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PMC MDCAT 2021 Latest News Reconduct And How to Pass MDCAT?

by Usman CB
PMC MDCAT 2021 Latest News

PMC MDCAT 2021 Latest News! Whether Protest will succeed to Reconduct of exams or not? Students are seeking to retest and protesting in front of PMC office and also in different cities.

As we know that MDCAT exams conduct every year in the Pakistan. Most of the students of Pre-Medical who are eager to be a doctor, they work hard and appear in this exam. These National Medical and Doctors Colleges Admission Test mostly conducted for at least 3 to 4 months. But what happened in the 2021?

We will Update this Article with time to time that will help you to get PMC mdcat 2021 latest news!

Overview of PMC MDCAT 2021 Latest News

But this year PMC Pakistan Medical Commission decided to conduct these exams online to save the time as well as to make it more reliable. Unluckily this suggestion and this decision approved. PMC MDCAT 2021 registration start before 30 August 2021.

  • Later, these exams start from 30 August 2021 to 30 September. But what happened and what was the real background we will discuss later in this article!
  • But here we will discuss that what is the PMC MDCAT 2021 eligibility criteria as well as MDCAT 2021 syllabus. How to prepare yourself to get good marks to get the admission for MBBS.

National Medical and Doctors Colleges Admission Test (NMDCAT)

World top ranking test that held in Pakistan and approximately 130000 to 140000 students take part in this exams. In this exam, fresh as well as most of the repeated candidates also take part.

But this year PMC decided to hold the whole test via NMDCAT and 194,000 students registered their self for this exam. This test start from 30 August 2021 to 30 September but From Ist day of test to till now, students are against this System of examination.

Because, whole test is out of course and we got a news from some sources that most of the quiz banks have leaked that’s why some candidates are able to get good marks. While some intelligent one are still suffering this bad system.

Eligibility criteria for the student, those can take part in the MDCAT is as follows.

Eligibility Criteria For PMC MDCAT 2021

Some are the key points that are consider as the main important criteria in the MDCAT.

Candidates must pass FSC with Pre-Medical

Must have passed intermediate Pre-Medical with 70% marks

Also score more than 60% to appear in the merit list.

Test Pattern For PMC MDCAT 2021

As, the below given pattern is consider as the expected pattern for the PMC NMDCAT 2021;

  • First intelligence test of 10% based on some verbal and non verbal questions as well as logical reasoning and mathematics
  • While some questions from English book that is round about 15%
  • Physics is also included in the MDCAT 2021 and same as English 15%
  • Chemistry that is 25% of the overall exam
  • Biology that is considered as the root of this test is 35%

This expected pattern percentage is from the past papers as well as from the students experience. But this time the picture was totally different.

What is the Merit Calculation Formula For PMC MDCAT 2021?

PMC Pakistan Medical Commission has a specific formula to make the merit list of students. That is below;

  • Only 10% included in the final numbers From the matric
  • While 40% will taken from FSC
  • Test has more value that is 50% but remember one thing negative marking will also done in the test.

Why Candidates Getting Failed in PMC MDCAT 2021?

According to the research, we concluded that candidates getting fail due to their new merit criteria. PMC set a criteria to make a strict test and those who will fail they will not be a part of merit list. That’s why candidates are fail.

Most of the candidates including intelligent as well as all other normal are fail. Because the test that is conduct by the NMDCAT is not up to the level. As well as Questions leaked that was included in the 30 August to 19 September. That’s why they put hard marking, this is also a major reason of failure.

But those are taking part in Medical and Dental College Admission Test, they are saying that question bank is totally out of course. No one is able to clear this test because this is not for Intermediate students. But there is a great controversy that if question bank leaked then how candidates are getting failed in this test.

Let’s see that who was the main member of NMDCAT. Those who were responsible for the conducting exams of PMC MDCAT 2021.

Who Give Authority To NMDCAT For Conducting Exams?

Prime Minister Of Pakistan, Imran khan Niazi chosen 17 members and PMC give responsibility to conduct this exam. But it was the decision of PMC as well as NMDCAT that this test must be Online.

PMC MDCAT 2021 Latest News About NMDCAT

Tests are started from 30 August but candidates are not satisfied with this examination system. As, exam time is 2 hours and 30 minutes, in which the below given mcqs are include;

Biology 80 MCQS

Chemistry 60 MCQS

Physics 40 MCQS

While English 20 MCQS

But one major point is that NMDCAT announced that Test will be shuffle in such away, you will mot get same test. That’s why most of the candidates are fail and protesting in from of PMC office as well as in different cities.

Still, PMC NMDCAT and their bench haven’t accepted their mistake. They are saying that we conducted a tough exam because we want pure students for the better future. And those students who want to pass this exam prepare fully.

How to Prepare Yourself for PMC MDCAT Test 2021?

According to huge research we have concluded that if you want to pass this test then fully prepare yourself in the following;

  • Clear the Concepts if your 11th and 12th books
  • Read Past papers and remember important points
  • Get online preparation from NMDCAT android application
  • Make a time table and follow this timetable to lead this exam


No doubt, test will be hard but I think so, PMC will never conduct PMC MDCAT 2021 again. We are in favour that PMC should Reconduct but they will never because they said that we have conducted thus exam in a pure and unique manner. That’s why it is a PMC MDCAT 2021 latest news is that still PMC NMDCAT haven’t announced about the Reconduction of exams but Candidates are still protesting.

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