonly known as ASRC. ASRCs are available in all big cities of Pakistan. You’ll be required to submit hard copies of your original documents.

Types of Tests to Join Pak Army as an Officer

After applying and fulfilling the required criteria, you’ll be issued a exams slip. There, you’ll be tested in various aspects. Here I’ll be explaining the complete procedure of online and physical tests, Don’t miss this part.

1) Initial Test

2) Physical Test

3) Initial Medical

4) Initial Interview

5) Call/Joining Letter for ISSB

6) ISSB in Kohat

Initial Test to Join Pak Army as an Officer

The initial test consists of 3 phases.

a) Verbal Test

b) Non-Verbal Test

c) Academic Test

A verbal test is all about your mind. They try to test your IQ by giving you logical reasoning questions. Questions usually are not that difficult but of course, you need the practice to train your mind. 30 minutes will be given for 90 questions.

  1. Non-Verbal Test is about shapes. You’ll be given a shape-like circle and you’ll have to choose the 4th part of that from the given 4 options. The time and Questions limit will be the same as Verbal intelligence questions. 90 questions in 30 minutes.
  2. Academic is the most important portion of the initial test. They will test your knowledge about history, mostly about Pakistan and from other countries too. 30 minutes would be given for 50 questions.

The passing criteria will be 50%.

After clearing the initial test, the next stage is the Physical Test. You’ll be required to do the following task in the given time:

a) 1.6km running in 7 minutes

b) 15 Push-ups in 2 minutes

c) 3 Chin-ups in 2 minutes

To pass the physical test, you must pass the running test. The next step will be Medical. They’ll check your eyesight that should be 6/6. Knee knocking and BMI will be checked. BMI is known as Body Mass Index. You can check your BMI by this formula:

Total weight / (height in meters)²

The last step of the initial test is the initial interview. This is the most important part which is important for your future assignment.

When you clear the initial interview, they’ll hand over you a Call Letter for ISSB. The Final Call!

ISSB centre is in Kauhat City. You’ll be asked to reach there on the given date and time. 4 days are spent there.  You’ll be required to do the following tasks to clear ISSB.

Day 1:

1) Arrival

2) Form Filling

3) Essay on Personal Life

4) Essay on General topic

5) Psychological Tests

6) Allowing of Rooms

Day 2:

1) Briefing

2) Indoor Tasks

3) Group Tasks

4) Group Planning

5) Outdoor Tasks

6) Progressive Group Tasks

7) Half Group Tasks

8) Interviews

Day 3:

1) Obstacles

2) Command Task

3) Final Group Task (FGT)

Day 4:

1) Conferences

2) Preparation of all the results

3) Dispersal of candidates

Tips and Tricks, How to Join Pak Army as an Officer?

Here, we’ll be sharing some secret tips and tricks to clear your testsand these will help you in answering how to join Pak Army as an officer:

Prepare your Verbal and Non Verbal intelligence tests from different applications which are available on the play store. You’ll find them interesting and can easily get the myth behind them.

  1. Make notes for every important thing you read. Try to buy the latest edition of the “Who is Who, What is What” book. Watch talk shows, read history books and newspapers as much as you can to get prepared for current and Pakistan affairs.
  2. Start walking to prepare for the physical test. Initially, don’t put the burden on your body, there’s no need to run for 5-6 kilometers from start.
  3. Just walk and increase your stamina. Do not check the time whenever you start running. Eventually, you’ll be able to complete the task in the given time. Running will also help with Pushups and Chin-ups.
  4. Going for an interview, try to calm your nerves in every possible way. Don’t make them feel that you’re nervous. The initial interview is all about your personality and confidence.
  5. Wear a simple white shalwar qameez with a waistcoat on it. It’s better to wear a watch too, it shows that you’re punctual.
  6. After entering the interview room, try to note everything you see there, they might ask you the color of the door you entered from. The presence of mind is key to success.
  7. Don’t try to be over-smart. Some professionals can judge your personality so try to be a natural version of yourself. Don’t talk too much in Infront of GTO. Tell everything truly and without lying in the interview and psychological tests.

Why do people fail in Joining Pak Army as an Officer?

Lastly, why do people fail even after being able to tackle things in a better way? We’ve gathered some main problems that can occur during your journey of ISSB:

  • Don’t memorize verbal intelligence questions, this is a wrong and terrible way to prepare as Verbal questions are asked to check your intelligence. Not your memory.
  • Don’t listen to people who say that only people with Army backgrounds can be selected. They’re the same people who couldn’t qualify for the next stage and now trying to escape from the reality that they weren’t enough prepared.
  • Don’t join too many groups on social media. Prepare in your own way. Don’t pay attention to everything you read on the internet.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I become a Pak Army officer?

Candidates who score 60% marks or above in BA/BSc/BBA with 50% marks in FA/FSc are eligible.

How can I become captain of Pakistan Army?

If you meet the eligibility criteria, fill out an utility form, and get your self registered. You also can check in your self via way of means of travelling your nearest Army Selection and Recruitment Center (AS&RCs). You will obtain an e mail from the Pak Army informing you approximately your check date, time, and roll number.

What is the salary of PMA cadet in Pakistan?

The average salary for a cadet is Rs 42,404 per month in Pakistan.


If you want to join Pak Army but you don’t know what is the procedure of joining and also How to Join Pak Army as an Officer. Then, you must read these type of special guides that have greater knowledge to save your better future.

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