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How to Attend a TED Talk in 2024-25?

by Usman CB
How to Attend a TED Talk

Most of the people have aim to attend TED seminar as a life changing seminar. If you are one of them who want to meet and interact with high level IQ and thinkers of the world then your first and foremost question is that how to attend a TED talk?

I don’t want to waste your precious time and want to entail two conditions to attend this TED Technology, Entertainment and Design cooperation.

One is that if you have motivation and aim in your life to meet great thinkers. Second and main is that if you have budget of approximately 5000$ then you can proceed to the further process.

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But most of the people who are not aware about TED and reached at this page. Just want to show them some postulates about TED and it’s Importance.

What is a TED Talk?

TED is an abbreviation of Technology, Entertainment, Design while it was a most valuable short session to devote the greatest ideas. This talk is started in 1984 to offer some best and idealistic approach to the people of the world.

How much time take this Session?

If you have understood that what is the TED and it’s basic purpose then next question is how much time we can spend in the TED talk.

The suitable answer is 18 minutes. What? Just 18 minutes!


It is a just 18 minute session because great motivators and thinkers want get the full concentration of the Listeners. These speakers think that this short session can offer full attention of the Listeners while long one can become boring. That’s why according to my perception, this session is also known as short time life changing session.

What is the basic Purpose of Attending this TED talk?

As we have discussed that this is a session of great people and they discuss only real thing. But question is that if they discuss these things then what is the difference between normal motivational cooperation and this session.

I just want to give two basic differences. That you can get and boost yourself to attend this seminar. Moreover these basics purpose will boost you to get knowledge about how to attend a TED talk?

  1. This is a such session in which Speakers discussed something wondering and surprising. Such ideas that good level IQ people also have never heard in their life.
  2. One of the important and second one purpose of this TED seminar is a boost to your ideas to construct these in a idealistic approach. It means that you have some ideas but you don’t have such approach that offer you best in your life. While this seminar helps you to get constructive ideas.

Hopefully, you have gotten the basic idea for this honourable talk. Now it’s time to get the full procedure of attending TED talk.

How to Attend a TED talk in 2022?

If you are eligible for the above two conditions then it’s time to apply for attending TED talk. To attend TED talk first action is to jump at the TED website.

Visit TED Website

I strongly recommend you to visit TED website thoroughly before creating your personal account. Because this visiting journey can help you people in getting answer of many questions. If you visit this website and understand that this is a great platform for you then go to the sign up tab.

Crete Account at TED Talk

After the visit of TED talk, it’s time to make your personal account. To get an approval of your profile, you need to insert four basic details;

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Email
  4. Password

These four elements will help you to make an account at TED talk.

When You Want To Attend

The most important step is that in which month, year or at which day you want to attend this session. After creation of account second step is to select the exact date and time of the seminar. You can also called this section as a advance booking.

Select Seminar Level

It means that there are some options at the Ted talk website. These options explain that whether you are attending meeting for the first, second or something else time.

If you are beginner and attending meeting for the first time then you must have to select Vanguard level or membership to attend this meeting or session.

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Follow the Answer Question Session

When you have successfully select the membership then it’s to get wait for 2 hours. But this is not a wastage of time while in these two hours you need to answer of the some questions to TED talk for the approval.

What are these questions?

These questions can Different for the different peoples. So, focus on these question and answer these thoroughly and carefully. These questions are mostly related to the followings;

  • Personal Goal
  • Achievements
  • Passion or Related to profession
  • Your role and contribution towards TED talk
  • Something about Bio
  • Hobby or interest detail

Final Step For Submission

If you have answered these questions accordingly then it’s time to click the submit button. When you will hit the submit button, your request will proceed for the further process.

Receive TED Ticket

You can check your session, date time or location at the TEDx events online on the official website of TED talk. If you have got some information the next step is to purchase the TED ticket from their website, as we have discussed the amount for the ticket that is 5 thousands dollars.


If you have extra money then you can also select your favourite place and area according to your own choice.


According to my knowledge and research, I fully explained the important steps for how to attend a TED talk? After looking at these points, you can confidently attend the TED talk and also can told about TED talk to anyone who ask you about this.

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