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What is Canva App and How to Use Free Canva Pro ?

by Usman CB
What is Canva App and How to Use Free Canva Pro?

What is Canva App and How to Use Free Canva Pro? Canva is a website based graphic design tool, using which you can create Logo, Brochure, Social Media Post, Invitation Card, Business Card, Poster, Infographic, Certificate etc very easily.  Canva’s mobile app is also available, which can be downloaded from both Android and iOS platforms.

In Canva, you can also upload your own images and combine them with Canva’s templates.  Apart from this, Canva provides you a great feature, with the help of which you can create any image by just dragging and dropping.

Canva is available in about 100 languages.  Which you can use anywhere and anytime through computer browser or mobile app.

Canva Pro Free Link

If you really looking for free Canva Pro version then you must have to click the given link-

The Canva app has been downloaded more than 100M+ million times from the Google Play Store.  Apart from this, the Canva app has got a rating of 4.7 on Google Play Store and 4.9 on Apple App Store. With the learning of What is Canva app and How to Use Free Canva Pro? We must also know that How does it work as well as why it is important for us.

How does Canva work?

Canva offers the opportunity to create images in a matter of minutes through a drag and drop feature.  Even if you are not a designer, you can still create a great image.

To use Canva, you have to first sign up in it.  With which you can use this service.  To sign up in Canva, you can sign up in it by giving your email address, facebook or google any one of these details.

After signing up, you can create any type of image by selecting any image size according to it.  Canva gives you millions of stock images, icons and fonts to use for free. 

Why is Canva an important tool?

The Canva Tool is therefore important because Graphics is a very important part of marketing.  Canva has all the necessary tools to do a good graphic design.

To create images in Canva, you do not need any kind of design skills, all types of image sizes are available in Canva, which you can select and create an image by changing background, icon, font etc.

Apart from this, many designs are available in Canva, such as Instagram post, logos, invitation card, resume, business card, infographic, youtube thumbnail, certificate, brochure, book cover, blog graphic etc.

You can create a team in Canva and let you edit it by sharing your image with the team member through link and email.

Features of Canva

1) Stock images and illustrations

In Canva, you get more than 7 lakh free stock images and illustrations, which you can use while creating your images.  However, in Canva pro, you get more than 80 million premium photos.

2) Library of fonts

 Talking about the font, Canva gives you an opportunity to use about 50 Free Modern Fonts and apart from this, more than 100 Normal Fonts are available in Free.

 3) Upload fonts

If you want to add your own fonts in Canva, then you get a feature in it so that you can upload your own fonts, but you can upload your fonts in Canva only if you have Canva’s Premium Account.  Ho.

4) Drag & drop editor

With the help of Canva’s drag & drop editor, you can add stock photos, videos, music, fonts, elements and templates etc. to your image just by drag and drop.

5) Custom templates

You can also create your own templates in Canva, in which you have to add template size, background, font, color, element, photo, video etc.

6) Share photo folders

This is a very good feature of Canva, so that we can add any of our photos by making a folder and adding it.  With which different photos of different categories can be saved.

7) Upload media

In this feature of Canva, you can upload your images, videos and audios.  In this you get up to 5GB of free storage.  If you are a Canva Pro user, then you get up to 100GB of storage in it.

8) Photo filters

With the help of this feature, you can add different types of filters to your photos, such as Epic, Festival, Summer, Afterglow, Solar, Selfie, Cali, The blues, Nordic, Whimsical, Retro, Edge, Dalliance, Peony, Dare  , Rosie, Drama, Greyscal, Street etc.

9) Elements

Many different types of elements are found in Canva, which include Lines, Shapes, Frame, Stickers, Charts, Grids, Gradients, Bold foliage, Zodiac symbols, Simple Drawn objects, Camping Rustic Drawing, Sketchy Flowers, Hand Drawn Animals,  Elements like hand drawn love etc. are available.

 10) Photo vignette

With this feature of Canva, you can add a vignette effect to any of your images, which can give a nice look to your images.

11) Image cropper

Using this image cropper feature, you can crop any of your images.

12) Add text to photos

If you want to add any kind of text to your image in Canva, then you can add text according to you in any photo using this feature.

13) Image Transparency Tool

Using the Image Transparency Feature, you can make the image above your background transparent, so that both the background below your image and the image above can be seen simultaneously.

14) Photo Blur

In Canva you get to see the Photo Blur Feature, with the help of this feature you can blur any part of your image.

15) Add music

With the help of this feature, you can add your own music to your photo.  You can add music of up to 5 seconds to the image.

How to Download Canva App?

Canva can be downloaded from Google Play Store on Android and Apple App Store for iOS.  So let’s know how to download Canva App in android and ios devices.

How to Download Canva App in Android?

Step #1: First of all open “Google Play Store” in your Android Phone.

Step #2: Now you have to search by typing “Canva” in the search bar.

Step #3: After this you will see the app “Canva: Graphic Design, Video Collage, Logo Maker” on the first number click on it.

Step #4: Now you will see the option of “install” here, click on it.  As soon as you click on the install option, Canva App will be downloaded in your Android Phone.

How to Download Canva App in iOS?

 Step #1: Open “Apple App Store” on your iOS device.

 Step #2: Now you will see the option of Search in the bottom right side, click on it and search by typing “Canva” in it.

 Step #3: After this you will see “Canva: Graphic Design & Video” app on the first number, click on it and open it.

 Step #4: Now you will see the option of “GET” here, click on it, as soon as you click on the option of GET, Canva app will be installed in your iOS device.

How to create an account in Canva?

To use Canva, you must first create your account in it, without this you cannot use Canva, so let’s know how to create an account in Canva.

How To Use Canva – How To Use Canva in Hindi?

To use Canva, you have to first open any browser on your computer.

 Step #1: Visit Canva Website

First of all, search by typing “www.canva.com” in your browser.  Login to it by creating your account.

 Step #2: Choose the Right Templates for the Design

To create any type of design, first of all you have to choose a right template, like you want to make Instagram Post, Logo, Poster, Business Card, Youtube Thumbnail etc.  Select the template of any type of design you want to create.

Step #3: Select Background

Now you will see the option of Background in the left side in Canva, out of which you have to select a background.  If you want, you can also add photos to make your background stylish by clicking on the option of Photos.

Step #4: Add Fonts

After selecting the background, you now have to add the font.  You can do whatever font you want to add according to you, here you also get Font Styles.  Which gives a nice style to your name.

Step #5: Add Elements

After this you have to add any elements.  You can add any type of icons to the element.

Step #6: Download Your Design

Now your design is completely ready, then you have to download it, for this you will see the option of “Download” in the top right side, click on it.

Canva Free vs Canva Pro

You can see many differences between Canva Free and Canva Pro, you are given more features in Canva Pro than Canva Free.  So let’s know what is the difference between Canva Free and Canva Pro.

Canva Free:

 1.     More than 250,000+ templates are available in this for free.

 2.     More than 100+ types of designs are available, such as social media posts, presentations, latters etc.

 3.     You get Thousands of Photos and Graphics Free in this.

 4.     You can collaborate and comment in real-time.

 5.     Free cloud storage up to 5GB is available.

Canva Pro:

 1.     In this you get everything free.

 2.     In this you can create 1 Brand Kit, and upload your own Fonts and Logos.

 3.     You can resize your design in one click.

 4.     More than 420,000+ Free Templates are available in this.

 5.     More than 75+ million Premium Stock Photos, Videos, Audio and Graphics can be used in Free.

 6.     You get free cloud storage up to 100GB.

Does Canva work offline?

The answer is no, Canva cannot be used without internet, because the auto saving feature of Canva requires internet all the time and in addition, photos, templates, fonts, videos etc. in Canva cannot be loaded without internet.  Happens.  Because of this, Canva Offline doesn’t work.

Is Canva safe?

Canva stores all your data in United States, Australia and other countries.  Canva protects passwords for all users using the Bcrypt algorithm.  Which makes it a difficult and time-consuming task for hackers to break this algorithm.

Apart from this, Canva’s mobile app is also available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, you should be aware that Google and Apple do not keep any such app on their platform that does not comply with its policy, all these  shows that Canva is safe.


Friends, we have tried to give you complete information about Canva.  You have learned in this article, What is Canva app and How to Use Free Canva Pro?

Also know about Canva Features, How to Create Account in Canva, How to use Canva, Canva Free vs Canva Pro, Does Canva Offline work, Is Canva safe and Canva FAQ  .

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