Home Virtual University STA630 Research Methods GDB Solution 2021 Perfect Solution

STA630 Research Methods GDB Solution 2021 Perfect Solution

by Usman CB
StSTA630 Research Methods GDB Solution 2021

StSTA630 Research Methods GDB Solution 2021

The Premise or Hypothesis

There are two schools of thought, one favoring applied research and the other basic research. Applied And basic researchers are known for their diverse orientations in research methodology On one side, The proponents of basic research follow high standards and emphasize rigor. Tis usually extensively Published and readily available to readers Whereas, the supporters of applied research claim that More useful as its results are available to decision-makers or practitioners who are direct users of Results into practice. Nevertheless, basic researchers debate that for the reason of getting quick and Usable results in applied research researchers may trade-off rigour for practical results. Therefore, Applied researchers should be aware of the consequences of compromising standards for getting in-Depth knowledge.

Points of discussion

Doing a research student, which school of thought (basic or applied) will you prioritize? Generate two Arguments to support your stance.

STA630 Research Methods GDB Solution 2021 Solution:

In the above given Scenario, there are two research methods or you can say two school of thoughts discussed. As we know that  applied research method deals with practical knowledge, values and doings while in contrast basic research method is the theoretical study of some research.

According to my knowledge and experience, I will be in the favour of applied research or applied school of thoughts. But why?

Because due to following reasons!

  1. Applied research is a such type of research methodology that offers practical solutions for every problems while basic research is a different approach to research that focus to expand knowledge in a field of study or base.
  2. In simple words, Basic research focuses on the advancement or you can say development of knowledge, rather than solving a problem. But Applied ones mainly focus on solving new problems in a unique way.
  3. One of the best benefit of applied research is that This type of research plays key role in solving everyday problems that often have an greater impact on life, work, health, and overall well-being. That’s why we can say that Applied research is at priority than other ones.

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Usman Ali

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Course COntent For Sta630

Introduction, Definition and Value of Research, Scientific Methods of Research and its Special Features, Classification of Research, How to select a topic for research? Theory and Research, Concepts, Variables and types of variables, Hypothesis Testing and Characteristics, Review of literature, Conducting a Systematic Literature Review, Theoretical Framework, Problem Definition and research Proposal, The Research Process, Ethical Issues in Research, Measurement of Concepts, Criteria for Good Measurement, Research Design, Survey research, Personal interviewing, Telephone interviewing, Intercept and interviews in malls and other high traffic areas, Self Administered Questionnaires, Tools for data collection, Guidelines for Questionnaire development, Pilot Testing of the questionnaire, Interviewing, Sample and Sampling terminology, Probability and non probability Sampling, Types of probability Sampling, Data Analysis, Data Transformation, Data presentation, The parts of the table, Experimental research, Non reactive research, Use of secondary data, Observation studies/ field research, Historical comparative research, Focus group discussion, Report writing, The Research report, Referencing, APA Format for referencing.

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