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Virtual University Course Selection For Every Program Best Guide 2024-25

by Usman CB
VU Course Selection For Every Program

Are you searching for a unique method of Virtual University Course Selection For Every Program? Do you know, how to do best selection? Still, don’t know the rules and regulations of course selection at virtual university?

If you are looking for all these then successfully, you landed at the accurate page.

Most of the students enrolled new at different universities and they don’t know about selection of course. Moreover, some students jump to the next semester but they also don’t know.


Course selection mostly open after the 2 or 3 days of result announcement.

So, we decided to make your this journey easy and right. So, stay with us to get better tips!

What is a Course Selection at Virtual University?

When a student want to start any new semester or new class at virtual university, he/she is told or announced to select some subjects. This selection of subjects is known as Course Selection.

In simple words, course selection at Virtual University is quite easy, if you have good knowledge about your study scheme. That’s why you must have to understand your study scheme before selection of your Subjects.

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Difference Between Course Selection at VU for New And Old Students

If you don’t know, what is the Difference Between Course Selection at VU for New And Old Students then consider just two points.

  1. First and most importantly, new students at virtual university do not need to select their course. Because they are given their pre selected Study program.
  2. Old or students of second semester and above are require to select their on subjects by all mean.

How to do Virtual University Course Selection For Every Program?

When you enrolled at virtual university, you must have to read out your study scheme. This study scheme is always available at the vu official website. Because, in this scheme, you can get your all semesters subjects easily in a chronological order.

  • So, first point is that you must have to select your Subjects. But look at the subjects, which are available in study scheme must select those not any other else. But why?
  • When you will start your course selection, must contact with your friends and colleagues. Because this perfect act will assist in study. When you will do same selection, you can discuss a lot.
  • One of the most important thing is that you are not restricted to select some or specific one. You can select any subject but remember that compulsory subject for that specific Subjects, you have cleared in the previous semester.
  • If you have passed your Subjects and eligible for the further selection of any subject then you can select easily.

These are some specific and essential tips related to Virtual University Course Selection For Every Program. But again want to highlight that must visit your study scheme before selection.

What are the Rules Virtual University Course Selection?

You know that every university and college have their own rules and regulations. Same like others virtual university also has their rules. So, just look at those rules;

  1. All students must select their course before starting the new semester but this will applicable for all other than Newly admitted one.
  2. Those who are selecting less subject due to their subject load then these students have to acquire extra semester for others.
  3. If you have D grade in your previous semester and want to improve your overall grade then you can apply again in the any other semester. To get good marks in overall GPA or CGPA.
  4. Credit Hours, There is a unique criteria of credit Hours for virtual university students before subject selection. You must have positive point for course selection regarding credit hours.
  5. Criteria for first as well as second semester is that they can select up to 18 credit hours only.
  6. But for third and up to seven, can select 21 credit hours to overcome the load.
  7. For last semester can select 30 credit hours according to their own choice. This is For BS students.
  8. While For MSC students, they can select only 27 credit hours in the last semester.
  9. If you have failed in any previous subject, you must have to clear this one in given criteria.

These rules are not for the only newly students while these are for all virtual university students. So, remember these points, if you belong to the virtual university family.

What is the Best Procedure for Virtual University Course Selection For Every Program?

If you want to just select your Subjects for the current course then follow the below given postulates to get easy access;

  • Visit your LMS and open it.
  • After this navigate to the Student Service tab.
  • In student services tab, you will get course selection link.
  • Just click at the course selection and look at the all below given subjects.
  • If you have reached at the subjects, now fill the given box with such subjects in which you want to appear, improve or Fail ones.
  • After the selection, once look at your selection because this is your final step.
  • After proof look, just hit at the save button.


Hope so, this guide regarding Virtual University Course Selection For Every Program will assist you. Whenever, in any semester, you will go for the selection of new subjects then you will remember this guide.

So, if you have any question or query, without any hesitation you can ask in the comment box.

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