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What are the (Five) 5 Online Tools That Can Help Students in Assignment Writing?

by Usman CB
Online Tools That Can Help Students in Assignment Writing

With schools and universities back in action, many students are beginning to feel the stress of tight deadlines and long hours in front of a screen. Assignments can be tedious and grueling work. However, with the right tools to help you get through them, it is possible to make the process easier.

So, let’s discuss the (five) 5 online tools that can help students in assignment writing. Using them will see you completing your papers more quickly and efficiently, which makes for happy teachers and grades that are higher than ever before.

List of the (Five) 5 Online Tools That Can Help Students in Assignment Writing:

1. Online Notepad – Online Text Editor & WordPad for Notes:

When it comes to the tools for assisting the students in assignment writing, the first entry should be an assignment writer. So, the first online assignment writer to help the students is an alternative to the ‘Notepad’ and ‘TextEdit’ applications. Its name is “OnlineNotepad”.

OnlineNotepad.io is a simple and intuitive web utility that allows users to type notes and comprehensive documents. Apart from typing the papers from scratch, users can import the already-created documents and perform basic editing operations on them.

As I’ve already mentioned, the Online Notepad is an online alternative to the conventional notes-taking applications on macOS and Windows. However, it is much more advanced, courtesy of its word processing features. So, let’s look at the advanced capabilities of this online utility with the help of reasons to prefer this tool.

Reasons to prefer this Online Notepad application:

  • Like Microsoft Word and Google Docs, this online tool allows you to change the text style according to your requirements. For example, you can bold, italicize and underline the text easily.
  • You can create a numbered list and a list of bullet points with this Online Notepad application.
  • Unlike most operating systems’ default notepad and text editing applications, this one allows you to insert images from the web into your documents.
  • Once you have created a document with this tool, you can clone it with the help of this Online Notepad application.
  • The image insertion module of this Online Notepad application is advanced enough to detect the dimensions of images automatically.
  • The picture insertion module of this application allows you to rotate (anti-clockwise and clockwise), flip (vertically and horizontally) and crop the images.
  • Suppose you have typed a document with the help of another text processor. In that case, you can import the typed file to this Online Notepad application.
  • This Online Notepad application is also ideal for bloggers because it allows them to format the text according to the blogging guidelines.
  • As this is an online utility, users can work on multiple documents simultaneously by opening multiple tabs.
  • There is no need to save the typed documents because this tool automatically saves them.
  • Users can access their typed documents by going to this tool’s ‘View All’ tab.

Despite the discussed advantages, this Online Notepad application has a few caveats. So, let’s discuss them.

Why should you avoid this Online Notepad application?

  • There is no option for uploading the image from local device storage.
  • The functionalities of this online text editor are like a comprehensive word-processing application. But this tool has no grammar checking and proofreading features, which are a must for students.

2. Grammarly:

As I’ve mentioned earlier, the first tool of this assignment writing tools list doesn’t have the spelling and grammar checking option. Therefore, discussing a document proofreading tool on the second spot on this digital writing tools for students list has become mandatory.

Nowadays, many document proofreading tools are available in the market. But considering the growing needs of users, I have picked the most popular one. Its name is “Grammarly.

Grammarly is a freemium and AI-based text proofreader that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) to detect grammatical, spelling and punctuation issues. The developers of Grammarly have used Natural Language Processing (NLP) samples to feed this tool with the help of Machine Learning (ML).

This tool provides basic-level text proofreading suggestions to its users for free. However, suppose a student wants advanced tips for his assignment proofreading. In that case, he will have to purchase its ‘Premium’ and ‘Business’ plans.

Now, let’s discuss the features that make this tool one of the best document proofreading tools.

Why should you choose Grammarly?

  • Despite providing the basic document correction suggestions, this tool allows you to work on text clarity and engagement, making the documents more appealing to readers.
  • At the start of every proofreading session, Grammarly allows you to set the goals for your document. For example, you can choose the following:
    • Type of audience from ‘General,’ ‘Knowledgeable’ and ‘Expert.
    • The domain of documents from ‘Academic,’ ‘Business,’ ‘General, ‘Email, ‘Casual’ and ‘Creative.
    • Document formality from ‘Informal,’ ‘Neutral’ and ‘Formal.
    • The document’s intent from ‘Inform,’ ‘Describe,’ ‘Convince’ and ‘Tell A Story.
  • Suppose you are using the premium version of Grammarly. In that case, you will get a state-of-the-art plagiarism detector to check the uniqueness of your documents.
  • Its state-of-art plagiarism detector compares the uploaded documents in its built-in database of billions of web pages to identify the sentences to be cited. So, it is hard to question the authority of its plagiarism checker.
  • Grammarly uses ‘Transfusion (#EA1537)’ color to underline the mistakes in a document, making it easier to identify the issues in a lengthy document.
  • Regarding integration with other tools, Grammarly is the richest document proofreader. For example, you can add its browser extension to use its features on any online text editor. Similarly, you can download and install its Microsoft Word add-in to check your documents in MS Word in real-time.

Despite being an all-time best document proofreader, I’ve observed a few issues in Grammarly.

Reasons to avoid Grammarly:

  • Most students look for free-to-use tools. But Grammarly is a freemium tool. So, students will have to buy its premium plan to use its advanced features.
  • Grammarly often suggests using a ‘comma (,)’ before ‘and, which is incorrect according to most English experts.
  • It is only helpful if you are writing assignments in the English language.

3. Prepostseo Plagiarism Checker – Free & Accurate with Percentage:

After proofreading the document, the next step is to check whether the typed copy is original or not. So, in that case, students will need a plagiarism detector.

Although Grammarly has a plagiarism detector, it is not free. So, suppose a student is looking for free online writing tools for students. In that case, I recommend using this free Plagiarism Checker Accurate with Percentage.

The Prepostseo Plagiarism checker is an Artificial Intelligence and deep search-based tool that checks the uniqueness of different types of documents. It uses the data from the archived thesis and published information on search engines to determine the originality of papers. So, it is ideal for students.

The developers of this plagiarism detector have used advanced algorithms in this tool. So, it can easily detect wrongly paraphrased and copied phrases. And once the tool has found content duplication, it will provide the link to their sources. So, students can quickly navigate to the primary source of copied information.

Let’s hover over a few benefits of using this free plagiarism checker.

Reasons to select the Plagiarism Checker – Free & Accurate with Percentage:

  • The plagiarism detector of PrePostSEO uses a percentage (exact-matches and wrongly paraphrased) and text underlining mechanism to highlight the copied parts of the document.
  • The interface of this free plagiarism checker is simple yet intuitive, making it ideal for beginners and students.
  • Unlike the plagiarism checker of Grammarly, this freemium tool can quickly scan a document of 1000-1500 words for free.
  • As this tool is a dedicated plagiarism detector, it even allows you to exclude the URLs while scanning the document for plagiarism.
  • Unlike Grammarly, this free tool can scan the plagiarism of documents in multiple languages.
  • Apart from checking the plagiarism, this tool even provides the readability score, word count and the source of copied information.
  • PrePostSEO provides different options for uploading text into its plagiarism checker. For example, students can:
    • Type the text from scratch.
    • Paste the copied text.
    • Upload the document (.doc, .docx, .pdf and .txt) files from local or cloud storage.
  • Once this tool has successfully scanned a document for plagiarism, students can download the generated plagiarism statistics as a plagiarism report. Thus, they can easily share the plagiarism report with their instructors.
  • Students can use this tool’s smartphone application and browser extension to use its services on the go.
  • Users can use the services of PrePostSEO to remove plagiarism and cite the sources of copied content.

However, this tool falls behind in several areas compared to paid plagiarism checkers. So, let’s discuss its disadvantages.

Why should you avoid the Plagiarism Checker – Free & Accurate with Percentage?

  • This tool is not entirely free. So, suppose students want to check the plagiarism of 1500+ words. In that case, they will have to purchase its premium plan, which is not worth buying.
  • Its premium plan is not worth buying because it doesn’t have a built-in database. That is why most of its plagiarism results are vague.

4. BibME – The Online Writing Center:

Although PrePostSEO has a built-in citation generator, suppose students want a dedicated tool. In that case, they can use the fourth tool of this ‘(five) 5 online tools that can help students in assignment writing’ guide. Its name is “BibME – The Online Writing Center.

As the name depicts, BibME is an online citation generator that provides access to 7000+ citation styles, including the most common ones (APA, Chicago and MLA). But being a freemium writing center, this utility allows students to check the pasted document for grammatical issues and content duplication errors.

This tool uses external databases to fill in the citation information quickly. So, it is one of the top web applications for bibliography and other needs. But apart from the aforementioned features, this tool has several different abilities. So, let’s discuss those abilities through the reasons to prefer this tool.

Why should you prefer the BibME – The Online Writing Center?

  • Students can easily create a free account on this tool and save their citations for future usage.
  • The premium version of BibME provides expert suggestions on students’ papers by solving grammatical and plagiarism issues.
  • As I’ve already discussed in the description of this tool, it can cite references in 7000+ styles. The most common citation styles are APA, Chicago, MLA and Turabian.
  • BibME first searches the references by ISBN, title and URL. Afterward, it converts those references to bibliographic and citation references.

Now, let’s discuss the weaknesses of the BibME – The Online Writing Center.

Reasons to avoid the BibME – The Online Writing Center:

  • This citation generator is not entirely free because it requires the users to pay $10 per month to detect plagiarism and grammatical issues.
  • Free users can only check their documents for first-five grammatical issues.
  • This tool only provides professional help to premium users.

5. Wondershare HiPDF:

The fifth and last software on this writing organization tools for students list is an all-in-one PDF editor. Its name is “Wondershare HiPDF.

Wondershare HiPDF is a fantastic tool because of its versatile PDF editing abilities. It helps the students by editing, converting, merging, reviewing, compressing and adding e-signatures to PDFs.

This tool is available for both Windows and macOS users. This factor is why this tool is on this list, as students of both platforms can use it. But let’s hover over some significant benefits of this tool.

Reasons to prefer the Wondershare HiPDF:

  • As the description of this tool suggests, it is a versatile utility for merging multiple PDF files into one and compressing the size of PDF files. This feature makes it easier for students to share PDF files with their fellows and students.
  • Often students scan PDF files to save time. However, this tool allows students to convert the scanned PDF files into an editable format, making it easier to edit those files.
  • Wondershare HiPDF allows students to sign their PDF files with digital signatures. So, it adds an extra security factor to the documents.
  • Another security feature of Wondershare HiPDF is the ability to lock PDF files by applying passwords.
  • Even if students have accidentally locked the PDF files, this tool allows them to use the password remover of Wondershare HiPDF.
  • Apart from this, students can perform the basic editing operations on PDF files without converting them to other formats, such as rotating, deleting, rearranging, and cropping them.
  • Students can drag and drop the files or use the browse functionality to get started with this tool.

Now, let’s discuss the caveats of using the Wondershare HiPDF.

Why should you avoid the Wondershare HiPDF?

  • The free version of Wondershare HiPDF only allows the students to perform two tasks in one day.
  • The free version of this tool limits the users to upload a file of 10MB and 50 pages.
  • As I’ve already mentioned, it is a freemium utility. So, the Pro and Pro Plus membership plans of Wondershare HiPDF cost about $8 (monthly) and $62 (annually).

Wrapping Up – the Conclusion:

Various online tools can help students in writing assignments. But the above-discussed Online Tools That Can Help Students in Assignment Writing will make writing a task easy and convenient. I am sure you will like the tools discussed in this article, as these tools can also benefit others looking for help in this regard.

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